How Long Can A Woman Stay Without A Man

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how long can a woman stay without a man

Humans are naturally created to live in pairs, aside from the fact that the coming together of a man and woman ensures the continuance of the human race.

Opposite gender comes together to satisfy their sexual fantasy. Like the male gender, a female in adolescence is meant to portray some physique that will make her look attractive to men and eventually get the attention of guys who find her charming.

The desire to get a man is a natural urge for every woman because every woman needs sexual pleasure, which the opposite gender can offer.

How long can a woman stay without a man?

Being chaste is more of the discipline of the mind. There is no strict limited time to abstinence from sex because the libido level in every woman defers. But women are best advised not to abstain from sex for too long because of the numerous health benefits of having sex.

What makes a woman celibate is determined by the longevity of her being chased by the opposite gender. For instance, a woman with the religious intent that sex is exclusive to a couple will want to abstain till she is married.

A woman with an underlying medical condition will likely refrain from sex until she has enough strength to engage in copulation. A woman with a low sex drive can abstain from sex for quite a long time more than those with high sexual prowess.

A woman experiencing pain during sex might stay longer without sex than a woman who enjoys every bit of the penetration.

An idle woman tends to be more available for sex than a highly occupied woman encountering a lot of stress at work.

What causes a woman not to be sexually active

Unlike men that do majorly faced with erectile dysfunction, women have a more complicated sexual disorder. Being sexually hypoactive is a concern, especially with a woman who has a partner with high sexual libido.

The cause of sexual dysfunction in women can be influenced by any of the following factors or a combination of two or more of the following elements:

1. Arousal Disorder

It is the inability to be excited during sex, both physically and mentally. It is when a woman lacks the drive for sex and hardly feels the urge to have sexual engagement.

This can be caused by lifestyle reasons such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake, or drug abuse. It may also be caused by psychological reasons such as stress and anxiety.

2. Painful intercourse

Some women are not sexually active due to the excessive pain the sexual act inflicts on them.

Persistent pain in the genital during intercourse is medically referred to as dyspareunia. The pain can be temporal due to a specific medical condition that only requires simple treatment.

It may be a lifelong condition that will take some complicated approach before getting a solution.

The pain can be due to continuous rough sex from your partner, lack of lubrication in the genital area, or a postpartum woman having her first intercourse after baby delivery due to slow healing of the virginal injury.

Long-time abstinence, especially in menopausal women, can experience pain when having sex after a long while.

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3. Lack of orgasm

Orgasm is the peak of sexual arousal. It occurs when the lovemaking gets to what is described as “climax” and when a woman reaches the height of sexual ecstasy.

In the instance of lack of orgasm, the woman has an urge for sex and enjoys the sex but cannot achieve the final pleasure sex is expected to bring her.

A woman repeatedly failing at this may find it challenging to find pleasure in continuous sex and may choose to abstain for a while.

Lack of orgasm may be due to old age, shyness, lack of adequate lovemaking orientation, or a specific medical condition.

4. Emotional causes

The emotional state largely determines arousal in women. Women facing the difficulty of depression, stress, or anxiety may not so easily find excitement in lovemaking.

Also, women who have been victims of rape, sexual abuse or any form of mental violence may experience sexual difficulty in their future lives.

5. Her partner’s level of sexual prowess

A woman’s partner’s level of sexual drive can play a big part in her sexuality. A man who lacks the requisite sexual skills and a positive connection and has no sexual orientation can be a turn-off.

To enjoy continuous and pleasurable lovemaking, she needs a partner who makes her happy and is on the same mantra with her and must have a strong bond and be highly connected to her psychs.

6. Underlining medical condition

A woman may decide to avoid sex because of a protracted disease like cancer or surgery like a mastectomy or hysterectomy.

Besides, a woman battling Sexually Transmitted Diseases like HIV/AIDS, syphilis, and genital herpes may not be sexually active.

They tend to get carried away by the health dilemma and look for ways to get cured or be active with their treatment for the safety of their partners.

The solution to sexual inactive in women

Each sexual problem attracts a different solution. Women battling sexual arousal can take the measure of masturbation with the aid of sex toys and engage in sensual massage often.

They should read erotic books and videos, fantasize about sex, and dare to discuss sex openly. Besides, reducing anxieties before sex will aid them in getting aroused quickly.

For women being inactive due to the low sex drive in their partner, you both must take sexual orientation seriously in your relationship or marital life.

The level of intimacy must be improved. Foreplay before penetration brings excitement to lovemaking. One continuous sex style can cause sex to be boring, experiment with different sex positions, and do with the comfortable ones.

Have time for each other and communicate more to improve your bond. Discuss your partner’s dissatisfaction openly and what you think he should do to improve.

Engaging a sex therapist or relationship counselor is paramount for a couple experiencing dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction affects not only the woman but both parties in a relationship. A seasoned therapist or mental health professional can well manage the dysfunction.

For women that experience pain in their genital. Dryness is the common cause of painful sex. Applying lubricant during sex is the ultimate solution.

Use virginal moisturizers, such as Replens, long before sexual intercourse. The pace of penetration should be moderated if a woman isn’t enjoying rough sex.

Women having genital bruises after baby delivery should be allowed to heal before engaging in sexual intercourse.

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