How To Tell If A Girl Has Slept With A Lot Of Guys

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how to tell if a girl has slept with a lot of guys

Learning about your girlfriend’s past is significant to starting a new relationship. However, some guys might not consider it because they are not ready to be judgmental and aim to leave the past for the past, irrespective.

But if you are the type of guy who needs to know what your girlfriend’s life has been up to in the past, this article is ready to take you through the signs of knowing how to tell if a girl has slept with a lot of guys.

Here’s the thing, cheating partners are usually cunning, and many of them are pretty adept at hiding their traces while sleeping with someone outside their relationship.

It is hard to decipher a cheating partner or one that has indiscreetly done so in the past except for the one that opens up to you.

But if you could be extra attentive and look out for some signs, you might be able to figure out if she has been sleeping with lots of guys or not before you met her.

Quickly, these are the signs to devise a promiscuous girl or how to tell if a girl has slept with a lot of guys without her opening up to you.

How to tell if a girl has slept with a lot of guys

1. She is extremely good in bed

Though not a conclusive way of knowing a promiscuous girl, there are romance books and videos anyone can pick up to learn about heightening a sexual fantasy and excelling in bed.

But a girl who has slept with many people in the past tends to ignite some curious question of “Has she tried so many of these before? Why is she so good?” especially if it is the first time having sex with her.

She takes charge and does all the job during intimacy. She gives in perfectly as you do watch in movies and ticks all your fantasies.

She starts with a cuddle, a deep romantic kiss and finally, sex with many sexual positions you’ve never experienced nor seen.

2. She doesn’t shy away from sex-related topics

She contributes more when the discussion is sex-related and handles such topics with great confidence.

Girls hardly talk dirty around guys, but if she is very good at sex, she will unknowingly explore such a topic well.

Also, girls acquainted with sex have deep knowledge of birth control and contraceptives. She understands the best way of treating themselves against STDs without bothering their new partner about what to do.

They even educate their man on sexual purity and offer them protective equipment like condoms whenever sex might want to occur.

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3. She expects too much from her partner

Due to her experience, a woman who has slept with many guys can quickly assess the extent of the potency of her new boyfriend.

They complain about your sexual abilities and quickly call it to quit when you don’t satisfy their fantasies.

It shows they have copulated with different sets of guys and wish to explore those past moments again.

They may not communicate it to you openly, but that can be guessed through their body language or texts.

4. She is super secretive

The guilt about her past life may push her to be secretive. If she has slept with many guys, she may ignore discussions centered around her past life or a particular event.

She would be secretive if she learned that you have an aversion for women with many body counts.

She can try hard to distance you from those that she knows can easily reveal her past to you.

Is she reluctant to introduce you to her best friend you’ve seen their cute picture together. Is she still lying about some of her friends you’ve been disturbing her to meet?

She thinks if you have a personal relationship with her close relative or friend, her indiscreet past may be revealed and end the new relationship she is trying hard to grow with you.

Also, it is a good sign she has an indecent past if she doesn’t allow you into her phone or diary. If she always prioritizes her privacy, she might still communicate with those men she used to have fun with.

5. She is highly insecure

Does she nag about you having female friends and always want to know your whereabouts?

Does she burden you with many questions about the new girl you just took a picture with?

Though it is natural for her to be jealous, especially in a relationship, a girl with bitter experiences with guys in the past will overplay the jealousy.

She has garnered many experiences hence the reason for her insecurity.

And it is an apparent reason that a lady who has dated many guys must have been laid by most, if not all the men.

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6. You have heard too many hearsays about her

It is unhealthy for partners to listen to gossip from friends and acquaintances about their relationship life.

But as a guy who wants to know his girlfriend’s past life, the remarks from the people who knew her are instrumental in arriving at a logical answer.

Not all hearsay or side talk about a person is always untrue. Listen to them, but don’t rely on any information until thorough findings are made and the truth is excerpted.

However, the ugly hearsay about your girlfriend’s past may be the truth, especially if told by someone you know to be of high integrity.

7. She knows many guys

Though it is not a sign of promiscuity to know many people and build connections, it is a way of networking. But it becomes evident that those she knows and talks about always are the wayward and flirtatious type of guys.

She might have had affairs with them in the past if she kept talking about them and defended their flirty behavior at any interval.

It is a good sign if her social media is filled with the acclaimed guys she called ordinary friends.

And for her to be clingy to those guys means they have shared some memories in which sex may not be an exception, considering their level of irresponsibility.

8. She opens up to you

The principal way to tell if a girl has slept with many guys is if she opens up to you about it and tells you everything you are curious to know.

Be mindful that you can’t get it on outright confrontation unless you assure her the relationship will pose no threat if she is ready to clear your doubt and purge everything you want to hear.

She will deny it if your face is filled with anger and curiosity.

In conclusion, don’t be judgmental of her past. We have all explored the world and fed our fantasies at a particular time in life.

But if you are the type that can’t deal with a girl who has slept with lots of guys, find a gentle way to call off the relationship and save each other the stress of emotional blackmail.

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