How To Spoil Your Boyfriend In Bed And Leave Him Satisfied

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How to spoil your boyfriend in bed
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Ready to discover the magical ways to spoil your boyfriend or husband in bed? I will be keeping it brief and straightforward. When you are through with your husband or boyfriend, I guarantee multiple orgasms for him, and he will be drooling over you like a little boy.

At the end of this writeup, you will learn how to spoil your boyfriend in bed by:

  • Talking dirty the right way
  • Variety of Blow jobs you can spoil him with
  • Tit fucks and how to give them
  • Different Sex positions that will blow his mind

How to spoil your boyfriend in bed and leave him satisfied

1. Give him a Sensual massage

how to spoil your boyfriend in bed
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Who doesn’t love to be pampered? The mistake some women make is having the thought that pampering should only be a man’s job. Men like to be shown some love too and pampered in bed. Below are techniques to spoil your boyfriend in bed with a sensual massage.

A. Preparing for massage

In preparing for a sensual massage, you should get him to shower with you. This is a fabulous physical massage starter, and you can decide to do it the reverse way, like getting oiled up and showering later. While at it, take time to groom yourself by paying attention to your hands and fingertips and ensure they are neat and well-trimmed.

After this, proceed to make the massage space (bed) inviting, neat, and comfortable. If your man is the music type, put on some soft music and light some scented candles while at it.

Pick out your oil. There are varieties of massage oil, so ensure you pick out the one you feel will soothe your boyfriend.

B. Giving the massage

The essential part of a sensual massage has nothing to do with where you put your hands; instead, it has much to do with trust and emotional intimacy.

During the massage, ensure you communicate appropriately and ask questions like, ”is that too firm?” does that feel good? Listen and adjust the massage accordingly.

Be attentive to his body language. Moans of pleasure mean the massage feels good, so keep doing what you are doing.

On about to start the massage, warm the oil with your hands by taking a generous amount and rubbing it in to warm it up. Then gently spread the oil onto your man’s part you are massaging. It is generally typical to start with the back and shoulders.

Continue to be firm and add pressure to your palm. Keep in mind to massage along with muscles, not pushing on bones.

Use your thumb for areas of tension like calves, buttocks, and the lower back area. Lastly, focus on neglected areas of the body like the wrists, arch of the foot, fingers and palms, ears, and back of his knees.

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C. Using other parts of your body to give massages

A sensual massage does involve using other parts of your body. To ensure you explore that part, you can stand to sit. Use your elbows, knuckles, and even your oiled breasts to massage away tension from his body. Take advantage of what your body has to offer and make your partner feel overwhelmed with pleasure. 

There are several ways to spoil your man in bed. But a pivotal way to ruin your boyfriend in bed is sensual massage. In sensual massage, you connect with his sexual soul deeply and pamper him while at it. This will make him feel super relaxed and relieved of tension and stress. He won’t be able to get you out of his mind for the rest of the day.

2. Different Intimacy positions

how to spoil your boyfriend in bed

Learn to switch things up when it comes to sex positions. Don’t be stuck in the missionary styles of the 80s. What are you? 100?

Below are two different sex positions you can use to spoil your boyfriend in bed.

A. Reverse Cowgirl

Have your man lie on his back and straddle his hips while facing towards his feet. Squat down until his erect p*nis enters you and then kneel so you can start riding him comfortably

The Reverse Cowgirl lets you go up and down your man’s shaft, helping to push the maximum amount of pleasure. Let him spank you if you enjoy it while at it.

Start twisting it all around 360 angles, and don’t stop riding. After some minutes, stand up and start sucking him while he pours into your mouth, his warm natural protein.

B. Sideways missionary

The technique is quite simple: make him lie on his back sideways while you lie in front of him sideways. Let him penetrate you from behind. This technique should be done towards the final stage of the whole experience because this will make him reach orgasm.

The sex is so good at this angle because penetration is tighter, and he has access to your boobs from behind. What way would you like to spoil him if not this way?

After that, enable him to spread your legs wide and let him have a better view of your v*gina, which will give him much work area and be able to thrust deeper into your honey land.

3. Tits fuck

how to spoil your boyfriend in bed

Are you heavily endowed? Is your man a man of tits?? Tits fuck is a great way to pleasure him to eternity.

These are types of tits fucks and techniques you can try with him.

A. Modified 69

This is a variation of the 69-sex position, but it’s more of you using your breasts and mouth to provide the stimulation. 

Make him lie down on his back while you lie on top, facing the other direction. Your chest should be roughly at his groin level, while his head should be between your legs

Push his d*ck between your breasts and rub them, moving back and forth between using your mouth and your breasts to drive him crazy.

B. Chest straddle

Using both hands, push your boobs together and provide friction; while he thrusts the middle of your boobs, you can move them up and down his d*ck.

Why this is great, this is the classic titty-fuck position. It puts your boyfriend in control as he fucks your breasts, which will feel more natural and powerful for him and more submissive for you. It’s also the perfect position for a facial, and he will surely love it.

4. Talk dirty

how to spoil your boyfriend in bed

When in bed with your boyfriend, words can go a long way in making your moves unforgettable because intercourse without communication is no sex. Whisper in his ears while intimacy is going on, use dirty talks, tell him how much you love him, and moan while at it.

Let him know how much you love fucking his fleshy and filling cock, tell him how big his cock is and how it feels inside you, tell him how you like his cock in your mouth, tell him to fuck you harder while you scream his pet name. Men love to hear you scream their pet name during intimacy; it’s another turn-on for them.

Ensure you utilize it in spoiling him; tell him what you are about to do to him and how he will explode with orgasms during intimacy.

5. Blow jobs

how to spoil your boyfriend in bed

Every great blow job treat should start with a passionate slow kiss. A passionate and nasty kiss will result in a gradual and teasing build-up, which will make your man blow a more significant load with an ecstasy smile.

While kissing him, you can tongue-suck him. This is the act of kissing and sucking his tongue at the same time. Which will send an idea of what you are about to do to him, which is to give him the craziest blow job he has ever had.

Kiss him so passionately, while at it, place your hands on his d*ck while he is still in briefs and stroke his p*nis gently. Place the other hands on his legs and move them up from there. Then softly starts massaging his penis and testicles outside of his briefs.

After a few minutes, softly grab and squeeze his cock and balls, then release the pressure to do this again and kiss passionately.

After massaging him for a few minutes, help him take off his briefs, then keep doing what you were doing, running your hands over his cock.

Keep tracing your fingers up and down his d*ck and around his balls. Now get to your knees and talk to your man while on your knees.

Ask him questions like what do you want me to do now, baby? While holding his cock. You can be sure the answer will be, “Give me a blow job.” Then proceed in sucking the life of the cock away.

You can decide to incorporate some yogurt while you suckle on his cock. This will make you want more cock and suckle on it efficiently and guarantee maximum pleasure for him.

The tip of a p*nis is the most sensitive area; be sure to play around it and focus on mouth pleasuring it. For maximum and ultima pleasure, play with the lines in between the perineum while sucking his dick.

A. Grapefruit him

This method is done by introducing a grapefruit and cutting a hole on top according to his size.

Sit him comfortably on a chair, gently place the grape on his d*ck through the hole and move the grapefruit up and down motion while you suck the cap of his cock.

This will blow his mind because this method gives the sensation of being sucked and fucked at the same time.

B. Blow job with ice cubes

Sex is always mind-blowing with some temperature play; the feeling is out of this world. Get some ice cubes, place it under your tongue and give him the blow job of his life. This experience isn’t something he will forget in a hurry, and he will surely thank you for it.

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