How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating On You

signs of a cheating wife
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There is no one size to fits all when it comes to wife cheating signs. Personalities vary so will sign of a cheating wife. 

Over the years, you will agree with me that infidelity is a primary reason why marriages are hitting the rocks.

For another, the signs of a cheating wife might start from been secretive about phone calls. At the same time, it could be simple changes in the home management arrangement for some other persons.

When some of these signs done altogether, there is a high tendency your wife is cheating. 

Well, if you are here, I am sure you want to know how to tell your wife is cheating. Gentleman, you might as well take a sit while we discuss some of the signs of a cheating wife. 

When you see these signs, kindly don’t jump into the conclusion that your wife is cheating, ensure to do your diligent findings to be sure she is cheating.

How to tell your wife is cheating and signs to watch out for

1. The notable change in the bedroom life

Did you notice a difference in the bedroom life, does she respond differently when you guys are intimate now?

A drastic change in intimacy life is a big red flag, especially when you both regularly have it very good in the bedroom before.

  • Ever been in the steamy acts with her and she calls you another name in bed?
  • Has she stops initiating intimacy
  • Her intimate life is non-existence anymore which wasn’t that way before
  • Not excited about intimacy with you anymore
  • Stop conversation or clues that would generally lead to the bedroom
  • Treating you more like a roommate than partner now
  • Did she stop the use of endearing words to address you?
  • Unexplained late night at work
  • Shares less and less with you

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2. Lying and avoiding eye contact

If your wife is lying too often, especially about things that wouldn’t be a big deal to disclose when in a marriage. That’s is a big wife cheating sign right there.

A partner committed to you will typically not lie except they are trying to cover tracks of an act of theirs.

  • Lies about late working hours, just for you to find out there was none?
  • Avoids eye contact when asked vital details, especially about her day?
  • Lies about quite a couple of things you should generally know
  • Has she not been herself lately?
  • Suddenly starts questioning her faith when in fact she uses to be a staunch believer
  • She has been super secretive lately 
  • Not reassuring when it comes to cheating talks, she avoids cheating talks with you

3. Significant changes in the management of the home

Is there a planned out or agreed way of handling the affairs of the home before now? All of a sudden without prior discussion, things are changing around here without you been informed or involved.

Changes in home management could be signs of a cheating wife trying to cover her tracks for good.

  • She doesn’t want you to do the laundry anymore, this can be a big red flag. She might be trying to cover tracks of that expensive dinner date
  • Sudden interest in things you never knew she liked
  • She is seen with unexplained exotic gifts that weren’t given to her by you or someone you know, and she doesn’t seem to have any explanation about the gifts
  • New interests in home décor that you never knew she has an interest in

4. Keeping phone secrets 

One of the significant traits and signs of a cheating wife is when she is super secretive about her cellphone.

If your wife is cheating on you, be sure she would want to keep it secret. In keeping it confidential, her phone is the go-to hideout place for her.

  • She Keeps her phone-in silent and face down
  • Sneaky about picking phone calls
  • Caught her a few times whispering on call which is unlike her?
  • Fixated on her cell, more too often than she used to be
  • Starting to keep her phone out of your reach
  • She wants you to ask for her permission before touching her cell or get paranoid when you do.
  • Changes her cellphone passcode often

5. Social decline

Part of what to watch out for about signs of a cheating wife is a decline in social lifestyle with you.

Is she the social butterfly before? Does she love to show you off to the world? But recently, you can’t remember the last time she posts your picture on her social media account, even on your birthday?

A social decline that involves you out of the picture could mean she is trying to tell the world she is available and ready for taken or wants to make you less evident in her life.

  • She wants to attend functions and concerts alone now
  • Stop posting you on her social media
  • Got rid of posts of you on her social media without explanation 
  • Limit public events with you

6. Sudden Lifestyle change 

According to experts, it won’t be an unexpected lifestyle change when she makes a new year resolution to exercise more and get fit. Somewhere along the line, she takes an interest in fitness.

But for a cheating wife, if she’s out of the blues start taking an interest in gym, exercise, fitness regimen. She probably has a new person to impress.

Plus, does she previously care Little about appearance? And now putting in more effort in her appearance?

  • Suddenly takes an interest in a fitness regimen
  • Dress too cute more than often to work
  • Glows and shine happy when not around you or heading out
  • Interests in sudden habits that don’t involve you
  • Avoids specific restaurant
  • Does she suddenly wants to spend less time with you and your folks
  • Stop talks about the future with you
  • Want to spend more time apart 

7. Financial trouble or extravagant spending’s

Well, almost everyone has issues about finance in marriages. But you might want to be more vigilant when you notice a financial problem on her part, especially if it isn’t a usual occurrence with her.

Financial distress is big Signs of a cheating wife, she probably cutting some checks to spend time with her new-found lover.

  • Charges on credit cards, outrageous unexplained bank statements
  • Money issues between you two
  • Your wife stops planning for futuristic purchases(buying an apartment, vacation, etc.)

8. Changes in usage of technology

Is something not just adding up on her usage of technology recently. Kindly do your investigation correctly, especially when it is unlike her.

  • Fitness tracker shows her exercising at ungodly hours
  • Clears browser history on the computer at home
  • Stops using shared devices
  • Switched off cloud sharing

I would want to add this.

What might be considered as cheating signs in a marriage or relationship, the same thing might be something not to worry or raise an eyebrow about in another relationship.

I would advise you to be more open-minded and study your partner more so when things are off; you won’t take time not fixing or sorting them out.

Lastly, do your due investigation and kindly don’t accuse your wife of cheating on you when you don’t have evidence of such.

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