Why Is My Ex Hiding His New Relationship

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why is my ex hiding his new relationship

You’ve both had a relationship that failed to make it to your desired wish. You’ve both departed, and no one should tell you that the best thing to do is to move on and find a new path.

But moving on might not be that easy. You may still be unconsciously worried about him, and having thought of him over and over might bring the worry of what his new relationship could be.

In the quest for knowing what his new relationship is up to, not getting sufficient facts about his new life may leave you wondering whether he is hiding his new relationship from you.

Why is my ex hiding his new relationship?

An ex that can’t vogue of your modest behavior will find it sickening to update you about his new relationship life. He may decide not to tell you to avoid drama, or having the knowledge of his newly found relationship may thwart his plans for any future reconciliation with you.

He may decide you don’t need to know since his relationship has ended with you, and he no longer feels the need to update you about his new beginning.

The reason why you broke up with him and the type of person he is are necessary factors worthy of consideration before having a precise answer to the question of why is my ex hiding his new relationship from me.

A caring ex would not want you to feel bad and cause you further pain by hearing the news of him getting a new girlfriend.

In essence, there is no uniform reason why your ex is not telling you about his new relationship life, but we are sure it is own to any of the factors described below.

Now, let’s do a detailed breakdown of why he is hiding his new girl from you and what you should do after realizing he is hiding his relationship.

Why Is My Ex Hiding His New Relationship?

The quick way to easily deduce why a guy is hiding his new relationship is for you to mirror and analyze his personality.

1. He Cares About Your Feeling

If your ex is mindful of your emotions and mental health, he probably may hide his new relationship to avoid hurting you and making you feel bad.

He is perhaps afraid telling you the truth would make you anxious and having the hope of possible reconciliation between you guys will be thwarted. He’s scared you will take the news badly and react emotionally to it.

He may be hiding it from you to keep you as a backup plan for a possible future reconciliation.

Your ex may feel bad and guilty if he realizes you are hurt because of his new relationship if he still cares about you.

He is probably hiding because he understands you are still nursing the heartbreak from the breakup. He thinks he is not supposed to get into a new relationship too early, at least not when you are still trying to put all the pieces together and struggling to cope with the breakup aftermath.

But because he has felt attracted to someone new too quickly, he has to hide the relationship as much as possible since he has moved on too swiftly than expected.

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2. He Is naturally secretive

Your ex may decide to keep you in the dark about his new relationship if he is a private person who doesn’t like disclosing his personal life.

Since you are no longer a close person to him, he may not feel the need to update you about his new affairs generally, irrespective of the good memories and secrets you both once shared.

3. He still has big plans for you

Another reason he is hiding his new relationship might be that he is staking his chances between you and his newly found girlfriend.

Knowing about his new girlfriend might shut the chances of reconciliation and make you move on so quickly.

If the breakup results from a protracted misunderstanding, he may be working on getting you back and still having a date with another girl, so he won’t be left in emptiness if you both fail to reconcile.

By default, you should know this is a game he won’t let known to you.

4. He isn’t proud enough of his new relationship

Yes, some dumpers will tend to be secretive about their new relationship because the standard of their new girlfriend is relatively lower than their expectation.

Probably, he tends to be with her for a short while without any commitment in mind. Maybe your achievements, self-esteem, beauty, and intelligence are comparably higher than that of his new girlfriend.

He may be hiding the new girlfriend or information about her from you so you won’t see him as having a low standard preference in women.

5. Fears you may cause drama

Though you’ve both agreed to the breakup, some women can be dramatically emotional.

Your ex may keep his new relationship from you because he feels you can, out of anger, decide to envy, trash-talk or bully the new girlfriend either online or physically.

6. To heal you faster

It can be depressing and heartbreaking coming out of a breakup, especially for the relationship one struggles to build and stay genuinely committed.

It may be more despicable if he flaunts his new relationship when you are yet to get off the heartbreak he may have caused you.

7. He doesn’t want to kill your hope for reconciliation

It is more disappointing to hear he has gotten a new lover into his life while you are trying to stitch the broken cord and make the necessary amendments that can reconcile you both strongly together again.

He may decide to hide the new girl from you while secretly discussing reconciliation talks with you.

8. She is not yet his girlfriend

Yes, you read that right! He is hiding her from you because she is an ordinary friend with no strings attached and not his new girlfriend, as you’ve been told and erroneously believed.

Since you’ve broken up with him, he might need a lady who can be his gist partner, and that’s all. Don’t assume they are in a relationship because you recently have seen them talking about each other on social media.

Be sure he is really into a new relationship so that you won’t just be causing unwarranted emotional distress to yourself. Your mental health matters; do take care of it.


what should you do after you’ve known he is hiding his new relationship?

The best thing to do is to do nothing! You both break apart because your interests do not align and decide to move on to a new headway. So, why stalk him or try to know what his next step will be?

Whether he tells you or not won’t make any changes.

Just forget totally about him, and prepare yourself for the brighter things that are yet to come your way.

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