75 Surprise Messages For Him To Make Him Feel Special

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surprise messages for him

True love is beautiful, and lovers make it so that they never have to wait for special occasions to show their lovers how much they love them. Love should flow naturally despite our different expectations.

You might think that you have to wait for a seasonal celebration before expressing your love to him, but you don’t have to. You can start sending surprise messages to him now to make him feel special and loved.

It comes as a surprise to your boyfriend or husband when you don’t have to wait to express your feelings to him.

Ladies sometimes wonder how they can express their feelings and pour out their emotions to him in words. However, when you write naturally and let your true feelings flow as you write, he will see through your messages just how much you love him.

Picking up a text and modifying it would make a perfect read for your man.

You know how breathtaking love messages can make you feel, right? You feel loved and cherished. Now imagine when you are not expecting that text. It brings back loving memories to you and makes you want to squeeze out your love with hugs.

Waking up to a lovely text after a fight, separation or when you haven’t seen each other for a long time, is surprising and overwhelming.

Here are surprise messages for him you can send to your boyfriend or husband

1. It has been a few days, but it feels like forever; I miss troubling you and having you complain about it. Please come back soon. I love you.

2. I long to hold you tight again, kiss you, hug you, and never let you go.

3. Baby, I cannot imagine life without you; you have made my life sweeter and glamorous, insightful and fabulous; thank you for loving me. I love you.

4. Life walked out on me when love did, but you walked in through the door; you smiled and lighted up my world.

5. You restored vitality to my heart and drew love out of my veins; I can love again because you have taught me how and you showed me the true meaning of the word LOVE.

6. The thought of you is just enough to make a sad day memorable.

7. Honey, the way we fight is unlike that of any couple; how can we make quarrels look so cute? I think people who want to use our relationship as a benchmark would be pleased (giggles).

8. We have been apart for 2 hours, and I miss you, so I cannot keep this quarrel up anymore; however, I look up to our next fight.

9. Talking to you is as addictive as a weed. I cannot imagine going a day without talking to you.

10. How can you make things look this colorful? I am glad that you are mine.

11. Babes, when John Legend sang all of me, he knew that it would be the perfect song that I could use to tell you how much I love you and how I longed to give you all of me.

12. You cannot be compared with an ex; that word doesn’t exist with you. You are the past and present to me. I love you.

13. I enjoy watching you act shy when I am around (smiles) it’s so cute, and it tells me that you are my baby.

14. Looking into your eyes is the climax of the time I spend with you; your eyes are so sincere and pure. You are my ride and die.

15. I can clearly see the world through your eyes, and it is not so scary after all.

16. What should I say to you? I picked up my phone now to text you and tell you how much I love you, and now I cannot seem to find the right words, so I would stick to saying – I love you.

17. I cannot describe you in one word; it has to be at least two words because whenever I count my blessings, I make sure to count you twice.

18. You are my past, present, and future. I see you and love you.

19. You are a large part of my life, and I see you in my tomorrow.

20. You make me smile, laugh, and so happy.I loved you

21. You are all I have been waiting for and more. I love you.

22. I am obsessed with you, and it is a sweet feeling. I love it.

23. All I ever want to do when I wake up is to think of you. That way, my remaining day becomes blissful.

24. The way you stare at me sends chills down my spine, the way you kiss me, my spirit synchronizes with yours and I want you more each time.

25. I hope always to have you in my life. You are so handsome inside out.

26. Being with you hasn’t been easy; it hasn’t been rosy, but I still do not want to be away from you.

27. It’s been days, weeks, and years, yet it feels like we just met. I keep falling in love with you over and over again.

28. I know we just met, but it feels like I have known you forever. Is it just me or can you feel the connection?

29. You are my baby, my little joy giver; thank you for choosing me.

30. You are right beside me, yet, I’m texting you to say I love you. Please kiss me and don’t let go.

31. You intrigue and inspire me, darling. I thought you should know.

32. I cannot see other guys. I can’t hear what they are continually trying to say to me because I have you.

33. I always want to wake up by your side, sweetly bite your ear and tell you how much I love and adore you.

34. Whenever you touch me, my body comes to life. Whenever you kiss me, I forget the world I live in, but my favorite is whenever you kneel to pray with me. You are awesome and the perfect match for me, and I cannot love you less.

