Dating A Man Who Has Slept Around – What To Expect

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dating a man who has slept around

Everyone has a history that either hurts them or makes them feel fulfilled. Similarly, individuals who engage in romantic relationships may have had some filthy history they may not be proud of.

They may have some palatable past that shapes why you are proud of them now and some undignified history.

Whatever our partner’s history is, won’t it be best to leave it behind? Oh yes! That is the first step towards a successful relationship.

Dating a man who has slept around

If he is trying to be committed to you, chances are he is now leaving out of his past. He might have gotten into the act for a factor he couldn’t control. No one has a perfect past; Therefore, if you are dating a man that has slept around, it would be best not to let it affect your current relationship with him.

However, as good this may sound, there are indeed exceptions. Moreover, you should learn about his past to know how you should relate to him now.

Therefore, I will tell you what you should do when dating a man that has slept around. Meanwhile, before we get to that, let’s look into why do men sleep around.

Why do men sleep around?

1. To gain experience

Let’s start with you eating a sumptuous meal. The first time you taste it, you may find it so delicious that you could vouch never to taste any other food. However, what happens after you have eaten it over and over? You get tired of it, don’t you? You may even decide never to eat it again or, at most, seldom eat it.

That is what happens with the sexual science and psychology of most men. Some men are prone to getting tired of sleeping with just one woman.

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Over time, they get tired of it. This is why finding a man committed to one partner could be challenging. Therefore, they look out for other women to explore. Knowingly or unknowingly, they end up sleeping around.

2. They Don’t Want to Stay Committed

Another possible reason your man has slept around could be because he did not want to stay committed in the past.

Intimacy could also be a non-committed act for some men with no deep connection. They only want to enjoy the moment.

Especially in their prime, most men do not want to be committed to a woman. They want to enjoy the moment while it lasts. Therefore, they opt to sleep around with women.

3. To exercise their masculinity

Some men love to boast about their masculinity through sexual performance. They Can’t be able to boast of their sexual performance if they are committed to one partner. Hence, they result in sleeping around with many partners.

Today, we are in an era where some men brag about body counts. Therefore, in a bid to be able to boast much about their masculinity, men sleep around.

This will help increase their “body count.” To them, it is an edge ahead of others.

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Things to know when dating a man who has slept around

1. Be Ready To Satisfy Him

You’re not meant to inconvenience yourself at the expense of anybody. But be aware that the best way to keep a man who has slept around is to try to meet up with his sexual prowess.

It may be difficult, especially for a woman with low libido, but you can talk to him about it to lower his expectations if you can’t cope.

2. Do not feel pressured

You need to know when to stop if it is inconvenient for you. He may have many sexual visuals in his mind. Tell him to be gentle when you feel hurt about how he handles you. Prioritize your comfort and well-being.

Seek professional therapy as a recourse if you are both finding it difficult to find a balance.

3. Focus On Communicating About His Past

Establishing open and honest communication is one of the primary coping mechanisms when in a relationship with a man who has slept around.

Ask him about his experiences, why he chose to sleep around, and his current view. It would be best to talk about your expectations in the relationship. You should as well encourage him to do the same.

More so, you should discuss your views on intimacy and relationships. However, relate to him any concerns or questions about his past experiences.

It will help if you won’t be judgmental when discussing your partner’s history.

It would be best to listen to his perspective with an open mind. Let him discuss his plan to stay committed to you, and you can help him be a changed person.

You should also be willing to share your own experiences. This will allow you to build a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

4. Understand his Current Attitude Toward intimacy

Men who have slept around may have different attitudes toward intimacy. Some may view it as an activity to relieve stress, while others may place more significance on it.

It is essential to know the perspective of your partner. With this, you can avoid any misunderstanding.

You should also consider your views and ensure they are compatible with your partner’s. If you’re looking for a committed relationship, ensure your partner is on the same page.

Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if you’re unsure about his view on the relationship.

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5. Ensure you get tested and Practice safe sex

Your health should be a priority to you. Therefore, when dating someone who has slept around, it is essential to take precautions to protect your health.

Therefore, encourage your partner to get tested. This allows you to have a clear understanding of his health.

If he tests positive for an STI, it would be best to seek treatment immediately. You should both take the necessary steps to prevent its spread by having protected sex.

6. Redefine your standard

When you’re dating a man who has slept around, it’s natural to feel insecure or jealous about his past experiences.

However, it’s important to remember that his past does not define his current relationship with you. To this effect, you need to raise the standard of the relationship.

Focus on building self-confidence to approach the relationship from a position of strength. This means being comfortable with yourself.

Please do not compare yourself to his past partners that he casually slept with. However, you should focus on the positive qualities you can bring to the relationship.

You should build a strong and healthy connection with him. Let him know you’re different.

7. Approach the topic with caution

This is highly important when dating a man who has slept around. You’ve chosen to stay with him despite his past. You should learn to protect him from the outside world.

Don’t use the past to torment him. He is now a changed person. Also, don’t ask intrusive questions about his past experiences. Allow him to share the experience with you when he is comfortable.

Remember, he is now sharing the past from a place of guilt; you don’t need to force it out of him.

You should also be aware that, going by his past experiences, he may have certain boundaries regarding your relationship with him.

You should respect those boundaries and not pressure him into doing anything that he’s not comfortable with.

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8. Focus on the present

The past has gone. Consequently, if your partner has an indecent history, you better let it go. Your focus should be on your present and future relationship with him.

This means not letting his past experiences come in between your connection with him.

You should build a robust and healthy relationship based on trust, communication, and mutual respect.

You should also be willing to learn from his past and use that knowledge to build a better connection with him.

By focusing on the present, you can create a relationship that is meaningful, fulfilling, and built to last.

Do guys ever tired of sleeping around

No matter how pleasurable it can be, there is always a breaking point. Therefore, men do get tired of sleeping around.

Being committed to you is a bright light pointing to his readiness to relinquish the act.

However, it’s not without some factors. What are these factors?

They realize sleeping around is not the solution to their high sex drive. Some men even lose the number of their “body count.” In the long run, they don’t get satisfied.

Reasons why men get tired of sleeping around

1. They want a committed relationship

Even when they keep sleeping around, men desire a working relationship. They understand they will have to be responsible later on.

However, will any woman want to stay committed to a man who still sleeps around?

To this effect, when a man’s desire for a committed relationship becomes the most important to him, he will give up sleeping around.

2. The Fear of Sexual Infections

Having too many multiple sexual partners makes one prone to contracting STIs. Knowing many of these incurable STIs, a man will give up sleeping around.

More so, some STIs are so deadly that they can cause erectile dysfunction or terminal disease.

Therefore, the fear of STIs is often the beginning of the end of sleeping around for most men.

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