Affection Quotes For Him To Make Him Happy

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Affection Quotes for Him

The gentle feeling, tenderness, or fondness towards your boyfriend or husband is an attraction that fuels the bond of your relationship with him. You can tell him a million times how much you love him, but how well do you do in showing him affection?

When you love him, you need to show him just how much of it, make him feel special and warm up to you like a baby. Let him know what he means to you and how far you are willing to go for him.

Thankfully, it is an easy activity that you can do with words, quotes of affection for him and words that say it all. Sometimes, all a guy wants from you is to hear or read how much affection you have for him.

I bet (if it’s a text) he would crawl under his blanket, take up his phone and open the quote again to read through when he has a bad day or when he is down and needs soothing words. When he feels the need to be loved and wants to hear your voice.

So, pay attention to my collection of affection quotes for him so you can pick one that best suits you and send or voice it over to your darling boyfriend, fiancée or husband.

Affection Quotes for Him That Will Blow His Mind

1. The heart wants what it wants; my heart wants you and you alone.

2. You are the beginning and end of everything, my forever, my present now and then.

3. When I sing, I have you in my head; you are my tune, my propelling sound to scribble musical words; now you know why I often sing because I have you in my life.

4. I will bite your lips at every chance I get so you feel the sweet pain of being away from me.

5. You are every letter, every word, every meaning, every truth, and every lovely tune in the phrase ‘I love you.’

6. In worlds to come, there would never be a kiss sweeter than yours, a sweat tastier than yours, a body fierce as yours, a love precious as mine.

7. Life throws shades at everyone, it can’t be averted, but when you have someone to walk through life with, you both wear the shade with style and pose.

8. I am an ambitious woman, scared of growing a home because I do not want to repeat my ancestor’s mistakes, but you, my darling, make me fearless; you bring out the woman in me.

9. How can I learn to love when loving you wasn’t my choice? I fell raw hard without regrets, without plans.

10. If I had a thousand and one songs on my playlist, your name would be the title of them all; your love is music to my ears.

11. Silence! Silence! The world needs to hear our heartbeat as one, for it is our proof of existence.

12. Love is person-specific; that is why people love differently, so let’s forget about the tales by moonlight, let’s write our own stars and wishes upon it.

13. If one of the greatest lessons of success is patience, why can’t we apply it in our love life? Let us allow love to wander through our souls and hearts until we are one.

14. Clear your schedule for tonight; I want to watch my favourite movie with you. It is a romantic comedy with an exciting storyline. Movie name – You, because you are my favourite movie.

15. I could be locked up in a room with you forever and not get bored. Conversations with you are mentally healthy and my favourite thing to do.

16. I love your scar, I love your eyes, I love your heart, I love your soul, and I love everything that makes you!

17. If I could wish for one thing, I would take the smile that you bring. Wherever you go in this universe, I will come along because I love you.

18. Take my oxygen; give me yours because when I take your breath away, I want to know that you have mine to breathe with.

19. Take everything away from me, but do not take your love away from me, for I know that I could never find that happiness with anyone else.

20. Love is eternity; it is the force that binds all elements of the earth, and yes! It binds us too.

Love and Affection Quotes for Him

Love and Affection Quotes for Him

21. Stop complaining to me about how bad you are for me; do not tell me endless stories of pain and scars in the hope of chasing me away because your insecurities only make me want you even more.

22. Karen Marie said – “one day you will meet a man you can’t breathe without and find that breath is of little consequence” Well, darling, you are that man, the one for me.

23. Our love is my reality, far more accurate than when I go to sleep; I stay up at night because you are better than my dream.

24. We all have life expectations, things we put together in our heads that life should bring our way; we also carve colorful arts of who love should be to us, but you made me dream big when I realized you beat my expectation of love.

25. I feel like holding you, I am not sure, but I know it’s true. I feel like I own you too, I am not sure, but my body says it’s true. I feel like I love you, I am not sure, but my heart knows this truth.

