How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Leaves Him?

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how does a man feel when a woman leaves him

You may have probably been a victim of a once lovey-dovey and romantic relationship that failed or a single man seeking to know what post-relationship breakup feels like or a woman who aims to learn the trauma a man feels after ending a relationship.

Internet is awash with compassion for women after a breakup and their healing process but leaves men to deal with the post-breakup trauma themselves because they believe men hardly get heartache after a breakup.

Men suffer heartbreak much longer after a breakup, though it may not be deeper for some people.

How does a man feel when a woman leaves him?

He may feel helpless and empty if he invested his time, finances and loved her sincerely. He feels more depressed if his efforts to save the relationship didn’t make her stay. In a broken relationship, the person who invested more in the relationship gets depressed the most.

A fresh breakup he struggles to uphold will make a man detached from many other routines of his life.

Another heavy feeling of a man who just gets struck out of a relationship is emptiness. Deep inside his heart, he is unenthusiastic in everything and wants to be alone in his lonely thoughts.

He became detached from friends and family. He feels like a failure and perceives himself as not doing so many things right.

He hardly stops blaming himself for what he could have done better to make the relationship work.

Most men believe they should be in uttermost control of a relationship, even if it is their partner’s fault for the breakup.

How a man feels when a woman leaves him

Besides the two stated feelings of men after a breakup, they are prone to more issues when passing through the trauma.

These issues affect their relationship with their daily routine and friends and family around them.

1. Slow and long time heartache

Heartache is the emotional grief or anguish suffered by a person who misses or loses a loved one. Heartbreak from a loved one resulted in heartache.

At the early stage of the breakup, women suffer the hurt of heartache more but effortlessly seek comfort in the hands of their admirers.

Her male friends can make them easily forget their past. On the contrary, guys hardly let their hearts out.

Men cover the pain with a smile and suffer in silence. The pain grows slowly in them and becomes protracted.

The heartache gradually affects their daily routine of life and plunges their energy into a new one entirely.

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2. Fear of starting a new relationship

A woman can easily fall back to a long-time crush, a best friend or quickly meet a new partner and move on. It is the opposite for the guys.

They did feel unloved at the fresh of the breakup and beclouded with fear of trying out a new relationship.

They put many things into thought. The fear of starting over again, building trust and emotions, and learning about understanding a new relationship and possible ways to avoid past mistakes.

All these are summed up by men, and it scares them most time. This further breaks them and puts them in more profound thought.

3. Anger

Another issue men face post-break-up is anger and sorrow. They are angry because they feel things could have been done better to save the relationship.

They develop some form of aggravated anger and get irritated with things or most minor actions they are not comfortable with.

The irritation can be so intense that they can injure themselves with an object and find it hard to control themselves at some point.

4. He isolates himself from friends and fun moments

When going through the hurt of a breakup, the best time for men is the moment they are alone with their thoughts. They feel detached from their daily routine to figure out their next move.

The circle of family and friends that used to be fun becomes a strange face to find solace.

Isolation does not necessarily mean solitary confinement, but it is total disengagement from the fun of life.

They nursed the agony in silence with a face filled with frustration and lost interest virtually in everything, but all in silence because they had to pretend things were fine.

5. He reminisces about the past

Men use this stage to strike back at their memories with their partners in the past.

They think about their committed error, what they could have done better and what they shouldn’t have done. The good and bad memories of their relationship days are filled in the frontal of their brain.

The bad memories can break them further, but it is a healing process and a lesson for the next relationship in the future.

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6. Empty hope

Moving on is hard. While the situation may be telling the reality that it is over, the mind may still be deceitful of trying again.

Whether the breakup is a mutual agreement or an act from the girl, men in deep affectionate love will feel like going back to their ex.

They think they can still talk things out and rebound because they feel helpless and can’t imagine trying and coping with a new person.

They feel like staying glued to the previous partner, who may have probably moved on to find a new life.

They feel like reverting to their ex if the cause of the breakup is amendable. But it’s not all the time; this can be made possible.

The ex might have waited long enough for reconciliation and moved on when the opportunity of a possible resolution didn’t present itself.

7. Acceptance

It is the best yet the most challenging stage to arrive at for men suffering from a breakup.

At this juncture, they accepted the reality and embarked on the journey of making a new beginning.

Acceptance means to believe it’s finally over and there is nothing more to gain or savage out from their previous relationship.

And the readiness to effect lessons learned in the failure of past relationships and looking forward to doing better as a man who aims to build a happy family.


A relationship consists of love and respect for each other. A breakup is part of the experience. As a man, view the pain you go through as a lesson to perfect your imperfection.

Don’t hope for revenge or generalize the damaging behavior of your ex to treat your future relationship.

Also, relationship failure isn’t a failure in life. It is not easy, but you should never allow it to get the best of you because she decides to leave. There are other women out there whom you can have your chances with.

Finally, what could make you win against this horrible situation is to try hard to forget your ex.

Detach yourself from her by deleting photos and videos you had together. Block her contact and do off with anything that can easily remind you of her.

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