If I Leave Her Alone Will She Come Back

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if i leave her alone will she come back

Maturity and mutual understanding is the main recipe for forming any good social relationship. Love comes as the most minor force in a romantic relationship.

All these will undoubtedly make relationships between two opposite gender keep waxing stronger.

But there is always time there would be misunderstanding, and the required solution to calm the storm is to stay away from each other for a while.

The best could be for each to take a break, reflect on their undoing, and nurse the grief individually before gathering the energy to continue.

If I leave her alone will she come back?

You need to study the situation, make sure you understand your girlfriend, and ensure you are not the one at fault before concluding to leave her alone, which may jeopardize your relationship with her.

While leaving a girl alone for a while may serve as a remedy to right the wrong in a relationship, it may also hurt the relationship to take such a move at the wrong time.

At the time, she may think you are done with him and that your silent treatment means she should move on.

Before you leave a girl alone, maybe purposely to let her realize the depth of hurt she has caused you, you have to make sure you don’t leave any reason to make her think the relationship is over if you still want her.

However, if you are confident she will get through the situation and fall back on you, the best is to let her enjoy the solitary moments.

Leave her alone till she rediscovers herself and is ready to make the relationship work again. Maybe she needs space to think about her toppling in the relationship. Space could be the catalyst for any positive change in every relationship.

You shouldn’t react negatively to her decision to leave her alone. Instead, show that you respect her space and believe some time apart will solve the relationship issue.

Don’t pressure her into getting back together with you. Just call her occasionally to check up on how she is faring.

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Your main job during her distance period is to discover what isn’t working for her in the relationship. Think about what makes her unhappy and what you can do to change the narrative.

If you are the source of her sad moment, use the time to think through what you are not doing properly and be determined to change.

If She Doesn’t Respond, Leave Her Alone

Deep inside, you adore her, but now she said she needs a space to rethink the relationship. You are confused, shattered, and curious about what she is feeling or not feeling for you.

You seem lost about the problem since she told you she wants some time. Your heart does not want her to go, and you hate that you are in such a messy situation you don’t have control over.

Well, there is always something you can do to change the narrative. If she takes too long to respond, leaving you in the dark, not ready to talk about it, or giving you no chance to discuss the issue, your best option would be to take the bold steps and leave her alone.

Below are the reasons and situations to leave your girlfriend alone when she isn’t responding to you.

1. She feels you cannot do without her

Stop being persuasive and learn to imagine your life outside of her. What if her request for space is her modest way of requesting a breakup?

Sometimes, when you show too much care and attention, some ladies feel that your life only revolves around them. They want you to constantly beg for their attention, even for their misdeed, before they get back into the relationship.

Some are manipulative and ready to use you as they will.

If she keeps exhibiting such attitudes that are detrimental to your mental health, If her response takes longer than necessary, start learning to live without her because she might drop the breakup bomb on you soon.

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2. She is hurting your feeling

Your peace, happiness, and interest should always come first in any relationship. If her turn-off and unwarranted distance are constant, that can be hurtful and cause you heartache.

You didn’t sign up to be at the receiving end of emotional abuse.

If, after your trial, she isn’t responsive or shows no indication of being on good terms with you after some time, If there is no signal of her changing, reconsider your stand in her life.

3. She is taking too much time to nurse her grief

Dealing with women with constant mood swings can be frustrating. You have every reason to think she isn’t your right partner.

She will treat you with so much silent treatment till you think you are overwhelmed and find every bit of the relationship wearisome.

4. She hardly shares her issue with you

It is a big sign she wants you to let her be if she hardly shares her confidential and personal issues with you.

It means she isn’t mentally ready for a committed relationship or doesn’t consider you as the perfect choice for herself. She hasn’t trusted you enough.

If you have done enough to earn her trust, she is still confused and looks uninterested. You can consider leaving her alone and stop bothering yourself over an effort close to ending in futility.

