Top Proven Ways To Lose Weight Extremely Fast Without Exercise Or Dieting

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Lose weight extremely fast

Almost everyone struggles with weight loss, especially when you are a busy person who probably has a regular job, leaving not much room or time to exercise. But do you know you can lose weight extremely fast without strenuous exercises on your part?

Dieting and exercise could be such a big deal. You might not find a diet plan exciting or may see it as a food death sentence, and engaging in training can be very challenging most times, especially if you have a tight schedule.

I am sure you would have wished there was a way to lose weight extremely fast without dieting or exercise. The good news is yes, you can lose weight without exercise.

Do you know losing weight without dieting or exercise is achievable?

The Sweet part is they have been tested, proven, and based on science. Drum rolls, let’s dig in!!

Proven ways to lose weight extremely fast without dieting or exercise

1. Chew meals four times more slowly

A recent scientific study carried out with 23 observers has proven that fast eaters are more likely to gain weight, while slow eaters who chew their meals two, three, or four times are less likely to gain weight.

This practice gives your brain time to process when you are filled. Which in return, makes you eat less and be able to control your portions.

Yeah! I know it isn’t something easy learning or being conscious of chewing one’s meals four times more slowly, but! Make it a habit, and thank me later.

You won’t only lose weight without dieting and exercise. You would feel lighter, eat less and get fuller quickly.

This trick will make you conscious about when you get filled up. In arriving at ease with slowing eating, it might help to count each chew. Trust me, and you won’t have to rely forever upon it; it becomes a habit you get used to a few weeks later.

2. Serve unhealthy meals in red

Serve unhealthy food if you must eat them in reds; this will make you eat less because we have come to associate danger or something harmful with reds. People tend to eat less on red plates, which has been proven in a recent study.

3. Sleep better

Good sleep is underrated most times in the process of our weight loss journey. If you are the busy schedule type, plan your sleep time and stick to it; this will enable you to sleep better and wake up energized.

If you want to lose weight extremely fast without exercise, sleep better, and don’t stay up late unnecessarily, lack of adequate sleep causes weight gain. Getting enough sleep makes you energized when you wake up. Which reduces the chances of you consuming more food

Recent research has proven that people who get enough and adequate sleep are less likely to eat more or gain weight than people who lack sleep, which is more likely to gain weight.

4. Increase water intakes

To lose extreme weight without dieting or exercise, an increase in water intake is essential.

It has been proven that people who drink water before their meals get fuller quickly. This will significantly help with calorie reduction.

5. Decrease or say bye to sugary intake

Do you want to lose weight without exercise? Say bye-bye or reduce sugary drinks and meals. Artificial sweeteners used in sugary drinks and snacks have been proven by science to lead to weight gain and are not good for the body.

When deciding on weight loss, sugar is a great enemy; substitute sugary drinks for healthy drinks like fruit smoothies, and learn to refill your refrigerator with healthy drinks and meals.

6. Stop eating with distractions

Learn to take gadgets away while eating. I mean, it is a fascinating thing to watch our favorite TV shows while we eat our meals. This medium is a lousy practice; screen time while eating distracts you and makes you eat more than you would have without distractions.

Make it a conscious habit to eat without distractions.

7. Be conscious and more positive about losing weight

Losing weight extremely fast without dieting and exercise starts from the mind; have a more positive mindset about losing weight. Say it to yourself now: I want to lose weight and be conscious about it.

8. Weigh in every day

Weight loss is a conscious decision you have to take: get a scale, put it beside your bedside, weigh in every day, and use the calculation you arrive at the end of the seventh day.

The average weight is your real weight. Weighing first thing in the morning is the best way to know one actual size—this helps to understand how much more weight to lose.

9. Learn to cook

Learning to cook your meals yourself is a great way to lose weight extremely fast without diet. Cooking your meals makes you sure of the ingredients used while preparing them.

This medium doesn’t mean you should avoid eating out at all, eat more home-cooked meals, and eat less out.

Recently, research has linked poor cooking skills to cases of weight gain. You can learn how to cook about anything these days on YouTube, blogs, and cook shows.

10. Eat more protein

Protein has been good for growth and high metabolism. Do you want to know how to lose weight extremely fast? Let protein be your best friend. Include proteins as often as possible in your meals.

They are an integral part of a weight-loss journey; proteins increase the feeling of fullness and make you feel less hungry,

They are also very beneficial for the body. Examples of proteins to take are chicken breasts, chicken thighs, grass-fed organic beef, eggs, and pork.

11. Be friends with probiotics Foods

Can you lose weight without exercise? Be the best of friends with probiotic foods. They are good and also aid digestion.

Probiotic foods are not only good for your guts; they are also a useful aid when planning on going on a weight loss journey. Make probiotic foods your friend; take them as often as possible.

Recent research says there is a link between gut and brain functions, which suggests that probiotics can influence weight loss.

12. Keep stress levels in check

Keeping stress levels in check is an excellent way to lose weight extremely fast. Recent findings found that when you are stressed, you tend to eat more and carelessly.

13. Chemically processed trans fat is an enemy 

Chemically trans fat is a big enemy, so reduce its consumption. Examples of foods in this category are crackers, biscuits, cookies, doughnuts, and deep-fried foods such as French fries. 

Steps to avoid chemically processed trans-fat foods are to use oils such as olive oils and sunflower oil to cook and reduce the rate you buy commercial cakes, biscuits, and cookies.

Instead, bake these at home using soft kinds of butter or occasionally unsalted butter.

14. Meal prep

Meal prepping also serves as a great way to cut down on calories and get healthier. It makes you take into consideration what meal you will eat beforehand—thereby taking off the stress of unhealthy choice of eating what you see when hungry.

15. Announce fridge visit

Announcing the fridge visit out loud can keep you in check. As many times as you feel like snacking on something and going to the fridge to get it, say it out loud. This medium gives you a clear, concrete view of how many times you snack unnecessarily in a day.

16. Out of sight is out of mind

Learn to keep unhealthy food out of sight, that your favorite unhealthy snacks you left on the dinner, ditch it away.

The same goes for the cake. You always like taking just a bit and won’t stop at a bite; keep them out of sight. When unhealthy meals are being kept out of sight, with time, they get out of mind.

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