Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Mean To Me

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why is my pregnant wife so mean to me

Many of what happens to women during pregnancy are beyond their control. From hormonal change to irritation that constantly leads to mood swings and irrationality.

Extreme emotional responses cause hormone change during pregnancy.

Hormones tend to fluctuate as the expectant mum’s body enters the first trimester, and the body starts to change to support the new growing life in her fetus.

These weird changes lead to mood swings and make her exhibit unusual, irrational behavior that can make you feel frustrated and tired of coping with her.

Her behavior may leave you wondering whether she is unnecessarily letting you feel her pain or using pregnancy to show her true cruelty.

Why is my pregnant wife so mean to me

Just as you are the first-hand sharer of her joy and happiness, she deems it fit to exhibit such behavior so you can understand her pain and help seek relief in whatever way possible.

She is mean to you because you are the only one who can bear her weirdness, not friends, not family. She can’t take the burden of undergoing backache, tiresome, heaviness, headache, and vomiting alone while seeing you experiencing nothing.

She will feel it is unfair; after all, you both have a claim to the baby. In essence, she wants you to feel her pains.

It is a norm for your wife to be so mean to you during pregnancy.

You are expected to give a listening ear and do your best to grant each of her requests except the one that will jeopardize her health and that of the baby.

During the overall three trimesters of her pregnancy, she needed your attention more than ever.

There are unique ways of taking care of an expectant mother. The following are careful ways of handling the transgression of your wife and ensuring her safe delivery.

How a husband should treat his wife when she is pregnant

There are few life-changing events as welcoming a new child into your family. As thrilling as it is, the transitions and stress of the unknown can also cause tensions to run high and make you feel tired of everything.

As a man, remember that carrying a baby isn’t an easy task, so don’t judge her because of her penny-pinching.

She is passing through severe discomfort you can only imagine but won’t go through. The only way to show your concern for her is to plan several special care for her and make sure you follow them religiously without complaint.

1. Be patient and listen to her always

Be expecting to treat your new pregnant wife like a toddler who needs to ask about everything.

The truth is, this is the time your patience will be tested and it is up to you to stand the test of it.

Only a patient man can handle a pregnant woman. Never take her weirdness or anything she said at some specific time personally. Human beings naturally can say anything unbefitting at the time of pain.

Be mindful that irritation and mood swings live with a pregnant woman. What is normal to her might change at the time she is carrying a baby for you.

Her sense of taste and smell this time may differ from what she used to be. She may snap at you on any slight issue. Be highly patient in handling her.

Also, your attention is most needed by your woman when she is pregnant. Listen to her and give her attention as much as you can.

This would help her through the painful journey of giving birth.

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2. Read books about the pregnancy period

One thing about pregnancy is that the period doesn’t work the same way for all women. The experience may differ for all women.

The first experience may vary from the second. As the closest person to her, you need to strive to know what she is going through and plan for her.

Educate yourself about different aspects and phases of pregnancy as well as delivery experiences. You can do this through the reading of related books and blogs on caring for pregnant mothers.

You need to be aware of some essential things that your wife needs or must avoid during pregnancy.

Learn about her possible food habits, befitting dress to wear, fitness exercises to do and a lot more that can aid you to make an informed decision.

3. Mental support

Another important aspect of mental support is assisting her in being optimistic about the changes she is experiencing now and in the future.

Motherhood is a significant step in her development as a person, and as excited as she is, she’s undoubtedly wondering if she’s ready.

Tell her how inspiring it is to watch her develop in this new role.

Congratulate her on her maternal glow. Remind her that she is strong and don’t stop telling her how adorable she is with her protuberant tummy.

4. Accompany her to see the doctor for anti-natal

With your work and other vital schedules, it may be uneasy for you to accompany her to see the doctor; the work excuse should not be made on a regular basis. Make sure you accompany her to see the doctor sometimes.

There are specific instructions the doctor may want to pass to you personally as the closest person to her.

Be there when she has her first scan of the baby to see how the baby is growing in the womb. All these would form a great memory for you to look back on later in the future.

5. Be more helpful in home chores

There isn’t a better approach to assist your pregnant wife than to aid her with some home tasks.

When a woman is pregnant, her hormonal frustration is at its peak. Leaving her to handle the household duties alone would only add to her frustration.

Besides, assisting with the tasks would relieve some of her responsibilities and would make her less stressed. Over-stressing during the pregnancy period is not advisable.

Learn to be a good cook and help her in the kitchen often. She will appreciate it if you will lighten up her task and make her less stressed.

You can handle other seemingly difficult chores to aid her in having enough time to relax.

6. Place her on requisite dietary and engage her in regular light exercise

As a responsible husband, you have the duty of making sure she is getting enough nutritious food to eat at the right time.

Remember, she now eats for two; the baby has to eat through the placenta. Hence she may consume more than usual.

Besides, pregnant women do have weird cravings for some special meals at the interval. Except such food will jeopardize her health, do well to satisfy her desires.

Also, regular body exercise is sacrosanct for pregnant women. The prescribed workouts used to be easy ones.

Following the workout is crucial to her health during pregnancy and eases the delivery process.

There are times she may feel unmotivated to do the exercise; it becomes your duty as the husband to help and motivate her to exercise.

Helping her during exercises is a good way of showing you care about her health.

7. Converse and plan with her

It is exciting to await your child’s birth. As a responsible husband, you must communicate the excitement and eagerness you have to receive the baby.

Also, make a plan together with your wife and discuss salient things about the post-birth of the baby, how you want her nurtured, the necessary maternity package for delivery and post-birth stuff and a befitting name for the baby, among others.

All this can be achieved only through open communication.

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