Why Is My Ex Stalking Me On Facebook

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why is my ex stalking me on facebook

Both the initiator of the breakup and the victim stalk each other on social media, especially on the most extensive social media, Facebook.

However, the person that causes the breakup doesn’t stalk as frequently as the victim. Most victims of separation are still forever left with the hurt of the relationship heartache.

Their minds keep longing for their ex, and they cannot help but use social media networks to reconnect even though they are not ready to open a conversation with their ex.

But seeing their activities on Facebook is enough relief to satisfy their curiosity.

So, why is my ex stalking me on Facebook?

Facebook is such a platform that people find it more convenient to share their daily activities and connect with many friends for pleasure, learning, or business.

Your ex chooses Facebook because it is the best place to get updates about your activities without noticing they’re stalking you.

They realize that it is the most suitable place to share your life’s up and down stories, and they need that information to affirm the position of their mindset about you.

If your ex is the one that breaks up the relationship, it means they’re stalking you to massage their ego that they left you for good.

They want to get updates about your lower or higher moments of life, and any information about your success story might not sit well with them.

On the other hand, if you’ve initiated the breakup, they are probably stalking to have a reconnection with you, to glimpse if you’ve got a new partner, and deduce if you’ll probably come back into their life because they’re not yet ready to let go of the past.

If the breakup is mutual due to an unavoidable issue, your ex can still stalk you despite knowing you can’t get together any longer.

They stalk you because it runs the sensation of pleasure on them for seeing you growing higher and achieving those dreams you’ve shared with them in the past.

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Here are the reasons your ex is possibly stalking you on Facebook.

1. They are not yet over you.

2. They Miss you.

3. They Want a reconnection.

4. They are interested and happy about your new growth.

5. They are curious to know the new happenings in your life.

6. Your mutual friends talk a lot about your new achievements.

7. They want to know whether or not you are in a new relationship.

8. To want to assess your new social life.

9. To let you be aware of their new relationship.

10. They recently remember the memory shared more often.

It is common to realize that you still have feelings for your ex after a breakup. Many people who have broken up want to know if their ex still wants them in their lives.

But reaching out to their ex is an issue for them because of the guilt of the breakup’s aftermath or their ego.

Remember, here they are stalking, not seeking your attention. The difference is that they don’t want you to notice them while gathering information about your life through Facebook.

They are stalking you to either laugh off your new life or to determine whether or not they can start seeking your attention again because you’re now better than who you used to be.

Here are some of the common signs your ex is stalking you on Facebook

1. They like and comment on your old post

Long after the breakup, if Facebook notifies you of your ex commenting on your old posts and reacting to your old-time pictures. It means they’re recently checking your profile and probably want to reconnect with you again.

Your ex may not use an account you’ve known but create a new account to carry out such an act. They anonymously leave unique comments reminding you of memories they’ve shared with you.

Such intuitive words will make you curious to want to know who they’re, and in the process, you may be moved to send them friend requests or engage them.

It’s a trick of making them get reconnected to you.

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2. They share your memories and anniversary on their page

Facebook is fond of bringing memories of events shared with it. If Facebook has been the archive of your relationship photos and stories when you were in romantic affairs with your ex, they may use it to stalk you now.

They will be fond of sharing those memories and relate them so badly to make you feel emotionally uncomfortable for having a breakup.

Good times and sweet memories lost can trigger bad guilt and regret.

Your ex might want you to feel emotionally connected again, and such a gesture might change your perspective about them, triggering you to seek their attention again.

3. They check your Facebook stories often

Facebook stories will show you who has been watching your profile. You can see who has viewed your Facebook story the same way you can see your Snapchat or Instagram story viewers.

So, if someone’s name appears repeatedly and you already have suspicions, it may confirm a few things for you.

Maybe your stalker is trying to know more about you. Check out the person’s profile if you are curious, and it certainly won’t be a random person, but somebody you’ve known in the past but no longer in concessions with you.

4. They send unsolicited friend request

You might decide it’s best to unfollow or block each other on every social media you’re connected to; if this happens as a part of moving on in your post-relationship phase, you might see your ex sending a new friend request for reconnection.

It means they haven’t gotten over you yet, and they’ve been checking your Facebook activities before sending a request.

5. They seek your engagement on Facebook

It indicates your ex is stalking you if their post and engagement have changed from what they’re known for.

If they recently post about things they know will quickly get your attention and make you want to talk to them.

Your ex may be stalking you by commenting too often on your post, tagging you to their post consistently, and continually seeking to engage you at any opportunity.

Your ex can create a parody account of a well-known person to engage with you directly on Facebook Messenger.

Even though they don’t want you to be aware, they aim to know about your activities before coming out to seek attention in person.

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6. They appear more often in the “people you may know” section

Facebook algorithms most often suggest those that used to check your profile as part of people you may know and connect with.

Suppose your ex resurfaces in this section after you’ve unfollowed and blocked each other on Facebook, then it is a clear sign that they are checking your activity.

Facebook wants you to reconnect again by making their profile visible to you as people you may know.

In conclusion, what do you do to an ex who stalks you on Facebook?

Exes are part of our sad stories, which you have been trying your possible best to forget and hope for a better partner if reconciliation is impossible.

Stalking you means they are not ready to move on as you are trying hard to. If you notice the stalking and it bothers you, block them as early as possible to enjoy peace of mind.

If you are sure they would resurface with a new account, you are advised to discuss it with them.

But on the contrary, if you think you’ve both learned from the past and are ready to reconcile, then end the hide-and-seek game by making direct contact on the possibility of making a fresh beginning.

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