How To Make Him Stay When He Wants To Leave

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how to make him stay when he wants to leave

No doubt, a relationship is not built out of a vacuum. Both partners must make a concerted effort to build a castle of love. More is required from women due to the sociological placement of women in most societies of the world.

How to make him stay when he wants to leave is multi-faceted, but the best answer remains, you need to make analytical studies of your partner and keep to his desire.

This means you should be the woman of his dream and learn to understand his orientation and perspectives on some critical things in life.

Argue out the necessaries you are not okay with or the part of his socially unpleasant habit in a respectful manner.

A Woman should not be at the mercy of a man in the name of making him happy. You need not weigh what he is doing or contributing to keep the love abound but concentrate more on what you should do to make him have no option to choose but you alone.

Indeed, a relationship at some point can be tiring; both partners can feel like ending things, but breaking up is not the best solution, considering the rigour of starting a new relationship.

There is a breakdown of salient things you can do to make yourself more appealing to your partner. Since he has ticked all your boxes before you say yes to him, that reveals you have some extent portion of affection for him.

Consider how long you have been piloting the journey of love, the moment he made you happy, and how easily you have been relating to each other over the years. Don’t you think it will be hurtful to let him leave?

Won’t you be filled with regret? Will you ever come across a man that will be perfect for you like him before things turn sour?

Then you have every reason not to make him leave because you are not ready for heartbreak, are you?

How to make him stay when he wants to leave you in a relationship

1. Be Respectful

Yes, this may seem to hurt your ego somehow, but that is the damn truth. Every man needs a woman that will respect him. Respect encompasses all other things you can do to satisfy him.

It is out of respect you will have to listen to hear his grievances. It is out of admiration you won’t be stalking him all around. Men want freedom most time.

What crashes most relationships is sheer disrespect, when you can guard the extent you can go in addressing him. We are not undermining that you are both dating and need to be informal in your interactions, but respect is a natural ego everyone craves.

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2. Don’t force changes on him

Naturally, we are all born out of imperfection, and it is tough, if not impossible to have the perfect man you have been craving in your mind.

He may have some attitudes you think are socially disapproving or personally jeopardizing that you desire him to quit. That is even one of the goals of a relationship, affecting positive changes in one another life.

If you are to do such, be mindful that you cannot take overnight what has been his habit for years. For instance, If you have a chain smoker as a boyfriend, don’t intend to change him overnight by repeatedly talking against his smoking habit now and then.

He will get tired of your talk, which may burden him, resulting in him having thoughts of living out of your bondage.

It would be best to have soft words, lots of psychological postulations, and friendly talk to let him stay away from any bad habits you think are detrimental to his health or the relationship.

3. Learn to improve yourself

He is undoubtedly aware you were wise and intelligent before he professed his love to you. Knowledge gets rusted as metal does, and the only way to refine it is to upscale in learning.

Let him be proud of your knowledge. You dish out authentic and premium intelligent conversations only from what you have learnt.

By broadening your learning horizon, you won’t be bored of intellectual discussion. Your partner will get tired of you if all the conversation you can hold is centred only on social and celebrity talk shows.

An ambitious man will always look for a lady who leverages his goal and supports him with relevant opportunities that could make the goal achievable.

Equally, a serious-minded man will always look out for an ambitious lady. Suppose he finds the requisite signs of you being less ambitious. In that case, it is a disappointment that can easily trigger him to leave the relationship and look for a partner ready to be on par with his ambitions in life.

4. Keep in shape

Beauty is the first attraction of men. He approaches you because you look beautiful enough to his taste. Now that you are in a relationship, you have the responsibility to maintain your beauty and shape.

If he is a type that hates fleshy girls, always strive to keep fit to avoid adding much weight. Watch your weight by regular gymnastics and with healthy food intake. By this, he will surely be proud of you and crave to have you again and again.

He will realize he has a beauty to lose if the thought of breaking up ever crosses his mind.

5. Be sexually active

In a relationship where both partners have no problem with pre-marital sex, you have to stay up with his sexual fantasies. Not merely by allowing him to have entry access when he feels like it but by making the sexual act adventurous and less boring.

Men will crave you more and more if you can go wild to satisfy their ‘bedmatics game.’ Erotic novels will go a long way in aiding your prowess.

6. Keep away from friends that talk ill of him

If you keep friends and associates that always find fault in your partner, you have to choose between him and then.

Such friends might be talking out of jealousy and your fortune to have met such a good partner. They will most likely ruin the relationship you have put so much effort into building in no time.

7. Be forgiving and open-minded

Men may want to leave when they realize their partner finds it difficult to forgive them for something.

He has apologized and repented, but you are still not letting the issue go as it surfaces every damn time, both in your reaction and communication towards him.

If his wrong is so grievous that you find it difficult to forget, the best is to respectfully break up or state the demand you want him to meet up with rather than taunting him with emotional blackmail.

8. Men leave when you cheat

Cheating on a man who desires to keep you for marriage is so disheartening. He will find it very difficult to deal with your cheating nature if he later finds out and may be left with no choice but to opt out of the relationship.

If you indulge in extramarital affairs, opting out before you are caught is in your best interest. And if he has been suspicious of your actions lately, the best is to quit now before the suspicion becomes an irreparable reality.

9. Don’t fake being yourself

There should be a balance between trying to satisfy the man you choose to love and faking yourself for his pleasure.

Don’t try to accept what you can’t deal with for a long time. A man can choose to leave, even when you do everything to please him at the expense of your dignity.

But don’t at the same time deceive yourself not to do the necessary things to keep a man that is good for you.

Breaking up and starting another relationship with a new person every damn time can be tiring. You have to learn his new way, and understand his perceptions, among others.

Conclusively, in relationships, begging a man not to leave has never ended in a good result. It’s demoralizing and has no dignity in it. And most time, when the relationship is crumbling, all you have left is self-respect. It should not be tainted.

Even if after the pleading and you talk the issues out, he agrees to stay longer. It is only a matter of time before he leaves overnight and puts you in a sudden heartbreak.

The whole point listed above is just for you to put necessary corrections in places you may be lagging from so that you can be justified if he chooses to leave.

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