How To Get Big Hips If Your Skinny

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how to get big hips if your skinny

Going from skinny to thick, especially on the hip, is the dream of most ladies. Not only does it build your self-esteem among your peers, but it also makes you more attractive.

Big hips glorify a lady’s beauty, and you will be treated as a queen for having such an eye-catching and rare body shape.

There are lots of proven ways to get big hips if you’re skinny. Bigger hips and curves don’t develop overnight; you have to work to get results.

Hips have been scientifically proven to be a sign of fertility, and as such, men find curvy women the ideal species for childbearing.

They look attractive and sexy on women, and always hard for a guy not to glance continuously upon seeing one.

It’s quite difficult for men to resist well-curved hips. It has been proven that curvy women are more intelligent. They have omega-3 fats in their hips, which help energize and develop their child’s brain during pregnancy.

Other benefits of wider hips include; looking more radiant in high-waisted clothes. Curvy ladies look hot in leggings clothing, and hip fat medically decreases the possibility of diabetes and related heart diseases. The list of benefits is endless.

But the first pertinent question is, can a skinny lady easily get a thick well-sized hip? Yes, they can, but not so easy. Extra efforts in their workout and the food they consume matter a lot in building curvy hips.

Gaining weight is complex, comparably difficult for skinny persons, and more challenging for them to get weight on the hips.

For a moderately skinny person, they must store fat either in the stomach, boobs, butt, or even leg, and the aim is to connect it to the hips.

It may seem like rocket science, but it can be achieved by routinely following the below measures on how to get big hips if you are skinny.

How to get big hips if you are skinny

There are two major considerable factors to having wider hips. Both must be concurrent before you can achieve a perfect hip. Regular exercise and a special diet are jointly required, especially for skinny ladies.

A. Special diet

Food is the foundation of weight gain and hip accumulation. It would be best if you were on a special meal to have the hips of your dreams. It would be best if you improved on maintenance calories.

Maintenance calories are the average amount of food to keep up with daily to maintain your current body size. You need to eat about 300-500 calories above the current calorie intake.

Your body needs calories to build muscle in your hips. And must be taken along with regular body exercise to avoid the fat derived from calories getting displaced into the body.

Remember, the place you want the fat to concentrate is on the hips and not any other part of the body. Also, you are to avoid fat dislocation, and you need to abstain from junk and unhealthy food.

The three main classes of food that make you have wider hips are protein, carbohydrates and fat.

These foods are called macronutrient and are the primary nutrient that helps in growing muscle; the concentration of the body exercise is to place it in the hips.

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1. Protein

Protein renews body cells and forms new, more muscular tissue, allowing the muscle to grow bigger.

Protein is the building block of all muscle and what you are trying to achieve is to produce enough muscle around your hips and make them bigger against your waist.

Make sure you eat protein with all the suitable amino acid sources. Examples of such proteins are eggs, beans, Eggs, chicken, fish, lean beef, etc.

2. Fat

Fat supports cell growth and helps protect your body organs from diseases, just like protein. It has twice the energy when compared to carbohydrates and protein.

To build healthy muscle, 25-35% of your calories should come from fat. Fat helps your body absorb nutrients like protein, and it helps produce some essential hormones that will aid hip growth.

When looking for fat to consume, make sure it is the right fat for you. You can consume fatty foods like Butter and Ghee, Nuts and seeds, olive oil, Avocado, etc.

3. Carbohydrate

Growing hips require you to fill your hips muscle with glycogen. Glycogen is a group of carbohydrates stored in muscles that enhances your training hip to prevent protein from breaking down.

It means you must consume as many carbohydrates as you consume protein. There needs to be a balance between the two.

Examples of food rich in carbohydrates that you can take as food are: Oatmeal, Rice, potatoes, wheat, bread, etc.

However, to aid your quick hip growth and prevent having fat in the belly, abstain from junk food like Pizza, Margarine, pastries, cakes, cookies, candy bars, sugary drinks, most fruit juices, etc.

B. Workout

Regular body exercise is the most rigorous work in having the hips of your dreams. Not only must you be serious with the gym and be consistent, but to choose the type of workout that best fits wider hips.

1. Yoga

It is a type of bodily exercise in which you move your body into various positions to turn fit and flexible and balance your bit of breathing.

It involves doing a variety of poses that stretch the muscle. It is a core body exercise that helps the hip grow bigger quickly than expected. It demands some sort of pose like the following:

Cobra Pose helps strengthen your back muscle, stretches your chest, abdomen, and shoulder, and increases spinal flexibility.

Tree pose helps improve your balance. It can also strengthen your core, ankles, calves, thighs, and spine.

The triangle pose helps build strength in the legs and stretches the hips, spine, chest, shoulders, groins, hamstrings, and calves. It also increases mobility in the hips and neck.

A bridge pose is a back-bending pose that widens the muscles of the back, neck, and chest. It also builds strength in the hamstring muscles.

The corpse post is stretching firmly flat and lying on the ground for relaxation. However, the more you try achieving this pose, the easier it is to sink into a relaxing, meditative state.

2. Plank

Plank workouts are a way to tone muscles, reduce stomach fat to flat, and easily concentrate the fat in the belly to the hips, making hips bigger.

Plank can be categorized into any of the following four; work on doing each a couple of times daily.

High plank, otherwise referred to as push-up.

To do a high plank, lie flat on an exercise mat, place your elbow under your shoulders and clasp your hand together under your chin. Prop yourself repeatedly to form a bridge with your body running from shoulder to toe.

Only your toes and forearm must support your weight on the ground. Hold this position for about 20 seconds as a beginner.

An elbow plank, unlike the high plank pushes more strain on your abs. To work out the elbow plan, you need to raise your body on your forearms and straighten your knees.

While pushing the floor and raising your legs onto the toes, the body will rest on the elbows. Make sure your back is stretched straight and prevent it from curling. Hold this position for more than 20 seconds as a beginner.

High plank and basic plank are the essential starting point for beginners.

You can also go for knee plank, side planks, mountain climber, walking plank, plank jacks, side-to-side planks, etc.

3. Squat

It is an exercise to make the muscle firm. You start by standing tall in an upright position and do the following:

1. Let your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

2. Position as if you want to sit on a chair; bend your knees and push your butt back downwards.

3. Keep your chin and neck straight.

4. Rest your weight in your heels and knees and bow a little outward.

5. Gap your legs and return to the straight position.

6. Do so repeatedly for about 30 seconds as a beginner

The squat can be categorized into Dumbbell squats, kick squats, split leg squats, and sumo walks. All are similar with the same result but can have slight differences in the workout.

Other recommended workouts to have the hips of your dreams are donkey kicks, hip-lift progression, leg lift, inner thigh squeeze, and glute bridges.

As earlier said, eating a proper diet and regular butt exercise remain the best way to have wider hips if you are skinny. But there are other auxiliary methods of achieving wider hips without passing through workouts and designated meal stress.

1. You can go through surgery and have the fat removed from various areas of your body via liposuction and get them transferred to your hips.

2. Using silicone butt pads. They are designed to make your butt look broader and more natural.

3. Change your walking posture. If you’re not too skinny and have little hips but not too wide, start standing with your back straight and put all your weight on one leg. The hips will thrust out and create an S-shaped curve.

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