The Bitter Truth Why Cheaters Always Come Back

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why cheaters always come back

There’s no justification for cheating, not even when you have a partner that cheats and you think the best remedy is retaliation.

Infidelity hurts, and you keep hurting yourself more and more. Many people are in a relationship where their partner’s loyalty is questionable, which throws their entire world into chaos they never prepared for.

Many cheaters will always want to maneuver their way back into your world after their infidelity escapades, which raises the question of why cheaters always come back.

It’s so irking and disheartening to have a cheater as a partner after all your effort to make them happy and keep to the fundamental vow of a relationship.

It’s natural to think that such people can speedily destabilize one’s life and the best thing is to do away with them quickly.

There are different reasons why cheaters always come back, and the motives differ from the individual.

Keeping a cheating partner is a risky game that is glaring you’ll most likely lose.

The result ranges from infecting you with a sexually transmitted disease, sharing their time with another and toying with your emotions.

Your secrets are not safe with them anymore. Most of it, they can leave anytime without prior notice. Such is the life of a cheater.

The best is to end such a relationship and break free.

But do cheaters always come back?

Yes, they do, most time. It’s so ironic, but that is the fact. They are a set of manipulative people who claims to be smart. After days, weeks, or even months, they can come back out of the blue to manipulate you and win over your emotions.

The next question should be, what’s their reason and what do they even stand to gain from coming back? Are they returning with good intentions or to use you again and again?

Let’s explore some reasons why cheaters always come back

1. They want everything on both sides

It takes wisdom to understand that one who wants it all will most likely lose it all.

Though cheating isn’t gender-based, it’s predominant among males, and this is not unconnected with the fact that society has made it seem normal to keep several women all in the name of they want to enjoy what both women can provide and vice-versa.

They want a woman with high sexual libido, intelligence, and a good companion, all in a lady, and the likely impossibility of that makes them cheat. Even if they have been caught several times, they will want to return again and again to keep enjoying the pleasure both women give them.

Some men have a partner that’s everything to them but lacks in sexual prowess, and they resort to getting that from another deceitful relationship or random sex worker.

Even if they get caught, and such a relationship goes south, they will devise manipulative ways full of emotional blackmail to be accepted back so they can keep enjoying the cheat non-stop.

2. You make room for it

Many cheaters leave, count their loss and move on, and get ready to hunt for other prey, but out of the attachment you have for them, you’re still trying to play the role of a partner, a friend or an associate.

A cheating partner deserves to be cut out of your life completely. They might choose to take the risk of coming back due to your unseriousness in ending the relationship after you’ve made it clear to break up. They will still come back to cheat on you repeatedly.

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3. Too hard to move on

Another reason your cheating ex will come back with their manipulative tactics is that they feel emptiness after the breakup.

It is difficult to move on because your purpose in their life is unquantifiable. Such a cheating person will return sympathetically to be accepted because they can’t cope with the trauma.

You have their secrets. There have been lots of memories you both shared. Your positive impact on their lives and the special treatment you gave them will not make them move on too quickly.

Moving on and adapting is such a difficult thing to deal with.

4. When they get rid of their fantasies

Many cheaters cheat because of their unfulfilled fantasies. The imagination to explore unrealistic erotic porn clips is what many cheaters fantasize about. They find every possible means to achieve their erotic desire.

Cheaters will want to return after realizing that all the fantasies are mere illusions when reality dawns on them. It is funny that it takes some cheaters a little time before their brains trick them into getting back to cheating after a resolution with you.

5. They trust you but not the other partner

Your cheating ex has high confidence in you against the other party. They come back after break up to test whether they can continue to enjoy the privilege of trust to which they have defaulted.

The relationship that ends out of distrust may never return to the status quo. They will always have a trust issue with their cheating partner because they understand you’re the confidant they have ever wanted.

6. They want their security back

Your ex may see you as their soulmate who is always ready to energies their insecurity, the only person that relieves them of their worries.

They feel secure around you, and their heart always craves for you. Supposedly the other partner was worth investing in emotionally. In that case, they could have moved on swiftly.

But most time, they don’t because you provide them with all they ever wanted in a relationship, and the only issue is that they want the security you provide to co-exist with their selfish interest.

7. To use you again and again

Because you possess an innocent and soft heart that forgives easily, they might want to use such reason against you and come back to be more tactical in their cheating game.

For it is known they will get your mercy and forgiveness as much as they sought.

8. Honest repentance

We can’t undermine the fact that some come back to seek genuine forgiveness, repent frankly and aim to do everything possible to correct their past mistakes.

Many people have learned the futility of keeping multiple partners that won’t do them any good. They are prepared to do away with the old days and turn into a new life.

They’re determined about it, and it shows that they are not coming to play an emotional game.

As a victim, it’s in your best interest to be sensitive and careful enough to get them back into your life. Make sure getting back is what you are convinced of and not out of persuasion or mere hope of giving a second chance. Don’t be rushed.

See the cheating partner coming again as a necessary bad habit you will have to take your time to refine into a standard way of living a chaste life.

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