Signs She Cheated And Feels Guilty For Hurting You

signs she cheated and feels guilty
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According to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 54% of women overall admit to committing infidelity in one or more of their relationships. In comparison, 14% of married women admit to having an affair at least once during their marriages.

Women have, over time, mastered the art of covering up their infidelity entirely. Most men live with a woman all their life and are not aware their partner is cheating or have cheated on them.

The majority of women get emotional after cheating, leaving traces of infidelity signs all over the place. Signs she cheated and feels guilty kind of look.

According to The Cut, most women have admitted that cheating is something a woman takes with her to the grave and strenuous for her significant other to find trails of evidence leading back to her infidelity.

When a lady starts to cheat on someone she truly loves, there is always a feeling of inner guilt that accompanies their act. This feeling begins to fade after a few days.

She may begin to justify her action in different ways, making their infidelity urge to grow. In this case, the feeling of guilt she felt had no negative impact on her and has faded away with time.

And to justify what they’ve done, they begin to act in ways that are very subtle and suspicious.

Most times, her significant other may be ignorant of her new behaviour and brushed it off in the thought of having the best time of their lives.

She might have cheated but felt remorse for her action, which is always challenging to find out, but I will let you know the signs to look out for if you suspected her of cheating.

Signs she cheated and feels guilty For Hurting You.

1. Being too Loving all of a Sudden

When your suspicious partner begins to be too loving unexplainably, then something might be wrong. In relationships, you can’t give what you don’t have.

Regular conversation and a little disagreement sometimes serve as a bonding force and increase the love and affection of a relationship.

But when a lady begins to shower you with lovely gestures out of the blues, She may be feeling guilty and wants to justify her actions.

When she starts avoiding the things that get you upset, which she can’t stand in the past, she may have a reason for that.

She may even encourage you to hang out with your friends, party more, and take time off without her. She knows what she has done, and she’s looking for little ways to make you have your way.

2. Been nervous and agitated

Been nervous and agitated always are straightforward signs to spot, especially when she has no reason to be.

When she becomes impatient with you. She can’t wait for you to leave her house with much anxiety with the thought of you finding traces of her infidelity. When she is always eager to end conversations and unease during your discussions.

This haste she puts up when you visit unexpectedly like you always do can be a sign she is trying to cover up her mess and feels guilty for it.

Women don’t just wake up and feel restless with their men, especially when they have developed a close and bonding relationship with you. Impatience is a sign that she is avoiding you and wants to get away quickly.

Stuttering can also be a sign of nervousness. When she starts acting in this manner, something is wrong, and you need to find out. (Goodluck to that)

3. Long and Boring Stories

Whenever a woman returns from her infidelity adventures, they always have this long and rehearsed story.

Their long boring stories make a lot of sense to them, but those stories are filled with unnecessary details to stop you from finding how their day went.

Don’t get me wrong; women are vocal creatures (at least most of them). But when she has a story after ignoring your calls repeatedly, it may be a warning sign. Even men put this up to avoid being caught. It’s a common sign of a cheating partner.

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4. She Stops Complaining

You have a particular habit that turns her off and makes her complain. But right now, you do the same thing repeatedly, and she didn’t react to it. She’s currently avoiding an uproar that might make her speak out of tune.

When people cheat, they stop complaining to make their partners feel safe and not be curious about their daily endeavors.

An unexpected change in behavior should always be suspicious.

Women are vocal. And to them, its a way of marking their territory. When they stop being vocal, then someone or an event has taken their voice. It would be best if you make your investigations.

5. Fake Self Confidence

To justify the fact that she’s cheating on you, you may notice a sudden outburst of high self-esteem.

She always reminds you of how lucky you are to have a woman like her in your life and how many men are drooling to have what you take for granted, but she keeps it down just for you.

This can be her defense mechanism in trying to curb the inner guilt she feels for cheating on you.

6. She inspires you to Spend Time Without Her

Women love to mark territory when they are in love. She loves it when she has that freewill to check your phone, move around town with you, wear matching outfits, and introduce her to all your friends.

But when she put a halt to these gestures and encourages you to have more time for yourself, she needs her space to do her thing. That’s a sign that she may have cheated and felt guilty for hurting you.

7. Point out your Short Coming

When your girlfriend tries to make you look like the bad guy always in the relationship, this can be a sign—always pointing out your fault and flaws. She may be doing all that to gain a soft landing spot to blame you for your shortcomings, which made her cheat on you.

8. She tries to Distract You.

When your girlfriend or wife starts to give you that extra attention or buy you gifts(which she has never attempted to do), she is not trying to be helpful. Instead, she is trying to wash off the scent of her infidelity.

Most times, all of this is to distract you and make you less suspicious of her. If you have been asking a lot of questions or pointing out shady behaviors, do not be surprised when she sticks her neck out to distract you with extra attention and even buy gifts.

9. She hates infidelity stories.

Now, this is one of those signs she cheated and feels guilty for her actions. People always ignore infidelity stories and frown on small talks when they serve as a case study to a lookalike scenario.

When she feels uneasy or ignores small talk about infidelity, she fights a pang of inner guilt that keeps pitching her infidelity nature, which will make her feel uncomfortable. It may be a tv series or a movie. But when such stories are brought up to her hearings, she feels tense.

10. She feels sad and breakdown all the time.

Women get emotional when they remember events that put them off balance. A situation when she gets sad or breakdown all the time shows she’s troubled.

The reason for her sudden emotional behavior maybe she can’t handle the stigma or inner guilt anymore, which may start to manifest on her facial nature and unexplained mood swings.

She may not be able to communicate helpfully to you, the reason why she’s sad. But be surely shes troubled about any event that she regrets in the past.

She may try to hide her numerous escapades, for you not to find out and later feel guilty of hurting you by her actions, but always be on the lookout for unusual signs.

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