Is My Ex Trying To Get My Attention On Social Media

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is my ex trying to get my attention on social media

You may find it challenging to navigate what your ex is up to with their recent activities on social media as you are just recovering from the surge of heartbreak.

The aftermath engagement of your ex on social media can easily make you repeatedly fall into what you are struggling to move out from.

Is my ex trying to get my attention on social media?

If your ex-post is now utterly different from what they are known for, and it reminds you about your past relationship, they may be trying to get your attention.

You get to know your ex is seeking your attention if they posts unusual content on their timeline and tag you on every post for you to see.

There are as many reasons your ex is seeking your attention as there is a reason for the breakup. But don’t be confused about mistaking social media engagement with the attention-seeking of your ex.

Even though you are willing to get back into the relationship, be sure they are truly seeking your attention and not just some random post your mind is tricking that it is about you.

Signs your ex is trying to get your attention on social media

We understand that getting over an ex is hard, especially if you still see their activities on social media. Be honest with your decision about whether to move on or if you want to get together again.

If you’ve sealed off your mind from reconciliation, the best is to block them off from all social media for your sanity’s sake so that your mind won’t keep playing tricks on you.

Also, note that signs for attention may not be signs in reality.

Don’t initiate a conversation until a direct tag is made to you or your ex directly messages you to talk about the breakup.

Nevertheless, there are ways you can know for sure that your ex is trying to get your attention through social media activities.

Note that this is not limited to Facebook. It is just by far the most common social media network. Pay attention to WhatsApp status, Instagram posts, Twitter tags and engagement, and any other social media platform you are mutually connected with.

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1. They post content only you would understand

One way of knowing an ex who wants your attention is by posting a gist and story you can easily relate to. Whether the memories you have shared in the past or a long-time event you both attended.

They may not make such content to post. It may be a supportive statement as a comment.

For instance, a relationship discussion may spring up, and your ex will be quick to give their opinion based on the relationship journey you’ve both had.

They can discuss a personal issue you’ve shared with them but won’t tag you directly with such a post; their aim is they want you to get triggered and initiate a conversation with them.

2. They initiate forceful conversation

If you didn’t block each other on social media after a breakup but no longer chat, your ex may message out of the blue and initiate a conversation.

They can start to be caring and be disturbed by questions about your life.

They can talk about your next birthday in months to come, ask about your sibling in college, about your old friends, and pretend as much as they can.

Hardly will a day pass without them sending a greeting message and asking irrelevant questions. They occupied you with chats and complained if you ever ignored them.

They ask a seemingly harmless question like how your week is going. They keep in contact, hoping you will miss them or make it look like they care for you.

Sometimes, an ex may dig for information and ask close questions that will make them form an opinion about your new dating life. Be cautious of how you engage them.

3. They post content they know will interest you

You’ve been together for a while before the misunderstanding that led to the eventual breakup. By this, they know what your interests are.

In getting your attention, they can fill their timeline with topics they know will interest you, even though it may not be a typical topic to them.

For instance, your ex might be saying how they hate your favorite influencer, music, or movie actor.

They can start posting about your favorites, which signals they have changed their mind and are now willing to share your interest and want to use such to catch your attention in initiating conversation with them.

4. Like and comment on every one of your posts and photos

They want your attention if they start liking and sharing your old and new posts since the breakup.

They can even further reply with romantic comments on your photos and may even save them in some cases. Whenever you make a new post, they are the ones to first view your WhatsApp status, like your Facebook, and react to your Instagram photos.

They always anticipate your next post or status on social media.

The reality is that they miss you and wish to talk to you, but they are scared of rejection and don’t know where to start.

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5. They talk more about their recent achievements

At the insight of achieving any slightest success, they run to their social media to tell their audience.

The intention might not be for their friends and fans who don’t care about them. But for somebody like you to feel happy or envious of them and wow at their new achievement.

It may be a success you hoped for them when you were together in the relationship just worked out, but they are fearful of your DM to discuss about the motivations you gave them to achieve the feat.

6. They talk about their dating experience

If you find them turning to an overnight relationship expert and dishing out relationship advice through their timeline, it is a good sign they want your attention.

It is a good sign they want your attention if they see their relationship with you to make a story on their social media page.

Through their social media handle, they can loudly wish for reconciliation and hope you enter their DM to stretch the process.

7. They post about guilt and a need for an apology

Suppose the relationship ended with your ex. Maybe they cheated or did a grievous thing and you find it unforgivable.

They know their bad sides and are willing to seek reconciliation, even if reconciliation won’t work again. They can post relevant quotes that support forgiveness to draw your mind to the past and consider them to be able to forgive.

8. They want to flaunt their new life and relationship

Your ex may want your attention not necessarily for reconciliation but to flaunt their new happy life.

They may be doing such to showcase their new positive life. In this instance, they can post about their new relationship to make you feel jealous with intentions to make you regret the breakup.

Maybe your ex feels cheated and gets hurt when the breakup happens and prepare to take revenge and let you feel the same.

After moving on and finding a new working relationship, they can decide to seek your attention through social media and oppress you with their current relationship so you can feel the loss of them in your life.

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