7 Helpful Signs The Relationship Is Over For Him

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signs the relationship is over for him

When relationships start failing, men and women react differently to break up. While women may be overt in their display of emotions for their relationship state, men are most likely to be covert in their show of emotion in cases of an ending relationship.

Identifying when a woman is fading up with her partner is quite straightforward because you begin to see the withdrawal signs crystal clear. But for men, it’s somehow the opposite without any helpful signs the relationship is over for him.

Most men have a culture of breaking up unannounced without any signs, keeping their partner in shock as to why they didn’t notice the signs. The truth is, those signs were there, but you couldn’t see them.

This post will show you those actions that signal your man may be heading for the exit door in your relationship.

Signs the Relationship is Over for Him

1. Commitment levels begin to drop

You started your relationship with Mr. Nice, being all out and into you. But at some point, you begin to notice a drop in your man’s energy, in his commitment to the relationship. His enthusiasm begins to drop, and there is no near explanation for it.

Most times, when relationships start to crash, there is always a drop in the commitment level of one of the partners. But this is mistaken for mood swings.

Mood swings don’t last weeks!

When you notice a decline in your man’s commitment energy, this is a big sign that he may soon call it to quit with you.

2. Quarrels Begin to Last Longer

Everyone in a relationship knows the life span of “dips” in their relationship (whether it takes days or weeks to get to the same page). When quarrels begin to outlive their average life span, then there is a problem.

Your man may be elongating those issues to have a perfect reason to end it with you. Knowing when the problems have gone beyond the normal is very important.

It helps you know when to bury your ego and sort things out or stay ignorant of this and have the relationship you’ve worked for crash like an avalanche.

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3. Increased Sadness and Exhaustion

Your man couldn’t wait to come home to you. He was always happy going out on a date with you. He Loved to have those romantic and intimate discussions with you until lately.

He begins to get bored with your conversations. You’ve tried changing the debate to revive his interest, but it isn’t working. You’ve been attempting new date venues, and he still is not satisfied.

You always get the “stop nagging” comment whenever you try to make a point clear for him. Sorry, but your relationship could be hitting the rocks shortly!

Unlike women, who tend to voice their sad moments and exhaustion whenever they feel the need to, men do the opposite of this in relationships. You only see them unhappy and exhausted but may never hear them say so.

When it gets to this breaking point, you need to have a conversation to sort things out.

4. Making Concrete Plans in Anticipation for a Separation

When your man starts to talk about “growing up and being independent” always in your relationship, he is heading somewhere. And most times, men check out of the relationship when they sound this way.

The regular phrase ‘I want to be independent’ talks are to free your mind and make you begin to live your life like he is not there because he won’t be there soon.

Please don’t get me wrong. Your man is working hard not to be dependent or a burden to anyone, but relationships are all about growth. You choose to date him because you want to grow with him. You love to save and buy a house together, which has been the plan all along.

But when he starts exhibiting and laying emphasis on being independent alone and excluding you from the initial idea you both had of growing together, he has exempted you from his future.

When men want to call it to quit, they prepare you in advance. Be attentive to his utterances. He may echo out some words which are signs the relationship is getting over for him.

5. Sex Becomes “Mechanical” Instead of Intimate

You’ve always made love with your man but can’t tell what went off in recent times. He only wants to reach his peak of satisfaction and doesn’t care about foreplay or the patience to stimulate you to orgasm.

Being intimate and cuddling helps to bond partners in a relationship and can be a sign of love and commitment. There is a burning passion for both parties. Everyone may not get an orgasm in every session, but everyone receives a passion flow from the act, which makes it unique for you.

When these stops, it is a sign that a partner is dropping in their commitment levels. And when commitment levels drop, he is likely heading for the exit door.

Your sex life with your partner is a sign that things may be hitting the rocks soon.

6. Your Past Begins to Be Mentioned Frequently

Maybe you cheated in the past and were forgiven, or you did some nasty things in the past, and those deeds were resolved. But when he consistently brings those things up at the slightest provocation, it may be a sign the relationship is getting over for him.

Psychologically, humans make emotional decisions but justify it with logic. Sometimes, your past is the only logical explanation he can give for the emotional decision he is about to make.

When you hear your man coming up with what happened between you in the past, he has a game plan, which includes leaving.

7. He ignores you in Personal Conversations

Nothing about you wants to be discussed. Stirring up topics that concern you will elongate the conversation, so he wants to boycott the conversation and have his personal space.

Your relationship is about two humans and not all about work, movies, or politics. When conversations in the relationship cease being about the parties in it but about things that matter less to the parties in the relationship, then there is an end of that relationship in view.

If any of these signs resonate fairly with you, it’s a sign that your relationship may soon hit the rocks.

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