88 Best Smooth Pick up Lines For Him

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Smooth pick up lines for him

Pickup lines are random lines of words used in either physical conversation or online chats to engage a person for a relationship, romance, sex, or hookup.

More like idioms and proverbs, it showcases beauty in words and advertises the speaker’s wit for crafting such beautiful words.

Most smooth pickup lines for him typically begin with a question and are followed by a punchline. The aim is to throw the audience or respondent into a funny dilemma of what and how to reply to keep the conversation interesting.

It is an unwritten rule that the pick-up line must make the reader smile, if not laugh out loud.

Pick-up lines are not just for fun, comic, and enjoyable to use but equally make conversations relatively easier to start. It shows your playful personality and ignites the kind of discussion you want to tag along with.

But does pickup always work? Yes, they do work but not always. A perfect weighing of his social linen to trends, ability to easily relate jokes, and fun chats matter greatly in pushing pick-up lines to a guy.

Suppose you are romantically in a relationship or searching for a soulmate; in that case, the pressure is on developing an intelligent pickup line that will impress the person and make you look funny and exciting.

Introducing yourself to a new person may be scary, whether through text, call, or facial contact; knowingly, smooth pick up lines can be the best in having your way through their heart.

Smooth pickup lines to use on guys

1. You stole my heart, and I am not even complaining. How I wish you keep it forever.

2. I am following you anywhere because my dream must be chased.

3. I’m approaching the court to seek damages because you blinded me with your cute face.

4. You seem to be the answer to all my prayers.

5. Are you a photographer? I cheese anytime I glance at you.

6. They said guys are wicked, but why is yours different? Hoo, you are a super guy. I think.

7. Are you COVID-19 because you take my breath away

8. Are you not tired? You have been running through my mind nonstop.

9. Are you WIFI because I’m feeling a connection?

10. You must be a smooth criminal. First, you stole my heart and now you stole my breath, but I’m not even complaining. What else are you stealing, my whole body?

11. If you were a pill, I would surely overdose and abuse the drug.

12. I have no magic to turn water into wine, but I can surely turn you into mine.

13. Coming from the future, I say happy Father’s Day to the Dad of my babies.

14. If rearranging Alphabet is possible, I will put U and I side by side.

15. I guess you are a reckless driver because you are driving me crazy.

16. If you are a prison, I don’t mind a life sentence.

17. Tell me your other wishes; your love life wish has been accomplished.

18. My doctor diagnosed I am lacking vitamin U.

19. I need to handle you with care because you are fragile.

20. If you are a piece of trash, as someone who cares about environmental sanitation, I will always pick you up.

21. I have only two options in choosing a boyfriend, to choose either you or U.

22. I have a phobia of flights, but I won’t mind traveling the world with you.

23. Albert Einstein must be wrong for saying light is the fastest. He should come and learn how fast I am falling for you.

24. We are not shoes, but we make a great pair.

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25. I have been studying you like an exam. I hope to pass the test but wish not to graduate.

26. Heaven must miss someone when you were born to earth.

27. Google needs to learn from you because you have everything I have been searching for.

28. Are your eyes a jungle because I am lost in them

29. Love at first sight doesn’t exist in me, but why are you an exception?

30. Are you a window update because I will surely see you later

31. Until I met you, love at first sight used to be a joke to me.

32. What is only more contagious than the pandemic is your smile.

33. It seems you are the only human God took his time to create because you are gorgeously crafted.

34. Nothing lasts forever; let us be nothing.

35. Let defy Math; let our one plus one be equal to one.

Smooth pickup lines for him over text

Apart from the random pick-up lines, you can write as a lady with a lot of interest in a guy and pinch some cunny lines in either SMS texts or social media messaging apps.

Text pickup lines are more exclusive to flirting, expressing your deep wish, showcasing your deep romance, or picking up a perfect shoot on a long-term crush that you won’t want to misfire.

Pick-up lines text is best used to get his attention, especially when you are unsure of his reply or too shy to make an outright request.

