Words To Make Her Fall In Love with You

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Words to Make Her Fall in Love with You

Relationships exist for the sake of companionship. And it’s built on understanding, trust, and love. It feeds off desire, and it is attracted to places where love lives.

Happiness becomes a norm when you find that particular person that you can trust, understand, and love. However, whoever you find would want to know just how much they mean to you.

Making the girl you love feel special is your responsibility; finding the right words to make her fall in love with you is an unavoidable stage of your friendship. She needs to know that you care and love her not only by your actions but by your words.

You can put those unique words into writing and pour out your heart to her, trust me, she longs to hear all about your feelings for her just as a fat kid longs for more cake.

Making your girl happy should be one of your priorities, and below are the perfect words to make her fall in love with you again and again.

These messages were composed for her to make her understand how valuable she is in your life and how she has become a priority in your world.

Writing her any of these words is sure to get her smiling all day in joy. She would trust you more when she knows that she means this much to you.

The right words to make her fall in love with you

words to make her fall in love with you

1. Seeing you in that robe only makes me want to eat you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have fallen helplessly and desperately in love with you and all I see is you.

2. You are the beam people see in my eyes. I don’t mind yelling out your name all day. You are my dream girl.

3. My sunshine and eternal kindness, I can’t wait to grab your face in my hands, kiss your lips and say – I love you. See you soon.

4. The first thing I will do each time you wake up is to cover your face with kisses; please be my girl.

5. You are all shades of beauty, my special gorgeous cake. Every single time I talk to you, there is always something new for me to take home. The world is aching to see your greatness, and I am glad to be a part of that future.

6. I can decide to close my eyes right now and still find the door to your heart because I have conditioned myself to love you alone all day long. To know you more each day more than the last. To be on the look and learn something new about you.

7. You have become my addiction, my best dream, and a bright future.

8. Baby! How have you been? I know this question will come as a shock to you since we saw this morning, but I ask because I care to ‘really’ know all about you.

7. Hey Hun! I will be ordering your favorite dish this evening, and just after we eat, I would love to sit beside you, look into your eyes, and lend you my ears. My focus would be on you as you tell me all about your day.

8. Hello beautiful! Clear your schedule for tomorrow. I have something marvelous planned for us both throughout the day. All I want to do is make you happy.

9. Every time I see you, I turn into a child. Eager to love you again after a fight, to have you hold me even though you made me cry, only to eat the meal you prepared and visit places with you.

10. It is so sweet of you to put me first in all your decisions, think of me, and seek my opinion in all your endeavors, but honey, I fell in love with you first before this, also takes time to make yourself happy with what you do.

11. You make me happy every single time, making me smile from chin to chin.

12. I took a break from work to see a movie, and it just happened to have a romantic scene at the end that swept the thought of you to my head. I miss you.

13. People asked me why I was single so much that It sank in, and I almost gave up on love, but then, you walked into my life, and I must say it was worth the wait.

14. My darling, I crave your presence every day; you are my desire.

15. I hope to make you smile each day more than the previous day.

16. Will love to let you know that the thoughts of you occupy my mind. I am seriously trying so hard to fit other things in, and it’s not working.

17. My colleague at work asked me today why I was always glancing at my wristwatch, and it is because I am counting down the hours when I get to see and kiss you.

18. I am blessed to have you in my life. You are lovely and amazing.

19. Do you know that you are incredibly and insanely beautiful? Well! You are, and I love you.

20. Your body means so much to me. I want to taste your body and all it entails, but your heart means more to me than your body; that is why I want to take things slow with you.

21. Growing up, I was tutored to listen to ladies as they talk, to give them all the attention. But with you, that rule means much more. I love that you are always willing to make me speak to you as you listen. It makes me feel special. Thank you.

22. Why do you love texting me when I am beside you? You gave me a reason to smile though. Can I kiss you now?

23. I want all the walls to be made of mirrors, mirrors with your image so I can look at you from all angles.

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24. Hey! I enjoyed last night with you; it was terrific. I wonder how it would be with you in real life; dreams do come true, right?

25. I do not fancy sex, but you make it beautiful; now I look forward to being intimate with you.

26. Dream of me as you lay your head on my arms to rest.

27. Goodnight, darling let’s continue in our dreams.

28. When I wake up, I always think of you when I have breakfast, when I go to work, when I talk to my boss, when I take a break, when I go to the bathroom and more. You are my everything.

You might think the above text is much, wait till you read the ones I have in stock below for you. Send any of this to her, and she will feel special.

Words to make her feel special

1. My darling, how are you doing? Text me with all the details.

2. Hey baby! Hope you tuned in and listened? Well, if you didn’t, you still can because my heart beats every second for you.

3. So, about me taking you out for dinner. I hope we are still making that happen because I look forward to seeing you.

4. I sent you my heart; I hope you received it. I hope this made you smile. Love you girl

5. I had a bad day, but the thought of seeing you later tonight makes me happy. See you soon.

6. My heart aches at the thought of ever making you sad. I will always love you to the moon and back.

7. I want to stand by you to help you fix you and help you build yourself. You are mine forever.

8. Your voice is fantastic to listen to. I can hear it all day and not get tired. Your voice turns me on and makes me dare things. Thinking about your voice is already making me bite my bottom lip.

9. I was waiting to hear your voice from behind me as I stood to wait for you in the coffee shop; you stood me up; you will have to make up for it by singing me to sleep tonight (winks).

10. I have been at home all day, bored and alone, but this evening I’m happy and making dinner because you are coming around. See you soon.

11. Even if I experienced a bad day, I know I will be okay because I have got you.

12. Thank you for always checking up on me. For every how are you and what are you up to. I love you.

13. Hey stranger, do you accept visitors at your place? I would love to visit you one of these days, probably the weekend and I’d be coming with my heart if that’s ok with you.

14. Hi babe, I know your day isn’t moving fine. I would love to come over and make you feel better. To do the things you love, to give you a massage and to feed you pie from my mouth. (cheer up)

15. You make me feel like a celebrity. You are special to my heart.

16. Everything I have found out about you over time is awkwardly beautiful. I want more of you.

17. What do you want, babe? Just tell me—anything for the girl that brings so much light to my world.

18. I want your juices in my mouth to determine how sweet my tongue would taste all day.

19. You look stunning babe, like so remarkable that all the girls at the party would be jealous.

18. Your dreamy eyes are so beautiful, and your smile is cute and endearing. I love you.

20. All my fantasies of what love is, came to life when I met you.

21. I am letting go of everything that might bother me, and you are not on that list. I love you so much.

22. My gallery is full because of you babe; why do you keep taking awesome pictures? I can not even find one lousy photo of you. How did you become so amazing?

23. You always look hot, sexy, sleek, and beautiful. You are more than everything I want in a woman and more.

24. I want to eat your meals, sleep, and wake up to your morning breath.

25. I can only keep my focus on you. I am crazy about you.

26. I like you (insert her name), and I know things can’t be rushed, but my heartbeat is going way faster than I can imagine. Please be mine.

Pick out a perfect one that best suits who she is to you, modify it, and send it off to her. She will always appreciate you for the sweet words.

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