Helpful Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Tonight

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deep questions to ask your boyfriend
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Nothing scares a determined lady of being uncertain about her partner. Every lady wants to know the true nature of whom they are dating.

But not everybody goes about it the right way. This article will show you those deep questions to ask your boyfriend before going all out for him.

It may not be the master key for every relationship. Still, I promise it’s going to be a vital key for your relationship.

The goal of these deep questions to ask your boyfriend is to get to know him better. So I will be classifying these questions into 4.

  • Questions About Himself
  • Questions About Believe
  • Questions About Intimacy
  • Questions About his past and his Future

Questions About Himself

Before you go into a deep relationship with your boyfriend, do ensure you know much about him by asking him questions about himself.

Here are some deep questions you can ask your boyfriend:

1. Where do you stay? Where else have you lived? What was your favorite place, and why?

2. How would you describe the relationship your parents shared?

3. What was your relationship with your parents like?

4. Do you feel you were treated equally with your siblings or was there a parent’s favorite? 

5. What kind of learner were you in school?

6. What are your favorite childhood memories?

7. Which subject did you love most in school, and why was it your best subject?

8. Do you have any health challenges?

9. What will you describe as the kindest thing you’ve done for someone before?

10. What is the kindest act someone has done to you?

11. Describe your relationship with your extended family?

12. What are some notable life experiences that have happened to you in the past that you think have contributed significantly to who you are today?

13. Do you have anything you would love to improve on your children’s lives using yours as a case study?

14. What animal would you consider your favorite pet?

15. Did you have a lot of friends growing up, or did you have just a few friends as a child?

16. How did your family always spend their vacations?

17. Which notable character would you describe as your hero growing up?

Questions About Believe

A lot of ladies fail to ask this question and later pay for it. 

Relationships, where partners don’t align in ideologies do not end because of cheating but because they choose to ignore their partner’s beliefs and principles.

Imagine being a liberal and dating a man that is the most conservative guy on the planet.

Don’t go into a relationship without considering your partner’s belief to know if it can suit yours.

This is the first point that determines compatibility in a relationship. And compatibility comes right after love when considering going into a relationship. 

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The belief both love birds share will determine the kind of conversations you will have in the relationship. You both cant stare at each other and have sex all the time.

You are going to have to talk and have conversations. You have to ensure you are with someone you can have lovely conversations with and listens to your opinion.

Here are some deep questions you can ask your boyfriend:

1. Are you liberal or conservative?

2. Are you superstitious?

3. Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

4. What is your view on equality and gender equity?

5. What is your take on women and their struggle?

6. your belief, how would you raise your kids?

7. Which political party do you support?

8. What is your view about sex and sexuality?

9. Would you tolerate my views?

10. Do you think our opinions are compatible?

Questions About Intimacy.

Sex is a big part of every relationship. You need to have all parts of your relationship working well and properly.

 Here are deep questions to ask your boyfriend about intimacy.

1. What are his fantasies?

2. How does he love to have sex?

3. How much does he want to have sex?

4. How many sexual partners did he had?

5. Have you ever put yourself at risk before for an STD by not protecting yourself?

6. Have you been tested for HIV/ STDs?

7. Would you be willing to be tested again before we start getting intimate?

8. How would you handle it if you suspect another person was hitting on me?

9. What are your views on marriage?

10. What are your views on divorce?

11. What do you consider as cheating, besides the obvious?

12. Are you comfortable talking about where our relationship is heading?

As a lady, you love to be eaten out during intimacy. Maybe it’s the only route for you to reach orgasm. Staying with a guy that sees it as a deal-breaker and won’t try to oblige to your fantasies can be a daunting task.

It may be weird, but don’t feel ashamed to ask these deep questions to know where you fit. You need a man that can eat you out real good and still craves for more.

The next deep question you should ask your boyfriend about intimacy is how much he is into sex. Most guys love to have sex all the time, while some just once a week.

You should ensure you have a man whose sexual libido matches yours or a little difference, so you don’t end up getting raped or sex-starved.

So ask this question today! It’s essential as the first question and every other question in this post.

Deep Questions About His Past and Future

Most people don’t love to talk about their past for fear of using it against them when the relationship goes sour, that’s where you have to create a safe space for him to confined in you.

You don’t need to know all, but you need to know at least key things that won’t throw your relationship off balance. And it would be best if you reciprocated that too.

The last deep question you should ask your boyfriend is the question about his future.

You need to know what drives him—his ambitions and plans in life. You want to grind and build with your man and seal the relationship for life if by chance.

If you keen on his ambitions and plans for life, you can understand his interest and know where and how you can support him.

Knowing your man’s past will give you peace now, but his plans will provide you with peace in the future. You want a relationship that will stand the test of time. So take these steps now! And ask your boyfriend these deep relationship questions. 

Here is some deep question you should ask your boyfriend about his past and future

1. Do you want kids? If yes, how many?

2. Where do you love to live in the long run? City? Mountains? Country?

3. What are your plans for retirement?

4. What is your philosophy about money in marriage? Does what belong to the man also belong to the woman or are they separate financial entities.

5. What kind of dad do you wish to be?

6. What do you fear most about the future?

7. What actions will you describe as the turning points of your life?

8. How much have you changed in the last five years?

9. What do you wish to acquire in the future.

So queens, here you have it. 

Ask these questions today and know where you fit in, to avoid future regrets.

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