5. She always wants you to beg for any/all her mistake

If it is glaring, she is giving you the silent treatment or asking for space because of persistent misunderstanding that can be overlooked, yet expects you to always seek her forgiveness as an entitlement; that’s a red flag.

It is hard dealing with a woman that is not ready to let go of minor misunderstandings; allowing her to be should be the best resort.

6. You no longer earn her trust

If the cause of her not responding to you is due to your betrayal, maybe you cheated or caused her any mental or emotional damage, it may be difficult for her to forgive you.

If she feels too much hurt and feels the best way to relieve the pain is to stop contacting you, the best is to respect her decision.

However, before you conclude that a woman does not want you anymore, there are signs you need to observe.

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Women show signs that they want you to leave them alone in many ways. It becomes a burden on you to understand whether their non-responsiveness means leaving them alone, not having enough interest in you, or needing some space for some time.

Signs She Wants You To Leave Her Alone

1. She replies to you bluntly

It shows she is uninvolved in you if a woman always confronts you with a blunt and short response. She seems tired of conversing with you, or the topic you are discussing isn’t comfortable for her.

If you observe, she responds timidly. If it is an online chat, she only replies with strict responses like “YES,” “NO,” “YEAH,” and “OKAY” She hardly types more than a sentence.

She would hardly say more than a sentence if the conversation were physical. She always avoids explaining herself. Aside from her blunt response, she will not ask you anything in return.

It means she is not interested in any part of your life, not your skills, experience, or feelings. She doesn’t care.

2. She disrespects you

Showing respect to your partner is a sign of a healthy relationship. If she suddenly stops respecting you, she no longer wants you around her. She doesn’t care about your excitement or your outstanding performance.

She talks brutally and insults you at any minor trivial disagreement. You may not be far from the truth if you feel her lack of respect is unusual.

3. Always giving excuses

Have you tried to confront her about why she does not respond to your messages? Or do you ask her why she did not join you in the hangout or failed to call you back as promised?

It is not surprising if she always responds that she is busy or gives an unclear response. However, you will know this is not true if you find out that she actively replies to other chats and call them often.

She even goes out with friends whenever you are omitted. That is a clear indication that she is avoiding you.

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4. She keeps her relative issue private

If you’ve been together for a while and she keeps you off her friends and acquaintances, she is private about her family life and uninterested whenever you ask questions.

Because you have not earned her trust, she feels it is vicious to tell you a lot of information about her family and relatives.

5. She tells you she is into someone else

It may not be to scare you away, but by being honest, if she tells you that she has another guy in her life. She won’t talk much about the new guy but don’t take the words for granted if she tells you about it.

If she is a new girl you are hunting to win her heart, you may pursue her further; it may be a trick to scare you away. If she isn’t a new girl but someone you’ve been with for a while, reconsider and move on.

6. She talks more about her priority

If the little time she allows you to converse with her is full of rants about her priority alone without you included in her plan, it is a sign she is not ready for any serious relationship with you.

If she talks about her interest, career, desired adventure, goals, and ambitions without bothering to ask about yours or suggest any way you can excel, it means you are not in her plan.

You should leave her alone at such a point and focus on your other life goals if the relationship cant work out.

7. She avoids you on social media

If she leaves your chats unread, unfollows you on social media, stops tagging you on her post, or changes her general engagements with you, it is a clear sign you are no longer her priority.

If a girl is merely giving you the silent treatment, they try to show they still care by posting things you can easily relate to. She likes your post, makes snap comments and still tags you.

If she suddenly stops socializing with you online, then its an evident she wants you to leave her alone.

8. She tells you to leave her alone

Don’t take it for granted if your girlfriend tells you to leave her alone. Don’t pressure her.

If the foundation of the relationship issue starts with you, show her that you are honestly changing. Don’t wait for any other sign if she insists on leaving you. Take the meaning literally and leave her alone.

Don’t be agitated if a woman returns if she asks to leave her alone. Study the situation, understand why she is making such a request, and try your best to let her be if she insists.

If she yields no changes afterwards, the best is to take your mind off her and remove her from your priority.

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