How To Pull Away From Him To Get His Attention

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pull away from him to get his attention

Our affections for others typically come in waves, rising and falling at irregular intervals. You’ve probably had this happen to you.

Have you ever liked someone and then abruptly lost all feelings for them? Was it as though the hormones had suddenly stopped flowing?

How to pull away from him to get his attention

Your man is probably going through the same and not giving you attention again as he used to. It’s also not always true that something you said or did turn him off. It’s possible that the feelings just vanished on its own.

You have to do something to find your way around the relationship that is not giving you the joy you deserve.

One of those ways of treating a man who ignores you in a relationship is to pull away from him till he realizes his misdeed and is ready to give you the attention you deserve.

But do guys notice it when you ignore them or pull away from him to get his attention? How effectively does pulling away works for a man? Does ignoring a guy make him want you?

We must understand that guys are very observant when it comes to somebody they cherish and have to their heart. However, some of them may seem hardened and unemotional.

Love can humble a man and sometimes make him act sheepishly. If a man is into you, he can easily detect your volatile moments and want to find out the cause of the sudden changes.

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The psychology of ignoring him is simple, as everybody hates being ignored. There is a high chance you may bruise his ego if you ignore him, and when that happens, he will be pushed to find out the reason for your impulsive behavior and try to change if he still values the relationship.

We listed some exceptional guides on how you can quickly achieve such a tricky process of getting your man’s attention back.

How to pull away to make him want you

There are numerous reasons a guy can, out of the blue, withdraw himself from you. He may still love you but will withdraw himself a little if not comfortable with some of your behavior.

You may probably have a few attitudes he is not pleased with, that he thinks you can only change if he stops giving attention to you.

Pulling away is such a trivial trick that needs to be applied with caution. Don’t apply it when he is evidently tired of you and no longer interested in the relationship.

It only works when it shows from all indications that he still has massive regard for the love and affection you both share.

Here are ways to pull away from your boyfriend to make him want you the more.

1. Live outside of him

Having no social life and being too obsessed with a man is detrimental to your life as a young lady. It may seem quite enjoyable at first, but with time the man you are obsessed with will be tired of seeing you around him.

Be attracted to him but don’t let your happiness be dependent on him. He is not giving attention probably because he has tagged you “a low life.”

He will seek your attention again if he realizes you have become independent and exploring your potential by living a life you’ve always dreamed of having.

2. Focus on your career

Suppose you have an ambitious man as a boyfriend, somebody that holds his professional job or academic career in high esteem. Then be ready to find solace in being profound with your career path as well.

If otherwise, the relationship with him may be complicated. Ambitious men aim to have somebody that can merge their energy.

Love is though the building block of a relationship. But it is never enough in sustaining a relationship or marriage. It would be best to prepare for the future and engage in something productive that can yield profit.

You have to widen the horizon of your knowledge and try to accumulate as much as you can. If this is the focus of your man, sacrifice your attention to chasing a future that matters to both of you.

If you want to be on the same mantra with him, get focused on pursuing a career like he is, such will make you unavailable and give you a bit of distraction from him.

He will pull back to you if he notices that you now have a uniform goal.

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3. Ignore him on social media

Supposed you used to engage his social media handle through posting of both of your photos, commenting on his posts, and tagging him to your post, withdraw from making further engagement.

That sends a strong message that he is being ignored, and he would want to find out why the sudden change.

Your mutual friends on social media will likely find out, especially if he is influential.

4. Be friendly with people around him

Yes, this trick will make him jealous because it will signal that you are only cold towards him and not towards others.

Pull away from him but maintain a more cordial relationship with his friends and family.

No matter how he tried hard to explain to them that you’ve changed or you snub him, they will doubt him because they see the opposite of what he said to be experiencing in you.

If you do this well enough, it will hit him hard, but don’t report him to his family and friends. In as much, you are confident he still loves you.

He will be jealous and want to know why you are pulling away from him but still in a cordial relationship with those that matter to him.

5. Stop being too accomodating

Seriously, what turns people off the most in the early stages of a lovely relationship is desperation.

Perhaps you don’t realize it, but being overly friendly and polite might give the message that you’re desperate and that you can satisfy them at the expense of your happiness.

There’s nothing wrong with being nice, but compromising critical aspects of yourself, like your beliefs, priorities, and boundaries, to the other person may, ironically, make them less interested in you.

You are too accommodating by compromising your standard if you accept an offer you are not comfortable with.

At the moment, he may be pleased that you accepted, but in general, you’re implying that you have no standards because you’re trying too much to please him.

He will rapidly lose interest if you don’t treat yourself with respect.

However, if you stop doing things for him that you used to, he could notice that you are pulling away from his desires and will like to understand why you’ve changed, making him want your attention.

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6. Ignore him if he shows little attention

If he has not been showing attention for long, another trick you can use to pull away is to ignore him whenever he starts showing little attention.

This is a retaliation approach meant for him to feel the same way you have been feeling.

Men hate rejection, and he will want to try hard to please you when he feels the agony of not receiving enough attention from his partner.

7. Go on a date with a male friend

While it is not advised to make your man jealous because it can backfire, nothing moves a man in love more than seeing his woman with someone else.

He might suddenly be interested again and start to correct his misdeed when he realizes you’re getting touchy-feely with others.

8. Introduce competition

The wish to win is why competition is an excellent measure in ignoring a guy and getting back his attention.

When men notice competition in someone they care about or want in their lives, they will want to show attention because they don’t want to lose them.

You introduce competition by following his lead. If he calls once a day, you introduce the same. If he texts you twice a week, you do that too.

The moment he senses you are not dishing out more than he serves, he will realize you are no longer into him like before. He will strive hard not to lose you in the end.

9. Get busy

Another potent way of pulling away from someone you love but not treating you well enough is to get busy and open to a lot of positive engagement.

It makes you feel less hurt as the thought of his negative behavior bothers you less.

Besides, getting distracted from your man while busy with other gainful stuff will make you attracted to him. Getting engaged will make you think less of him, and his carefree attitude will no longer get to your nerve.

When you don’t make him your top priority, disappointment can now come from what keeps you busy and not from a man who is not treating you well enough.

If he is really into you, he will find a way to get connected to you again after you’ve abandoned him and get focused on your new goal.

However, make sure that what makes you busy is something productive.

It can be a body fitness that will make you more physically attractive. It can be a volunteer service toward the help of humanity, or it may be learning new things that can make you valuable to your community.

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