The following are smooth pickup lines for him over text you can use today to get his attention and some dirty pickup lines to send to him.

36. Were you newly baked from the oven because this new picture of yours is damn hot.

37. You got my interest. Are you a bank loan

38. You have lonely lips. Allow my lips to pay it some visit.

39. You intoxicated my brain, and I’m not prepared to get well,
Just lend me a kiss, please. I promise to pay back in Manifold.

40. The saying that perfection does not exist seems like the biggest lie ever because you’re perfect. You are too perfect for me.

41. Are you a life support machine? Because you just took my breath away

42. If being cute is a crime, you will surely be the first convict.

43. I hope to have adorable children, but I’m yet to imagine a better face for them except yours.

44. What is wrong with this autocorrect? It keeps suggesting your name.

45. Kissing is a language. I can’t wait to start a conversation with you.

46. I am thirsty, and your body has 70% of water.

47. So sorry you are crossing my dirty mind right now. I need surgery scalp. I need to operate and see what is making me fall for you uncontrollably.

48. Can I tie your leg because I don’t want you falling for anyone else?

49. You always look right to me. Your perfections are so glaring that I can’t see.

50. All these monthly eggs, but it is yours I want to fertilize

51. When we get married, there is no need to cook as we can eat each other all day.

52. The only head I crave to receive is yours alone.

53. Mum says I should always follow my dream. You better wait for me in the future.

54. It is not that I’m horny all the time. The fault is that you look sexy all the time.

55. My pussy takes only one job, to be fresh always for you.

56. Whenever we feel angry at each other, I ate you, and you ate me.

57. Let’s strike an agreement. If you love to make me laugh, I would love to make you cum

58. I believe in following my dreams. What are your social media handles?

59. If you are a liability, I am ready to buy you as an asset.

60. Ain’t searching google any longer because I find in you all I have always been searching for.

61. Why do drugs when you can do me instead?

62. Do you play soccer? Because you keep on dribbling my head crazily.

63. Seeing your pictures get me wet in the middle

64. I always get hard nipples if I hear the sound of your voice.

65. I have searched everywhere to see a man better than you but have been searching for non-existent.

66. Are you half-caste? You look half-Canadian and half-mine

67. My chemistry is always at work with yours. Were you once a teacher?

68. They said addiction is terrible, but I won’t stop getting addicted to you.

69. I feel like touching you the way music touches the heart.

70. I love YouTube when the Tube is silent.

71. I have an organ to donate; that is my heart for you.

72. Are you a hot cake because you look fresh to me

73. Do you have an extra heart? Mine just got stolen.

74. I need to see my doctor because I am feeling a lot of things for you.

75. To hell with Valentine, I want to love you every second.

76. I lost my appetite recently. The only food I feel like eating right now is your lips.

77. A doctor diagnoses me with many sicknesses but guess what? You are all the medication I needed to get better.

78. I hope you are not stingy to have all this cuteness in only you. The scientist has one more research to make, why you are the cutest of men.

79. Do you genuinely believe in love in the first text, or should I text again?

80. Are you a Google translator? Because you translated my dream man into reality.

81. If you need a new and urgent relationship, I’m the freshest single person ever.

82. There are three most cute guys in the world; one died centuries ago, another is yet to exist, and the third is YOU.

83. I’m neither stingy nor a hoarder, but I want to keep you for the rest of my life.

84. Playing hide and seek with you must be a challenging game because someone like you is rare to get

85. I don’t talk to strangers, so let’s be friends.

86. I don’t do electricity, but I have the magic to lighten your day.

87. I feel like touring the whole world, but you possess every cuteness of this earth.

88. I don’t understand how the “hard to get” in me turns “Hard to forget” you.

That is all the pick-up lines we look forward to giving out. There are requirements to using pick-up lines you need to know. You must be fun enough to hold a conversation.

You must be intelligent and know the best reply to elongate the chats to achieve your aim.

Never use pick-up lines if you are not in the mood for open conversation. Only smart pick-up lines get you a date or your indirect request granted, be smart with the usage!

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