7 Obvious Signs He Loves You Deeply

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Undeniable signs you are all he thinks about

Are you still wondering if your man loves you? If only finding the answer to the question is as simple as plucking off a petal from a flower. But there are signs to look out for if he loves you

A lot of women keep on wondering if their man loves them. There are obvious signs he loves you more; you definitely need to explore and feel.

Most have an idea of what love should be like but cannot ascertain if these speculations are correct. I mean, no one wants to waste her time with the wrong person.

Of course, everyone wants to be truly happy and in love without one-sided love.

Men can sometimes be too difficult to diagnose. As a lady, when you don’t have an idea of what your man feels for you, doubts can be inevitable. But there are signs he loves you that can clear your doubts.

There are traits you need to be on the lookout for when he gives all the lovey-dovey assurance.

A lot of women have always had these questions in their heads. Does he love me? Are there any signs to show for it? I know you are finding it hard to figure him out yet.

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Well, take a break because we got you six undeniable signs he loves you deeply

1. You’re his priority

Do you know that one of the signs he loves you is that you come first in everything he is doing?

Oh yes! Although you being his priority does not mean he will abandon his daily schedules or other things going on in his life and focus just on you. No, but in everything he does, he will show you how important you are to him.

He won’t leave you hanging in things that matter. Instead, he will carve out space for you in his life. He shows you this through his actions; it will be written all over him, and you will know it.

2. He is not scared of commitment

A guy who loves you won’t shy away from commitment, and he would want to immerse himself in your life.

If he genuinely likes you, he would do anything within his power to keep you around him. As they say, true love is by action, and commitment is the highest form of love. 

Have you seen a man who will say, I love you, but I don’t want to be committed to you? When his feelings are pure, he will always do what is needed.

Not only will he say those sweet words to you, but he has already picture you in his future and works perfectly to clear any doubtful thoughts in your mind.

3. He will make scarifies

You see, love is all about sacrifice. It is not about taking but giving. A man who loves you will go the extra mile to provide for you.

When you love someone, you always want to reach out to assist in their struggles and needs.

Let’s take your parents for example. You can attest that your parents love you unconditionally, do you know why? Because they have given you so much.

Right from when you were a kid to a teenager, they give and never take. They make enormous sacrifices and are always willing to provide the best. 

The same love gesture is also applicable to your partner. He wants to give you everything, but it’s not always about material possessions.

A guy who is genuinely in love with you would want to provide you with his time, affection, trust, and reassurance. He always avoids giving you the chance to question his love for you.

4. He’s always worried about you

When a guy has no eye for any other woman apart from you, he does everything to keep you happy, knowing full well you are all he has.

He worries about your problems like they are his own. He will pay attention to each of your issues and what stresses you out and want to make it whole again if it’s in his power to do that. And he won’t feel right until you are satisfied.

One secret about men is that they always want their women to be happy. He sees your happiness as his responsibility, and when it is the other way around, it bothers him so much.

5. He is transparent

When a guy is open and expresses himself freely, it is a good sign he loves you. If he tells you his darkest secrets and personal stories, you are very special to him.

Men usually are enclosed in their feelings and wouldn’t open up to just anybody.

A guy who moves out of his comfort zone to show you his true self holds you in high esteem and is afraid of losing you if such secrets will be detrimental to his relationship.

6. He always wants to spend time with you

Here is a critical thing to note. A man who loves you will always want to spend time with you, irrespective of his schedule.

He yearns for your presence and would even prefer spending time with you rather than his friends. He surely wouldn’t mind spending the whole time just chatting and listening to you.

It means you are unique to him, and he doesn’t want you to be apart from him. Trust me; It’s a clear sign of real love.

Men distaste women they don’t love and are usually not comfortable being around them. If your man can’t get enough of being around you, then it is a clear indication that he is really into you.

7. He shows you off to friends and family

A man’s love life is essential to him when he becomes an adult. His family and friends would sometimes ask him questions about his love life to know if someone is occupying the space.

Now, if he genuinely loves you and only you, he will introduce you to his friends and family to avoid such questions in the future.

He is making you a clear view for all to see that this person is the one for me. Men are sensitive to this type of approach; they can’t show off someone they are not emotionally involved with. That space is only for the woman he loves.

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