Signs She Regrets Sleeping With You

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signs she regrets sleeping with you

Intimacy between a guy and a lady is expected to be a romantic moment for the two parties. Unfortunately, at times, it could turn the other way around. The pleasure turns out to be a regret for one of the parties.

You may wonder why the sudden change after the lovemaking you both had. Was it a bad memory for her? The fact is that not all your romantic moments with a lady guarantee a good memory for her.

Nevertheless, psychological studies have revealed that regret after lovemaking is common among ladies. Only a few guys would regret having intimacy with a lady.

There are a plethora of reasons a lady can feel bad after intercourse. Read on to discover why she wishes the lovemaking never happened and the intuitive signs she regrets sleeping with you.

Reasons she regrets sleeping with you

Let’s start with the guilt she will have in mind for cheating on her boyfriend with you. Oh yes! She may be friendly and flirting with you while she has a boyfriend with whom he has promised to stay committed.

The only thing she never wished to happen was sex outside of her relationship. She was not prepared to get down with you but was beclouded by the flirting and infatuation, and sex happens. She will no doubt regrets it afterward.

However, as situations sometimes defeat humans, you may afterward start seeing irregular behavior from her. Do you know why?

The guilt of cheating on her boyfriend has occupied her mind. She regrets sleeping with you, hence, the guilty feeling.

Regretting the lovemaking with you can sometimes be coined from disappointing her expectations. She is disappointed because you did not satisfy her sexual need as she thought you would.

Perhaps, she expected much from you but got less. She will get disappointed and therefore wish not to be intimate with you again. She perceives the time spent with you as an exercise in futility.

A situation where lovemaking is accompanied by regret from her is when you cajoled her into the act.

She thinks you took advantage of her vulnerability; maybe she is going through some life trauma and needed a friend to lay down her troubles, and sex happens; if she is the sensitive type, she will regret the moment she had with you.

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Importantly, whatever the reasons for the regret may be. It is highly imperative to know when a lady regrets sleeping with you.
To this effect, there have to be some signs that will tell you she regrets sleeping with you.

The signs that make you know she regrets sleeping with you are discussed below.

Signs she regrets sleeping with you

If, after having intercourse with a lady, you notice some irregularities in her behavior. Look for the following signs in particular. They are the signs that she regrets sleeping with you.

1. She starts acting rude to you

This is the least to expect from someone you just had a good time with. Moreover, it happens when she regrets the intimacy she had with you.

Of course, she may not be open to you from the onset. What will usually exist between you both will be mutual respect. However, if you notice she starts being unusually rude to you after lovemaking, she possibly regrets sleeping with you.

This is common when she feels she cheated on her boyfriend by sleeping with you. To her, being intimate outside her relationship is moral misconduct. Therefore, to keep you away and avoid reoccurrence, she acts rudely to show that she regrets sleeping with you.

More so, you may see her acting rude to you if she gets disappointed by your performance in bed. This is normal. If she expects more but gets less, she will be disappointed and, as a result, regret her action.

2. She breaks communication with you

This sign speaks volumes in all instances. Unless it is a one-night stand, communication is expected to flow between both parties after intimacy. Sometimes it is supposed to be more intense and cordial because a good romantic call is likely to call for more.

What can cause the unusual act of a lady breaking communication with you after lovemaking?

It is a sign that she regrets sleeping with you. Has she started ignoring your texts and phone calls? Is she rejecting every opportunity for a meeting? The point is that she regrets being intimate with you. Hence, the willful break of communication with you.

3. She shows awful body language to you

As a guy, you will naturally not expect a bad temper from a lady you just slept with. You would be expecting to see your ties with her getting more intense.

However, for one reason or other that she regrets the intercourse she had with you, she will exhibit awful body language to you instead of your ties getting stronger. Quite ironic.

Such body language includes turning her back no you when you want to talk to her and disrespectfully rolling her eyes when you both meet.

When you approach her with the usual friendly gesture and get turned down by her, whichever body language it is, they are to show you that she regretted sleeping with you.

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4. She tells people negative things about you

Although it’s men’s ideology to try outsmarting ladies to bed, you must be careful not to allow it to backfire.

When you trick a lady into sleeping with you, and she subsequently regrets it wholeheartedly, you may have a huge price to pay for it if she wants to blackmail you.

She may want to cause you pain if she feels you took advantage of her. Therefore, she tries to spoil your reputation by telling people negative things about you.

Don’t be surprised to see her telling people negative things you did not do. If you share any secret with her, she will speedily divulge it to people, especially if you are a prominent person.

She may even make jest of you among her friends that you have poor sexual prowess.

All she cares about is tarnishing your reputation. That is a sign that speaks loud enough that she regrets sleeping with you.

5. She bluntly tells you that you are not man enough

This is the one statement any guy will never want to hear after lovemaking. Even “a two-minute guy” likes to be complemented handsomely after intercourse.

A lady knowing that men take pride in their sexual prowess will intentionally hit it as a pain point if she regrets the lovemaking.

She will naturally do this in any circumstance of regretting the sex, either due to guilt, Disappointment, or deceit.

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6. Casual talks only

This happens when it’s impossible to avoid interaction with her daily. As said earlier, a lady that regrets sleeping with you will want to break communication with you.

However, there are situations where you can’t do without bumping into each other and interacting. For instance, when you both work in the same place or are colleagues.

Do you wonder what will be her next action to show she regrets sleeping with you?

She will ensure that there won’t be any intimate discussion between you. All conversations between you will be on formal and necessary topics.

She won’t respond satisfactorily if you try to bring in personal talks. That is a sign that she regrets making love with you.

7. She starts acting too nice to you

A lady regretting having sex with you is not always to her detriment. There are times that the regret is in your prejudice.

Perhaps, it was her intent that led to the lovemaking. Oh yes! Ladies do this, though very rare. Especially when she knows you have a girlfriend but still takes advantage of you. Therefore, she may think her action hurt you.

To appease you, she would start acting nice to you. She will act nicely more than she has ever been. She will buy you gifts at every chance, want to take you out, and be ready to offer help in all you do.

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She wants to show that she regrets her action, which she thinks may hurt you.

Generally, knowing when to be friendly with someone and when not is essential in human interrelation. You should not be negligent of how people feel about you. Therefore, should a lady regrets sleeping with you, the above-outlined signs will make you know for sure.

Essentially, if after sleeping with her, she breaks communication with you, starts telling people bad things about you, and acts very rude, you should be careful about your next step.

Ensure you treat the situation carefully, especially if you are not in a known relationship with her.

The best remedy to this is still communication. Calmly call her to order and apologize if she feels you took advantage of her. Agree to be apart for a while if that would be sufficient for her to forget about all that transpired between you both to lessen her regrets.

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