Does Not Texting A Guy Back Make Him Want You More

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does not texting a guy back make him want you more

Many guys ordinarily like chasing girls to the last minute if they do not get the desired attention. For some guys, there is this unexplained thrill and excitement in asking a lady out for a long time unrelenting.

Even though they are aware, such a lady intentionally forms “hard to get.” Men see such as a challenging game and task they must devise every tactical means to win. So you might ask, does not texting a guy back make him want you more?

Some ladies ignore texts from guys they are not interested in.

They feel like breaking communication gets the man dismissed from their life. What effect does this have on a man?

Does not texting a guy back make him want you more?

It depends wholly on the state of your affairs with the guy. While some guys may see it as a challenge and wait on time for you to change, you will still be appealing to them despite not calling or texting back. Some guys may view it differently.

When most men feel like they are being ignored, their ego gets bruised. They will love to protect their ego by having no reason to continue exchanging communication until you match their energy and start texting in return as they do.

When you are not texting back, it means to him you are not interested in him or another guy has drifted your attention.

The more you ignore a guy, the more his interest in you diminishes, and he may, in the end, withdraw the connection and whatever affection he has for you.

We all crave acceptance with consistent communication. His communication skills will fade away in no time if you keep snubbing him. Never believe that ignoring his text is a litmus test for appraising a guy’s commitment or true intentions towards you.

If you’re not replicating his effort, be ready to lose him. If you’ve been drifted away either by work, family issues or the hurdle of life drama, genuinely explain to the best of your understanding, that is, if you care about him.

But if you feel you can no longer cope, it’s advisable you calmly break up with him if you are in a relationship rather than displaying an immature act of snubbing his text.

However, if you are getting off track of what your relationship is supposed to be, you can make changes to correct the wrong, make him love you again, and make him want more of you with these tips.

How to make him want more of you

There is no hard rule on what makes a guy want more of you. Just make him feel good and convenient around you. He will thirst to have you, and you’ll be a rare gem he adores now and then.

Reciprocity is the building block for a happy relationship.

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A guy who cares for you at first will withdraw in no time if you’re not doing the same in return. In essence, to make him want more of you, be duly ready to give energy in building the relationship by being more committed and showing the readiness to be there for him.

Be ready to start doing all of these for your relationship to have the fantastic joy it deserves

1. Don’t always be available

It takes a matter of time before he gets tired of the lovey-dovey situation, and his clinginess will reduce if you’re always too available for him.

Too much familiarity breeds contempt and boredom. Be ready to show him you have your own life and passion to pursue outside the relationship confined.

I understand you love him and can’t wait to reply to his texts or hear his voice. But wait and relax, don’t let him see you have been too clingy. One way he can miss you is not to be too available for him.

2. Spend quality time with him

While you’re not always around him, make sure the little time you spend together or over chat and texts is worth it.

Let each of your replies be worth a memory for him. Craft your chat or talk so beautifully that he would want to hear more of it but won’t be chanced to get it all the time.

In essence, let him crave your presence.

3. Compliment his efforts

We all want our efforts to be appreciated and complimented all time. It gives satisfaction and the urge for one to improve and do more.

No doubt, complimenting your guy on every effort he made to build the relationship will surely make him want you more. Let him know that his effort means a lot to you and you appreciate every bit of it.

4. Look and smell good always

Men are naturally visual. You must work on making a good appearance to want a man to chase you irresistibly.

Have a nice wardrobe occupied with beautiful dresses. Sense of dressing matters too.

Putting on a good outfit sends a crucial impression to men that you have self-worth and self-confidence. Lovely wear communicates volumes of your self-value to men.

5. Be cautious when using social media

Social media is a free space to have fun and educate oneself. But its effect could be lethal if one is not careful about how to use it properly.

Don’t be two-faced. Be a duplicate of what he knows you for in reality on social media. Be cautious of your engagement on social media.

Be ready to entertain intelligent discussion and be mild in having fun. In essence, mirror your usual way of living on social media. Let him be proud of you offline and online.

6. Call old memories to his mind

Remember little things that have fizzled out in the early stage of your relationship. Reintroduce them into the relationship.

He must have forgotten the smile and tears you’ve shared. Always remind him at intervals if you want to make him want you more.

Tapping into the memories can trigger instant cravings and affect positive physical reactions.

Also, don’t be boring; always try to make memories by attending a series of events together and having some memorable moments.

Document and try as much as you can to take cute pictures together at present so that you can look back on them in the future and feel the rush of emotion again.

7. Be prepared to make changes

Change is inevitable for humans. Our struggles and activities determine which growth we adapt to, either positive or negative.

To make a man want you more, you have to improve and continually overhaul your poor activities or not doing right enough.

Let him see positive growth in each of your activities. Always have a listening ear to his correction that can make you a better version of yourself.

Also, be concerned about his growth either. Let him have the feeling that you are after his success.

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