Can A Woman Cheat And Still Be In Love And Faithful?

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can a woman cheat and still be in love

Loyalty is the building block of every relationship. It is a marital expectation spouses must fulfill to make a happy home.

Being committed and loyal to each other, irrespective of the situation is enough to prove that nothing justifies infidelity.

Can a woman cheat and still be in love?

Lots of women are capable of loving different men at the same time. Infidelity cannot and should not be justified or weighed against any other uncultured behavior in a relationship. Though defining love is subjective, a cheating woman cheats because she does not respect and love her man enough. Infidelity is the height of disloyalty.

It is a failure on the part of the woman who delves into infidelity. Necessities, mistakes, or retaliation is not enough defense for cheating.

Sometimes, your reason for cheating may be close to reasonable.

For instance, a woman who is a victim of a sad occurrence may want to seek closure from the opposite sex, probably a man who can calm her nerves and make her feel happy. At the moment of her confusion, the man may manipulate her and have affairs with her.

Sometimes, a woman delves into infidelity to retaliate against the consistent cheating of her man. Some women’s acts are born out of a beckoning necessity that is unavoidable.

A woman can’t cheat on her man wholeheartedly and still claims she loves him. Love involves romantic feelings, respect, loyalty, and honesty.

However, we firmly believe that a couple in such a distrustful situation can get their love repaired and eventually build a castle of love.

Breaking up sometimes is not the sole solution to ending the relationship.

You can use several measures to end a cheating partner act other than divorce.

It is an emotionally devastating experience finding out your partner is having extra affairs. It is natural to seek out why the woman you are loyal to cheats.

There is rarely any simple answer to why a woman chooses the path of infidelity despite all the attention and care you might have shown her.

It could relate to something about her past life. It may be a problem in your relationship/marriage or the path she chooses to trend out of no genuine reason.

No matter the cause, you will need to navigate through and make crucial decisions to end such a mess.

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It is one of the most dilemmatic phases of your life that needs a careful but quick approach.

We suggest the below tips for sorting through the aftermath of a woman’s betrayal.

What to do when a woman cheats on you

1. Don’t seek vengeance

Having confirmed your woman is a cheat, you can be in a rage and want to act stupid. You may wish to trash-talk her to friends, expose her on social media, or make an outright retaliation by having an affair.

All these will bring temporary satisfaction but won’t do you any good in the long run.

The best to do at that furious moment is to put your emotions in check. Don’t make any decision until you are sure your nerve is calm.

Besides, rushing to tell family and friends might be the worst decision. They will likely have a strong opinion on what you should do. But you only understand your affairs better and can only decide whether to stay or leave.

2. Never blame yourself

Don’t guilt-trip yourself into believing you are a failure because of your woman cheating nature. Don’t see yourself as you are not responsible enough. She only chooses to be greedy and tread on such an immoral path.

If you are not doing enough, the recourse could have been her asking for a breakup or divorce, but you, unfortunately, fell in love with a dubious woman who wants to eat her cake and still has it.

Blaming yourself will only weigh you down and devoid you from taking decisive action.

Rather than confining yourself to solitary, taking good care of your mental and emotional state is best.

3. Protect your kid

If you are in a union that has produced kids, the best is to keep them away from being affected by the trauma of infidelity.

The undesired situation needed a solution between you and your woman. Even if you are ready for divorce, sharing the details of the affairs will only put the kids into a discomfort state, forcing them to take a side.

4. Do not make decisions out of fear

You are best in control of your thoughts and know what is best for you.

Don’t stay or leave out of the fear or control of external force. Be blunt about your decision after you have thought it through.

Your decision should be more laid on posterity rather than the fear of losing her or having her back when every indication suggests otherwise.

Don’t allow fear of uncertainty to make decisions for you. You better do what feels suitable for your heart.

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5. Seek professional counseling

Suppose you are stuck and need someone to rub your mind with. The best is to reach out to a professional counselor rather than a friend or family who is only ready to mock the situation with no honest advice to offer.

A couple’s counselor tends to be neutral and can help you communicate better. Feeling guilt, shame, regrets, and whatever else might get you stuck in making a firm decision.

6. Be sure enough of her infidelity before the confrontation

It is enough a disappointment hearing of your wife’s indecency from an outsider. But the best way to lay your claim right is to be sure of her infidelity and not out of hearsay

Assumption is a venom and joy killer. Be sure you have enough evidence before making a confrontation so that she won’t outsmart you and push you into guilt.

The text message you glimpsed on her phone and the hearsay from her friend might not be the whole truth, and gossip can never improve any situation.

If you are concerned about something, ask her and be patient to read her face. Her emotions and reactions are enough to aid you in getting to the bottom of the riddle.

7. Protect and understand your legal right

Consider consulting a divorce attorney if your marriage is on the verge of breaking up. You must understand and protect your legal divorce right if your marriage doesn’t survive.

Not only will the consultation protect you from the mess of marriage aftermath, but you will also have your marital assets protected if the marriage eventually gets truncated.

8. Move on

After making a thoughtful process, the resort should be to move on and lay the matter to rest.

Moving on can be either to forgive and make a rebound or seek a divorce if it is hard coping with a disloyal woman.

The first step to moving on is getting yourself tested for STDs, be sure she has not compromised your health status.

She might have been having unsafe sex with the cheat. You should see a doctor and confirm your status before moving into either break-up or reconciliation.

Another way of moving on is seeing a professional relationship therapist. If you are both determined to have a new beginning, visiting a therapist together will help prevent further occurrences.

On a final note, if you are both settling for a breakup, you should move on by getting and building a new relationship with another woman.

Having a new relationship will distract you from the cheating woman, showing a deliberate move that you are no longer involved in the relationship with her.

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