35. You are my perfection, the true definition of perfect.

36. Talking with you can be annoying, so annoying that I want it to end. But when it ends, I want it to start again. I think I have absolutely fallen in love with you.

37. I want to grow to love you each day more and the day before.

38. We have to pray to God for forgiveness because you have become the air that I breathe.

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Waking up to these surprise love messages can take a burden off your partner’s heart.
The magic a surprise love message can do is astounding. It can lighten up your day and drive you wild with expectation.

Sweet messages for him to make him smile

1. Hey handsome, you are the best part of my tomorrow.

2. I miss your cute smile and your soft lips. See you soon.

3. Imagine I was there with you; what would be the first thing you would do? (Naughty you).

4. How can someone be this cute even when annoyed? I bet you were made of beautiful stars ( can you forgive me now? I hate us like this).

5. I met someone special who brings out the best in me and makes me want to be a better version of myself. His name is (insert his name)

6. If I ever cheat on you, just know that it would still be with you. Because I always cheat on you with you.

7. I love you like a bee to honey.

8. Guess what? I saw you in my dreams. Yeh! I’m happy.

9. I’m addicted to you; how can you be this hot? I’m sure you are the reason your office air condition bill is on the high side.

10. All I want to do is come over to your place and kiss you silly.

11. My heart profoundly skips a bit each time I see you.

12. I am nothing without you; believe it.

13. I feel so safe with you, do please come back soon.

14. You are my knight in shining armor, always looking out for me.

15. I feel so comfortable around you, which can be a rare feeling for me with another.

16. My friends are jealous because you treat me like a queen.

17. When there’s no light, you are my light. When there is a strike, you keep me busy.

18. When I’m afraid, you give me peace. When I’m ashamed, you are my pride. I don’t care about any possession you may not have now; you mean the whole world to me.

19. You set my heart on fire, even when you are having a bad day. I so much love that about you.

20. Even when I’m wrong, you treat me right. I love you.

21. Every single day, I realize that you are enough for me. I value you.

22. I remember telling my girls to play along so I could get your attention; it turns out the feeling was mutual.

23. You sweeten me like a sweetener.

24. I will let you hold me tight. I’d let you be my sight; I’d let you ride and drive my world.

25. Everybody says we are good together; yes, we make a perfect couple.

26. You take my breath away with your charms and charisma. You are my wildest dreams.

27. Your love is only the assurance I need. Whenever you call me, I’ll be there for you. You love me as nobody else has.

28. All my friends want to be me because you treat me like a queen. I love you, and I do not take you for granted.

29. I’m happy I take your breath away, just as much as you do take mine. I will be your baby girl for life.

30. I know your heart skips whenever I say beautiful things, and I cherish that you feel safe showing that to me.

31. There’s something about you that excites me, and that something means everything to me.

32. I can’t pretend around you. I love you unconditionally, and I am proud to say it anywhere.

33. A guy walked up to me yesterday at the park and said, let’s be like Bonnie and Clyde, but I laughed because I know I have something special with you, something that I cannot trade.

34. Baby, I just got a text that you were seen at a cafe with another hot damsel, don’t worry, I’m not heartbroken. We were both at that cafe, and I am the hot damsel. You make me hot; people barely recognize me.

35. It’s been so long that I thought I could move on, but I doubt it. This one hour apart is unbearable. I miss you.

36. I’m having fun with you and I don’t want this day to end.

37. When next I see you, I am stealing this (describe the shirt) that you are wearing right now. Watching you do what you love is pleasing, don’t bother looking around; you won’t find me, but I can see you, and you look astonishing. See you soon.

When you text the same person for several months, finding ways to make them smile might be difficult. So the above surprise love message will put a smile on his face.

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