Why Is My Boyfriend So Secretive With His Phone

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why is my boyfriend so secretive with his phone

A lot of trivial drama happens in every relationship; one among them is having trust issues.

Being secretive about your phone is one forceful factor that can breed trust issues, transcend to betrayal, and may eventually lead to breaking up.

It makes partners curious about each other online activities. They will want to know who their partner is texting and all those endless phone conversations.

Partners are expected to be mutual with each other by keeping no secret. This is a way of building a solid relationship that will stand the test of time.

Distrust may arise when you are suspicious about your partner hiding their phone.

This article is about when a man hides his phone from his woman’s reach. However, some men are secretive about their phones for different reasons.

Why is my boyfriend so secretive with his phone?

A plethora of reasons will erode your mind, and that is right. It can be due to many reasons.

Either he is such a private person who is not convenient sharing issues outside the relationship with you, he doesn’t trust your judgment on sensitive matters, or he is flirting with other women, which might bring mistrust in the relationship.

On the flip side, he may be doing it for no just reasons. Maybe he is someone that does not accept invading his space.

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To decipher why my boyfriend hides his phone from me question, you have to find the possible reasons why he could be doing it.

Stay glued to this article as I elaborate on why your boyfriend is so secretive with his phone and the best action to salvage the situation.

Reasons why your boyfriend is secretive with his phone

1. He values his Privacy

Some people enjoy living a private life, and nothing will change that. Not even their romantic life. They believe it is irrational for their partner to know secrets about them and their family or friends.

Not being private about his phone can lead to an outflow of sensitive information he does not want to share with a third party.

For instance, if your boyfriend has witnessed an ugly experience of any of his family and friend that he is ashamed and not proud of, he may not let you know about it because you may see things from a negative perspective, especially if he is not confident about you.

There are confidential messages and phone conversations about his loved ones he wouldn’t want to reveal to you. He wants boundaries.

The best way for him to achieve that is to be secretive with his phone.

2. He does not trust you enough

He may be secretive about his phone because he doesn’t trust you yet, especially if the relationship is new or an experience in the past that has shaped his belief about you.

When a man hides his phone, he may not even have anything from the ordinary on it. He needs to be more convenient with you before he can trust you with his phone.

He wants the relationship to stand the taste of time before he can be confident to share his phone, which may contain sensitive information.

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3. He does not want to lie to you

Some men hate lying to their women, irrespective of the situation. They would rather avert themselves from issues that can put them in a compromised state.

He may be secretive with his phone because he doesn’t want to answer questions that may warrant lying to you.

If his ex-girlfriend is still communicating with him, or if there is any racy photo sent as a joke by a friend, he knows there is no explanation on why the ex is still in communication that will make sense to you.

He wants you to avoid seeing conversations that will raise questions. Also, he is secretive about his phone if he still keeps some addiction you warned him about.

Maybe he still smokes and gambles with friends, which they discuss on the phone. Rather than outrightly denying he is no longer in the habit, he would rather keep the information away from you by hiding his phone.

4. He is insecure

Your boyfriend may be insecure and feel you are cheating on him if you are always busy with your phone when he requests to use it.

He may feel you have something to hide and then try to react by hiding his phone instead of talking about it.

Also, he may feel insecure about something outside of the relationship and is using his phone to cope.

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5. He’s Lying To You

He may hide his phone because he has been lying to you. He knows you will start having trust issues when you discover his escapades.

Everyone hates being lied to. It is more hurtful if it comes from someone you love and trust. He understands the level of damage his shady escapades can do to the relationship, which is why he is trying to be secretive about his phone.

6. He is talking about you with someone else

When a man hides his phone, he may be on a mission to get vital information about you from a third party.

It may be that he is expressing how he feels about the relationship to a friend or family or discussing issues the relationship is going through with a third party.

Besides, do you have any upcoming events like an anniversary, a birthday, or about graduating?

He may be planning a surprise package for you on the day. He may even be planning to propose.

Since it is a surprise, he knows the excitement may be ruined if you get to know before the due date, and he fears you can only be informed by going through his phone conversation.

7. Fear of judgment

He may be keeping his phone away from you because he feels you won’t understand or approve of some of his actions.

If he is embarking on a project, planning to start a course, or willing to take a critical financial risk. He may desire to keep the decision to himself because he fears you will dissuade him rather than give him the needed support.

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8. He makes money with his phone

If he is a remote worker or a social media influencer, he will likely always be on his phone. This won’t give you any opportunity to grab his phone.

His phone is his office and source of income. He has a pile of messages to respond to.

Besides, the advent of many content creators, memes, and daily social debates across social media could make one easily get addicted to the use of social media.

Your boyfriend can unconsciously become an addict if he constantly follows social media trends and the likes.

Some minutes without his phone can be a whole dull moment for him. Besides, his fear can be that you will distort his phone settings and make him miss out on important content.

If he works with his phone, he may fear you can distort his work process.

9. He is cheating

When a man hides his phone, he might be cheating on you. Yes, most men protect their phones because they are cheating or flirting with other women.

He knows that the fastest way you can learn about his shady escapades is to have access to his phone.

However, while your instinct may always go in this direction, it may need to be revised. Do not assume he is cheating if he is secretive with his phone.

Even though he is not expected to hide anything from you, the cause of his behavior could be owned by any of the above reasons rather than cheating.

What to do when a man hides his phone from you

When your boyfriend hides his phone from you, you feel you’re no longer his priority. While it is natural, you may feel anxious to check his phone because that only satisfies your curiosity.

There are better solutions to that.

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However, here is what you should do if you feel your boyfriend is hiding his phone from you.

1. Monitor his action

Watch his physical reaction when he answers calls and text messages. This will tell you much about his intention. If he hides to make phone calls or always picks up a call at odd hours.

Does the same number call him repeatedly for days? He rarely uses his phone around you. Does he look nervous when a call comes or receives calls with unaugmented responses?

All these indicate that he is hiding something from you on his phone. The next is to find out why he does it.

2. Politely Ask Him Who He’s Talking To

The next step is to discover who he chats with or why he is sensitive with his phone whenever he notices your presence.

Ask if he has been hiding anything from you, but politely, his response will lead you to navigate his reasons even if he didn’t tell the outright truth.

Explain your worries and tell him how his actions can endanger the relationship. Ensure you get to the button of why he does it.

3. Don’t hide your phone from him

Don’t retaliate to this adverse action by hiding your phone too. He may even hide his phone because he feels you’re doing the same.

Let him access your phone more often and demonstrate that you have nothing to hide in the relationship. This can make him question his actions and change for the better.

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