How To Prove You Didn’t Cheat On Your Girlfriend

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how to prove you didn't cheat on your girlfriend

You might have been caught up in an unexplained situation that may threaten your relationship, and you snapped. Now you are trying to figure out how to prove you didn’t cheat on your girlfriend.

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise! You don’t have to prove to your girlfriend that you’re not cheating. Why?

For someone to have accepted to love you, they must have had a high pedigree of trust in you. She has no reason to think you are cheating except she doesn’t trust you well enough.

And if she doesn’t trust you, a relationship has never existed between you both.

How to prove you didn’t cheat on your girlfriend

If you’re thinking of how to prove your loyalty to your girlfriend, do remember that unless you’ve sometimes in the past broken her trust like flirting with other ladies, lying to her about a female friend, or there’s a manipulation of fact, you have no reason to prove you are not cheating.

In essence, it is an affront to your integrity if you prove out of the ordinary; she should not put you in a position to do such.

However, a lady dealing with insecurity or judging by past experiences will have it hard to believe that not all men cheat.

Another reason she may think you’re cheating even if you are not may be due to unnecessary suspicion of ordinary things she is meant not to take seriously.

Also, a lady will still believe you are cheating if you’ve, in the past, broken her trust and even begged for forgiveness but still exhibited some clue of infidelity.

If you hang out or have long conversations with acclaimed female friends, she may think you’re cheating even if you’re not.

You only need the below measure if you are innocent of the accusation and don’t want the relationship broken simultaneously.

If you truly cheated on her, there is no better way to save the relationship than to admit it and deal with the consequences of your action.

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Below are careful ways of handling a girlfriend that thinks you cheated while you didn’t

1. Discover her insecurity

There must be a purpose why she is feeling insecure. Perhaps, she is an overthinker that imagines her world without you. She fears losing you to any other woman out there.

Or she is probably nursing the fear that nobody can or will genuinely love her. Also, past relationship experiences may contribute to her insecurity, or perhaps, you flirt too often with ladies around, claiming they are mere friends to you.

If you genuinely respect the love you share, it is your job to understand what is causing her insecurity and reassure her that you won’t disappoint her.

Although insecurity is an issue she should address on her term, someone who feels insecure always isn’t fitted for a romantic relationship until they manage whatever is causing them to act insecure.

But it would make a considerable difference to sit her down and let her be aware you are all for her in the relationship and follow your word with actions by trying your best to heal her insecurity in whatever way you can.

2. Always remind her who she means to you

A relationship should be built on trust, but constant reaffirmation is needed to ensure survival.

Even if you assume that she is supposed to be aware of how much she means to you, remind her constantly by word of mouth how she is the only one in the world you need.

Sometimes, reaffirming things that seem apparent significantly affects the recipient.

Directly tell her you love her. Tell her she has no reason to worry about you cheating because that’s something you don’t intend to do and how filthy Cheating is to you.

Be mean and direct, and let her read the sincere expression of your words to her.

3. Build trust with her

Trust is fundamental to every sort of relationship. What you say and the action you take, no matter how little, sum up to an extent your partner would trust you.

Don’t say one thing and act otherwise, even if it doesn’t concern the relationship. Lying to a colleague or family in her presence may signal that you can do the same to her when faced with a situation.

Be plain; she needs to gain your confidence and clear her mind of any doubt about you.

Trust to her means depending on each other, communicating, and looking out for each other, leveraging one’s strengths and defending one’s inadequacies.

4. Let her be aware of your routine

The more you are secretive, the more doubts occupy her mind about the relationship. The woman you are in a relationship with deserves to know about your daily activities.

Inform her about your movement, plan, and task you are up to; she will feel involved in your life. She will feel prioritized, and with time she will build strong trust and affectionate love in her heart.

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5. Be transparent

Though you are entitled to your privacy, your partner should respect that.

But when faced with distrust issues with your partner, you need to be less secretive and transparent enough until you prove that she is aware you are not cheating on her.

Allow her access to your phone or diary if they have no highly confidential content to your personal life or businesses, which you don’t want another prying eye to access.

Don’t make too much secretive conversation over the phone with someone she is unaware of. Transparency goes down to what she needs to know and not merely what she asks.

Be flexible, so she sees you are open to all questions and lets her be convenient enough to ask.

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6. Handle difficult situations with calm

In every relationship, the two parties involved will sometimes have a misunderstanding. She can ask rudely why you arrived home late yesterday, why don’t you give her an afternoon call, even if she knows you have been busy with work recently.

Women are emotional beings and can act or ask highly irrelevant questions at some point.

You must suppress your anger if she ever faces you with some annoying questions or has baked a lie she overheard from somewhere.

She may come up with an assumption, present it as accurate and force you to confess to it.

All she wants then is to satisfy her curiosity. Give an honest reply and calmly present your answer or walk out on her until she is calm enough to hear you out.

But in the end, be confident that you answer her curiosity and clear all her doubts.

7. Stop hanging around other women

If you are the type that keeps many female friends, talk it out with your girlfriend if she is cool with that, even if she knows them all.

Girls are naturally jealous, and unlike guys, they may not quickly make known their inconvenience.

She needs constant reassurance that your closeness with the ladies isn’t beyond friendship. Women hate blind competition when it involves your association with other ladies.

She may even be jealous not because you keep many female friends but because you hang out too often with them and share more than they should know about your relationship.

You either stop hanging around those ladies or make a decisive balance so your relationship can enjoy the peace and trust it deserves.

8. cut out possible assumptions

There’s a thin line between the distrust your girlfriend is exhibiting and the cheating she accuses you of. You may not be in an extra affair, but what you hold out for others may be perceived differently.

For instance, if you have a close female friend and post her picture often on social media or talk about her, Your girlfriend will contemplate you have a strong connection with your newfound friend.

Always cut off possible assumptions to make her mind be at peace.

9. See a therapist

If all the above possible measures have been exhausted and the fraught keeps reoccurring. The best alternative is to seek the assistance of an independent third party.

A relationship counselor will assess and examine the relationship situation and suggest a feasible solution to guide the relationship.

If you both want the union to work and get clear of the distrust issue, you have to share your grievances and pour your heart into the relationship counselor without hiding any facts.

But remember, this is a trivial issue premised on trust; it’s better addressed by an expert third party, not friends or colleagues from both sides.

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10. Leave the relationship

This is the most painful option, but it’s best if the relationship fails to uphold trust between the two parties.

You can’t continue a relationship that questions your integrity. If all your effort to make her realize that you are not cheating on her proved abortive, then opt out till she probably has her insecurity issue in check.

In rare situations, your girlfriend might have cheated on you, and she is afraid you Cheatingcover her cheating. She may be playing the victim card here, and all your attempts to make her understand that you don’t cheat will be frustrating.

If it gets frustrating and costs you your happiness, the best painful solution is to break up.

In conclusion, Cheating is not peculiar to having extra affairs. Disloyalty amounts to cheating. Being loyal to your partner in any way possible should be every relationship’s driving force.

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