Why Do Guys Like To Touch Their Girlfriends

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why do guys like to touch their girlfriends

Communication is an essential recipe for every romantic relationship. It can be ironic that physical touching is one fundamental way of communication. Touching communicates affectionate attraction.

Studies reveal that when partners want to communicate something important to each other, a five-second touch can get their message across faster than words ever could.

Touch can express anger, love, happiness, and compassion.

Why do guys like to touch their girlfriends?

Men are less verbal than women are; they prefer a simple gesture to a lengthy conversation. They feel more at ease expressing their feelings by touching their partner than having a long conversation.

Touching is easy for men because it is the first language they learn. As new babies learn to communicate and interact, they understand it quickly and instinctively.

However, not all touching indicates love or attraction. How do you deduce this? Please pay attention to the part of your body that he regularly touches.

If he touches your face regularly, it means your lips and eyes are always attractive, and he cannot help but kiss your lip and caress your eyebrow.

If it is your hair he likes to touch, it is a sign he is into you, and it means you have beautiful hair that catches his attention.

If it is your hand he touches more often, it is a sign of admiralty, and he is ready to do anything not to lose the feeling of the grab.

If he places his hand on your back, it gives you emotional security. It denotes that he is right behind you always and that you can count on him in all situations.

It is a sign of support if he pats your shoulder or holds your hips more often. It means he is always ready to support your goals.

Nevertheless, if he touches you in places that are too sensitive, it means he is sexually attracted to you.

There are as many reasons guys touch their partners as there are reasons to love them.

Touch is a significant indication of desire, and a guy in love with you will love to be in physical contact with you as much as he can.

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Here are reasons why guys like to touch their girlfriends.

1. He is attracted to you

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and men always crave physical connection with things they admire. If he desires to rob your body against his, it means he has developed a high level of emotional feeling for you.

It means he cannot help but get connected to what his mind admires.

Just as pets, they are adorable creatures. We love to care for their body even if they may not give any definitive response in return.

A guy will love to touch you more and more because he is aware he will get the remark through your beautiful smile, and your cheerfulness is a plus for him to love you more.

Seeing you happy is a full sensation of happiness for him as well.

2. He is insecure

Inferiority complex can make your boyfriend crave you all time. He is scared of losing you to a random guy out there.

In addition, if you have been making tremendous achievements over time and getting wider recognition from your job or career pursuit, your boyfriend may feel insecure and think he might lose you soon.

He might get closer to you than before, thinking his companionship will suppress your supposed ego. And that his continued loyalty will get him a unique space in your heart.

3. He wants to dominate

A guy with an inferiority complex will find it difficult to let you loose.

If he mistrusts you and always wants your life to revolve around him, he will always love to hold you to himself in public.

He can do it by holding your hand or making you always sit together on every occasion.

He feels you are his asset and can wilder you as he wishes.

In this instance, it is not that he does not love or care for you, but he is too obsessed and greedy of his want so much that he is ever sensitive to his territory towards you.

It shows he is dominating if he always admires your beauty and kisses you in compliment of every stunning dress you wear but acts jealous if a male friend ordinarily hugs you or holds your hand for long.

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4. He wants everyone to know he is your partner

A guy who draws you in possessively or brushes away a strand of hair, holding your hand and curving your hip in public, wants to show others, especially men, that the both of you are an item and share a level of intimacy.

He may not make an announcement to people about your affair with him but decide to communicate through gestures of public display of affection.

One of those ways of public display of affection is touching you whenever people he knows are present.

He will always want to sit by your side, if not touching you. It is a way of catching people’s attention that you are both having an affair.

5. He is protecting you

Suppose you are in a public place or having a happy hour together in a secluded spot with your guy. He is duty-bound to physically protect you from predators that may want to molest you.

One way to ensure your protection is to hold you tight in his hand or put your arm around his.

As little as this may seem, it signals to predators that he is your companion, and an attempt to put you in danger may cause his aggression.

6. He wants to get laid

If he kisses you seductively and touches your sensitive part pretentiously, it might mean he has an ulterior motive other than mere fondness.

It can imply he intends to get you laid. But making such random touching is to ascertain whether you will be responsive to his motive or not.

Touching is the primary way for a man to communicate his lustful intention. It is the best way of advancing a sexual motive.

He may be shy to make a direct request for such because of the fear of rejection.

7. He wants to convince you of his love

Suppose he has hurt you in the past but promises to make changes, or the relationship just started, and you are not yet convinced enough of his readiness to scale the relationship.

A man can use physical touching to showcase his intentions that he is all for you. He thinks being by your side always will give you confidence and convince you enough of his love.

He is touching you because he feels that is a proper way to be seen as a determined potential partner.

8. He is observing your reactions

Communication paddles the ship of every successful relationship to the peak of glory.

Some men, especially if they are starting a relationship or are not yet comfortable with their new partner, may not be direct in requesting what they like or despise.

Instead, they make a test on their girlfriend, observe and use her reaction to judge how to relate with her.

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9. He is a player

Touching you especially by the hand may be a means to an end for a man who has no interest in developing a genuine relationship with you.

This might be worrisome and confusing, particularly if you genuinely like him.

Keep an eye on his body language. While he may know how to make it appear as if he is enamoured with you, body language is not deceptive.

Follow your intuition. You will know if something is right or not. That is how you will determine whether the connection you wish for is progressing properly or otherwise.

Words and actions can cause genuine attraction, but his body contact will reveal everything you are curious to know.

Be sensitive to how he initiates the touch and holds hands with you.

10. He is testing the waters

Remember, men are not machines, even though they try to display the emotional range of one. They get just as confused about their feelings as ladies do.

Touching you may be a way for him to figure out if he genuinely likes you or not. The first few human contacts with another person can be very revealing, even if it is just holding hands.

When a new partner touches each other for the first few times, it could be awkward, as it usually is the first form of intimate contact in a relationship.

In conclusion, it is a clear sign of romantic feelings and a high level of fondness for a man to have physical touch with his partner.

However, this is not always true. Some men can be manipulative and hide under the norms in every romantic relationship to manipulate and achieve their ulterior motives.

But eye contact doesn’t lie, be observant of his face when he holds you.

Don’t be too carried away with the sensation of touches and flattering that may accompany the hug, kisses, or shouldering so much that you won’t pay attention to his activities which can be detrimental to the relationship.

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