Is He A Player? Undeniable Signs He’s Playing You

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Undeniable signs he's playing you

Be conscious of the signs

If you are reading this article right now, you want to be sure you are not dating a post-modern player. These signs shall follow him always if he’s playing you.

These signs and identities we are about to discuss shall always set him apart from the good guys and count as the undeniable signs he’s playing you.

I know, as a lady, we have all been played at some point in our lives before.

As we discuss the undeniable signs he’s playing you, I know being played is so energy-zapping. It isn’t something anyone hopes to experience in a relationship.

Being a lady myself, I have encountered a few players in my dating experience. You don’t deserve to be emotionally manipulated by a player. 

What are the undeniable signs he’s playing you? Let’s discuss that so you don’t spend your valuable time with someone who isn’t worth your time and emotions. 

Signs he’s playing you for a fool

1. He is full of deceits

Lies, lies, and more lies. That’s what he does best. When he continually lies about even the little less of things, that can be an undeniable sign he’s playing you

Do you see him tell another person the same story in a different way? Yes.

Does he brush off on essential questions you ask him most time? Yes.

Does he lie about insignificant things, like who he has been with, his previous relationship life, his likeness for something you like too, to find out they are all lies?

Lying comes so naturally to him. That’s a significant sign he is a player. When a guy continually lies or lives with deceit, that is a major red flag.

When someone genuinely loves you, they hardly lie to you and always tell the truth no matter how hard the situation is.

2. Trust your intuition

Does your gut keep telling you something isn’t right with him? Do you follow him on his social networks?

Is he always hiding his Snapchat and Instagram stories from you? Does he keep things away from you?

Do you find yourself confused about things that have to do with him?

If he’s hiding things, your gut won’t let you be that something is off about him.

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3. He cancels plans too often

Is he always having a late shift to work?

There is this friend of mine who met this great guy, a smooth talker; things went well for a while, but later, he started making excuses about the late shift at work, late date cancellation and all. She was so into him and kept on believing until she found out he was playing her.

4. Always on his phone

He is always on the phone, even when you are on a date.

Does he keep his phone screen down when with you? That can’t be a coincidence, you should know.

He picks up his calls when you are out of sight.

If he does all these when he is with you, he is probably still exploring his options. He is always on the phone when he is with you, and when away from you, he takes forever to reply to your messages, hardly calls or puts a callback, and never chats or chats less frequently.

To top it all, he doesn’t have a compelling explanation for his behavior.

This is a sign of a player and isn’t worth your time. Also, he probably still has other girls he is fiddling with their hearts. If he is genuinely interested, he will create time for you, even in busy schedules.

5. No commitment

If a guy isn’t all in with you, higher chances are he is still exploring options.

Do you see yourself having to ask him to let’s define the relationship? Does he show any signs of committing to you at all?

He isn’t interested in meeting people that matter to you; neither is he introducing you to family or even friends. He always has an excuse not to spend time with you but always shows up for intimacy.

 When he isn’t committed to you, chances are he enjoys intimacy more than your company and is probably a time-waster who is not worth your energy. A notable sign of a player is he is always afraid of commitment.

6. Compliment your physical appearance alone

Do you continuously notice his compliments about how beautiful you are?

How sexy you look in dresses. How perfectly shaped you are?

Gives very little compliments or no compliments at all when it comes to your career or things regarding your personality?

Odds are, he is looking for a trophy girl, someone that he can show off to his friends and also have a good time with. Your beauty is all that tickles his fancy, not your personality. These can be undeniable signs he’s playing you

7. He communicates too little

Is it a habit for him to not reply to texts?

Or go weeks without communicating and no explanation to show for it?

This is a significant part of a player’s identity. Not communicating too often is the perk of a player. Someone who loves you genuinely would want to hear from you on a daily and reply to your text.

It makes you wonder; you always worry too much about him not communicating as if it is a norm not to transmit or you want too much.

8. If it is too good to be true

Is he a smooth talker?

Do you see him having no flaws at all?

Likes what you like at the slight chance of meeting. Always say what you want to hear and make you brush off things. Chances are he is probably pretending to be who he is not.

Does his lifestyle scream player?

Chances are he is used to girls flocking around him, and those can be undeniable signs he’s playing you


You need to move on and find someone who loves and cherishes you and is worthy of your time. Remember not to blow things up.

Learn to do your findings, but please don’t waste time on it or wallow in self-denial.

Before you cut ties with him, you want to make sure that he is indeed a player. Then you can cut bait and move on.

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