26. I get lost in your eyes, so look away when you talk to me, for I fear I might not listen.

27. You make me laugh so hard; I am glad our kids will have a cheerful mum.

28. I know the face of the man I love, I know the sound of his laugh, I see the lover I choose to give my heart to as an artist to his songs.

29. Our love is perfect because we made it so. I love you for no reason and for every reason.

30. I see you changed your perfume to a sweeter reminder of every memory we will spend together.

31. If you see this text, change your mind and come back home; somebody loves you.

32. Are you on your way to success? Well, you need me by your side to make that happen. I cannot wait to seal our love with you on the altar.

33. Time flies, but you make it worthwhile. I have spent every day with you, and I want to continue for a while.

34. Give love a chance, they say. How can I obey such a phrase when you already took all the love in my heart with you, but well, I took yours, so we are even.

35. This love is for me and you, a beautiful one that I cannot describe; you mean a lot to me, my lover and friend.

36. Life is cruel and unfair, and in all the darkness, I feel you are my light, my yellow rose with no thorns.

37. I am in love with love because being with you has opened me to a new understanding of love, unconditional and nonjudgmental.

38. I want to be your moon when your sun does not shine because I want to walk through narrow and straight paths with you.

39. I am yours, and you are mine; we cannot path from each other; we need each other to survive.

40. In all our worlds, we keep meeting each other and loving ourselves over and over again; you are staying with me forever, this, I believe.

I Love You with All My Heart Quotes for Him

I Love You with All My Heart Quotes for Him

The below quotes have been written with so much care and tenderness for you to choose from to show him how much you love him with all your heart.

41. They say the best things in life can never be kept; they must be given away; well, that’s not true because I get to keep you, my darling.

42. If I could earn a dollar for every time you made me laugh, then I would be the richest woman in the world.

43. I see you in everything I do, every smile, every laugh, every art and every life lesson; that’s why you stand out as the love of my life.

44. My heart is within you, beating as yours, one soul, one body, one spirit.

45. Our creator is the best; he keeps giving me life to love you; the universe is pleased with our love.

46. Do not die young; love me faster and slowly, hold me too tight, allow my darkness to unite with yours, let my fears romance your lips, lock my hands in yours, kiss my forehead, for we might only have today and forever.

47. I have a particular spot that lights up automatically whenever you are around, my heart.

48. I stay up at night to write you sweet nothings because I have everything with you in my world.

49. We are two worlds apart, but our love grows stronger from a distance; like an angry tsunami, we patiently await the physical separation of our chemistry. Only then will our bond stop to conquer.

50. I can ask you for help without seeing it as a weakness; where else can I find such a reality if not in you? My heart goes on for you.

52. You make me speechless and yet a talkative. You make me work and earn. You make me love and hate; you make me love you more each day and less than tomorrow.

53. I hope you don’t mind me making you my work of art to show the world life and love personified.

54. A love that teaches you to be a better version of yourself is a love that would flourish and be greener than the field, yielding fruits even after harvest. That kind of love is one I have with you.

55. Your love awakens my soul and makes me reach for more. It plants the fire in my heart and brings peace to my mind. I hope my love gives you this feeling too.

56. Grow old with me, grow young with our children, develop love with me, and let’s live life like summertime.

57. You are my shining sun of summer, you are my snowflakes in winter, you are with me every step of the way and I love that you are mine.

58. When I listen to love songs, all I hear is your name in every him.

59. The best decision I made was giving you my heart. I am yours for today and tomorrow.

60. Soul for soul, a heart for heart, kiss for kiss, forever is you and me

61. You are superior to the parents that birth you, to the trees you have watered, to the kids you have saved, to the pets you have owned and to the friends that you have, but none can be compared to how special you are to me.

Each of the above quotes speaks from the deepest part of love and affection, a place of truth and positivity that wants to see love blossom in the best of fields.

Your affection for him is your love for him, and how you tell him this matters a lot, so you can text him or leave him a note with any of the quotes for him to find.

After a well-spent time with him, you can also send any of the quotes to him, allowing him to see just how much you are his dream girl.

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