Questions To Ask Your Crush To Get To Know Him

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Questions to Ask Your Crush to Get to Know Him

There is always a guy you feel attracted to, that single guy that makes you smile for no reason. You feel happy just being around him, but funny enough, most times; you don’t get to be with him.

You either keep observing him from a distance or be friends with him.

Watching him, you feel emotionally connected to him, and the distance can be suffocating. It feels as though each time you get one step closer to him, it takes you miles further away from him.

When you are at the friendship level with your crush, there are questions to ask your crush to get to know him you need to consider and learn.

I remember vividly when I had a crush on a guy back in school days; I would always report each event about him to my dairy, yea! A cute looking dairy of mine. Writing about him gave me so much joy, and it was my escape route to not wallow in my dreamland world.

However, I did not ever get the chance to know him better or tell him that I was an admirer from afar. It is better to walk up to your crush and start a conversation than to live in an illusion world of uncertainty.

Despite how difficult it might seem to you to kick start a conversation or make a move on your crush, it is of paramount importance that when you finally do, you ask the right questions, all in a bid to get to understand him better.

Here are questions to ask your crush to get to know him.

1. You look like a foreigner. I can only imagine where exactly you are from.

You ask this when you want to know what state or country he is from.

Naturally, we hear tales about different states, most of which aren’t right, while some are. So, when you get his response, you can tease him with one or two things you must have heard about the state he hails from.

2. You are about the first person I know from there! What is (insert his state name) like?

This query goes hand in glove with the first question. It tests his knowledge about his place of baring, his culture, and his heritage. You will get to know just how much he knows about his people.

3. So, how often do you visit home? I bet with how interesting you speak of it, you would always want to be around home.

I am relating most of the questions together because you don’t want your crush to think he is on a detective interrogation session. It would be best if you found what to talk about from his previous response; that way, he would know that you are fascinated by him.

4. You sound like you are a family guy, someone who believes in friendship, and that is nice, but what do you think about your partner having a male best friend? Is it a dealbreaker for you?

This question has been a trendy one that doesn’t want to go away. Having a best friend of the opposite sex and his response would tell you how to handle his fears if you guys start dating in the future. It also opens him up for you to know if he is an insecure person or not.

5. Does that also mean you believe your partner in an emotional relationship should come from your circle of friends or not?

Believe it or not, this question will tell you if you will have to take things slow with him and be friends before allowing the relationship stage to set in.

Some ladies ask this question out of the blue without relating it to anything, and if you do that, it makes him edgy. He gets the idea that this lady might want a relationship with me, and the idea isn’t to come off as desperate or pushy, which can be a dealbreaker for him.

6. You speak so well. Which school did you graduate from?

Some people might have a rough schooling experience, not that it should be a problem, but it is good that you know.

7. Wow! You are a fast thinker, the company you work with is blessed to have you, and that is if your sophisticated self isn’t the boss.

This statement would get him laughing and smiling for a while. You just dusted his ego, and it would make him feel good and prompt him to tell you where he works or which business he’s into.

8. What scares you the most?

Your crush isn’t perfect, and knowing that subtle part of him is one step to understanding him better.

9. If I kiss you, would it upset you? (laugh, then ask) what is the swiftest way to get you angry?

While he’s still trying to enfold his head around your first question, you ask the next. This way, you are giving him the idea that you are interested in him but still would love to know him first. 

His response to this question would tell you if he is quick to anger or not.

10. What are your favorite sports?

Men love sports, and if it’s not soccer, it has to be something else. Sports events interest them, so if you are interested in knowing what sport he likes, he would be glad cause it shows you care.

11. If you see a young girl who is about to have an abortion and you have the chance to talk to her, what would you say?

This is a sensitive question that tells you how compassionate he can be. It can be a subject matter of discussion for you both. You can rub opinions with him, twist and turn the response you throw his way so you get to see how competitive he can be when he is gruelling to prove a point.

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Questions to ask to see if he likes you

There are moments when you are the only pillar holding a conversation. The conversation might be one-sided, as though you are the only one genuinely interested in the conversation.

There are questions that you can ask him though, that show you if he is also interested in you. His response to these questions would tell you if you would have to move on quicker than you imagined or not.

It’s a pleasant feeling when you find out that your crush is also interested in you, that he finds you attractive or even likes you, and the below questions would tell you if he likes you.

1. I hope I am not disturbing you by calling/ chatting/ or hanging out with you.

What a way to set him up. If he says no, you are not disturbing him. Know that he likes you and enjoys spending quality time with you, no matter how little.

 But if he says that he has something to do, it could mean he doesn’t feel the same way. (timing matters too).

2. What is the funniest / strangest thing that someone has confessed to you?

Not everyone feels comfortable talking about what other people have confided in them about, so if he tells you this, that could indicate that he likes you.

3. Would you want to do this again some other time?

You would ask this when you both hang out, and you want to see if he would want to hang out with you again. 

I bet that a guy who is into you would want to hang out with you over again, even if the previous date wasn’t a good one.

4. I Just wanted to say hi; I bet you are working.

When you say this, typically the next thing is for you to say bye, and end the chat or call, but if he says something like “Yeah, I am, but not busy though,” girl, he likes you enough to make out time for you even though he is busy.

5. I won’t compliment you before your girlfriend reads our chats and gets jealous.

This is a unique line to know if he is off the market. When he assures you that he does not have a girlfriend, then be rest assured he fancies you.

6. I saw a beautiful girl today while we were having lunch; did you see her too?

If he goes all out and says no, I didn’t – you are all the beauty I need, then he likes you. You find out here that he is guiding your emotions and the extent to which he goes to do so should tell you if he is attracted to you or not.

 He should be willing to channel so much energy into making you know how beautiful you are and to make you feel good if he likes you.

7. If I call you by a pet name, would you indulge it?

If he tells you he would love to hear the pet name or doesn’t mind or that you shouldn’t give him an outrageous title, he does fancy you.

 As long as he doesn’t feel like – why would you want to give me a pet name in the first place, or say no, or ask why? Then he likes you.

8. I had an awful day, and I want to get my mind off it, can we hang out?

When you ask him this, and he says, sure, that he doesn’t mind hanging out with you, it is also an indication that he likes you.

 Men would always try to make the girl they are interested in happy and comfortable around them. He knows that when you feel comfortable around him, he is one step closer to your heart, and he will try to ensure that you are happy for the rest of the day.

9. Please, can you call me now?

A guy who likes you would want to know why you asked that he call you immediately. He probably sees it as strange and wants to be sure that you are safe and okay.

Not minding the cost, he would want to know what is up with you and how he can be of assistance to resolve any issue.

10. Want to come over later?

Men know what they want, so he would not bother himself with giving you positive feedback if he is not interested in you.

Crushing on someone can be daunting, and not knowing if they feel the same way is even tougher on your feelings.

Some people crush on someone for years without getting to even talk to them.

As much as it is challenging to walk up to your crush, get his number, and chat or call him up later, I hope the above questions will help you sustain your conversation with him when you finally get to talk with him.

It’s very crucial to get to know your crush one on one and not from a distance, talking to him is also a way to be sure of what you feel for him.

Be sure you try asking the above questions, and do not forget to give us your feedback on the article.

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