I Know He Cheated But He Won’t Admit It – Why Cheaters Don’t Admit

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i know he cheated but he won't admit it

Infidelity is the highest stage of disloyalty. Many men cheat and always find a way to perfect it, so it is difficult for their partner to find out.

If at all she does, she will find it difficult to have convincing evidence against him.

I know he cheated but he won’t admit it

You may have gathered lots of evidence of his involvement with another woman, and he keeps on denying his involvement in cheating on you. He still cares for you, and he is afraid of your reaction if he admits to cheating. He probably knows the consequences of his betrayal and doesn’t want you to act on them.

Men can be cheating for years without their spouses knowing. They have hundreds of tricks and lies up their sleeves to cover themselves up when faced with the question of why they cheat.

But a woman suspicious of her man without convincing evidence will find it difficult to bear in such a situation and may want him to admit his guilt.

Sometimes, you don’t want to know the truth or can’t make up your mind to break up with him. But at least you want him to admit his cheating nature and make him clear your doubts and apologies.

But no, here is a hell-bent man who keeps coming up with lies and making you feel guilty as if you shouldn’t be jealous or overreact.

The 40 minutes of a call with an unknown woman, suspicious secret mail, lipstick on the collar, late-night party, or even the spilled semen on his trousers and the likes are all clues and circumstantial evidence you have.

He will still deny them all; at least you have not caught him with any conclusive evidence, and it is trite that he who asserts must prove!

You have no proof; nobody will believe your instincts, not even friends or his family, and they may see you as a toxic woman.

The pain keeps getting worse, getting more confusing, and you are stuck between requesting for divorce or admitting that he may not be cheating.

Why cheaters don’t admit

It is hard to make your spouse confess if they do not choose to. You can’t control the actions of your spouse, only yours.

You can create an atmosphere most conducive to an honest confession, but there is no formula to guarantee a confession 100% of the time.

You first need to understand why he keeps lying effortlessly despite knowing you are aware of his infidelity.

1. He is scared of losing you

He won’t admit he is a cheater because he is aware the probable consequence of his actions is a breakup or divorce, and he is honestly scared of losing you.

He knows his confession is a disaster to your relationship or marriage, so he uses trickery to cover himself up.

Even though he Is a cheater, he understands he will feel emptiness if you ever break up with him. He may love you; that’s what most always say, but he disrespects you by cheating all the time

He will continue lying until he reads from your reactions that you want to know the truth, with breakup threats to back it up.

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2. He is afraid

Apart from divorce, some guys will keep lying to cover the cheating because they can not deal with the aftermath of their confession.

They imagine the shame they would face before family, colleagues and associates when they admit to cheating despite the circumstantial evidence against them.

The embarrassment can be so depressing that it can affect their work and social life.

If you are married, he fears the fate of the kids after the breakup and how heartbroken it would be for them to realize they have a cheater as a father.

3. He does not want to hurt you

He will not confess he is a cheat because he is worried about your feelings.

This is not to make an excuse for him. A guy can cheat and still care so much for his woman.

He understands you are waiting for his confession to sum up your conclusion. He can’t bear seeing your face filled with anger, disappointment, sober and heartbroken.

He is aware you may not ask for a breakup or divorce, but his confession may squash every bit of affection you have for him and subsequently continue to live a marital life in the pool of distrust.

He feels his confession might be the beginning of a broken home.

The peace of the home constantly feels threatened when a woman starts to be emotionally down.

4. He feels masculine

Though gender equality is fast taking over in today’s global space, some guys are still oppressive and feel they have the exclusive right to cheat at will.

The masculinity vigor makes them think it is a norm to cheat against their woman without remorse.

They believe they will always have their way if confronted with the question of why they are disloyal.

They think they are more clever than their partner to be caught or have objective evidence against them.

To this category of men, women are being measured as people they can easily manipulate and have their ways. Some men feel masculine because they have absolute control of finances.

They see their woman complaint as a mere rant that won’t lead to any decision against them; thereby, they keep cheating and covering it up because they feel it is a norm and privilege for their gender.

Yes, there are men with such a low and irking mindset.

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5. He is finding ways out of infidelity

Maybe you caught him or started having traces of infidelity in him when he was on the verge of detaching himself from the act.

Since he knows you won’t catch him another time as he projects to be disciplined in the future, your suspicion and confrontation will not make him confess to the cheating.

Maybe he recently made away with a clique of friends who introduced him to the act of infidelity and secretly booked a session to see a therapist the moment you confront him.

He would rather, at that point, lie to you because you may never trust he is ready to change.

6. He is a tricky and blatant liar

Your man was likely a liar way before you met him, and no one can force another person to change. You have proof with you, but he chooses to lie.

Then, the next is to move on and do away with a brutal liar that lies unprovoked. No one deserves to be in a union with someone they can’t trust.

Some men derive pleasure in being tricky and manipulative. They feel it’s fun to cheat against their partner and get away with it.

7. He fears revenge

Men cannot take most of the things they ditch out in a relationship.

Your partner may think his confession can make you retaliate and embark on the business of infidelity like he is doing.

He won’t confess because he knows it will be more distractions if you both engage in extramarital affairs.

8. He may be faithful all these while

Yes, he may not be into any extra affairs. You’re just oversensitive to his move. Infidelity is a shitty allegation. Be sure of your proof before alleging your acclaimed lover of cheating.

He may not be cheating on you, and maybe you’re being lied to from where you’re sourcing your information.

Perhaps he doesn’t know how to defend himself for you to be convinced. In essence, be sure he is a cheat before you conclude he is a denial of cheating.

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  1. I know he cheated. He would call and text a girl more than 5 times a day. Talk no less than 15 minutes to 1 and half hours. Texting back and forth. Call each other at 5am and talk at times at 9 pm. But only called or talked to me a minute to less than 10 minutes. Always was busy working and couldn’t talk. But he had an ear piece. Or said he didn’t hear the phone music was to loud. Was going over her house or near it few times a week or month. No less than 45 minutes to almost 2 hours. Always helping her grown ass son when we had teenagers. Always said he was talking to his friend. When I would see him walk out the door. But he did do that with male friends only to throw me off. I believe and never put it together when he said he was talking to a Friend not the person’s name like his usual guy friends from work. Would leave out the door in a hurry even after telling me he wanted me to go with him. Usually when I was busy with our kids. Or cooking. Started not going with us to family outings. Found out he was watching porn and found a audio of him talking to someone like he talks to me at times when having sex but more intense feelings. Then could hear a condom while doing it.


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