Does My Ex Really Love His New Girlfriend

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does my ex really love his new girlfriend

Your ex is part of your past; you must understand and embrace this. Therefore, you should ordinarily have nothing to do with whether he loves his new girlfriend or not. 

But, if you’re bothered about whether your boyfriend loves his new girlfriend or not, you have not done anything terrible. You may only be emotional and want to know what the future holds for you both. 

The following illustration of what happens to everyone will justify your action as right.

Imagine, at one point, we could have passed on our once cherished shoes and clothes to our siblings since they no longer suit our fashion taste. 

However, we later come back to wonder how the shoes and clothes we no longer find desirable seem perfect for our siblings when they appear to be rocking the shoes and clothes.

Does my ex really love his new girlfriend?

Another factor that makes you want to know how things are going in your ex’s new relationship is if you have not healed and moved on after the breakup.

Consistently, you will be bothered to know if love exists between him and his new partner. 

Furthermore, your conscience will make you want to know if your ex truly loves his new girlfriend.

Particularly, suppose you were not a good partner while together with him. In that case, your conscience will make you curious to know if he finally finds someone who deserves him after the traumatic experience his past relationship with you might have caused him.  

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Moreover, whichever reason that makes you want to know if your ex really loves his new girlfriend, study carefully. If any of these happens in his new relationship, they will tell you explicitly if he loves his new girlfriend.

How to Know My Ex Really Loves His New Girlfriend

1. He Is not Trying to Get You Back

Often, partners try to get back to each other when they still have feelings for each other and can’t eventually get someone their heart desires. 

If the feeling of getting back together is mutual, they will start making romantic gestures to get back together very soon.

However, the reverse happens when your ex loves his new girlfriend. 

He won’t make any effort towards getting you back because he has gotten someone he loves, who appears to him to be more perfect for him than you were in his previous relationship. 

2. He may not Flaunt His New Relationship

It is the usual practice of some exes to flaunt their new relationships for reasons such as:

  • Making their exes realize they lost something good.
  • Making their exes feel bad.
  • Taking revenge on their exes.
  • Even competing with the new relationships of their previous lovers. 

Meanwhile, someone who loves his new girlfriend has no time to reminisce about his previous relationship; therefore, he will likely get over all the pains and traumatic experiences he had due to the breakup quickly. 

He has no time trying to impress anyone with his new relationship by constantly flaunting her on social media. 

He only flaunts her whenever he feels necessary, not to taunt you. His main concern is his girlfriend’s happiness, not to impress the public.

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3. He Does Things He Didn’t Do for You for His New Partner

After breaking up with you, if he finds someone who deserves his love and has also fallen in love with him, he will do many things for her, and you will even conclude he can never do the same for you if you have been together. 

You may even, at a point, have to be wondering if he ever loved you when you both were still together. In addition, you may even feel he is trying to rob his new relationship on your face. 

Meanwhile, that is not the case. He only do all these because he believes he has found someone who truly deserves him. He is trying to appreciate her by putting more effort into the new relationship than he did for the previous one. 

4. He Is Not Trying to Make You Jealous

It is incredible how some people enter into a new relationship quickly after breaking up with their partners. They may venture into a new relationship quickly only to make their previous partners jealous of their new relationships. 

Therefore, everything they do in the new relationship is genuinely directed toward making their exes jealous of their new status. They will pretend to be doing better in the new relationship, whereas the reverse is the case. 

By contrast, if your ex has moved on and found a girlfriend he loves, he has no time and will see no reason to make you jealous of his new relationship since he did not enter into the relationship to taunt you or make you feel bad. 

5. He Is Happy in the New Relationship

Another sign that your ex loves his new partner is if he appears happy in his new relationship.

Therefore, if it appears he truly loves his new girlfriend, is there happiness in the relationship to prove they are in love?

 To this effect, finding out he is happy in his new relationship significantly implies that he loves his new girlfriend. 

However, how can you tell he is happy in the new relationship?

 The following are the yardsticks to know if he has found happiness in his new relationship. 

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How to Know My Ex is Happy in His New Relationship

Having discovered that my ex truly loves his new girlfriend, does he seem happy in the new relationship? 

Yes, he is happy in the relationship if you observe any or a couple of the following. 

1. He Hardly Wants To Relate With You

Of course, some partners, even before they finally break up, may agree not to do away with each other. Therefore, they may remain friends if love does not work between them.

However, that is not the case for someone who later finds a partner he loves and is happy in the new relationship.

He will hardly want to relate with his ex because he is happy in his new relationship and will never want anything to do with his previous relationship that may jeopardize his current one. 

2. He Advises You to Move On 

If your ex, who is now in a new relationship, advises you to move on, you may unconditionally have to do so. From possible indications, he has moved on and found happiness in his new relationship.

Therefore, he sees no reason for him, who is now happy to give you “false hope” of returning to the relationship. 

More so, for him to advise you to move on, he wishes you the best in life and has already given up on you both.

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3. He Is No Longer Bothered With Your Personal Life

If your ex is happy in his new relationship, your personal life will no longer bother him. Any time you both come into contact, he may do nothing but greet you casually before he disappears again. 

More so, if you are privileged to have a conversation with him, he will hardly want to listen to you when you try to bring in anything that has to do with your personal life.

He believes it should no longer concern him since you have separated to find happiness elsewhere. 

4. He Returns All Your Belongings 

There are chances your ex will return all your belongings in his custody when he is eventually in a relationship he finds happiness.

Being happy in his new relationship appeals to him that he has nothing to do with you again. Hence, he does not need to keep your belongings with him. 

More so, if your relationship with him ended in a heartbroken and traumatized way, he will want to return all your belongings when he finally gets into a relationship that gives him happiness.

Having your belongings may bring awful memory of the breakup, so it’s best for him to return all that will remind him of his past. 

The Bottom Line

You must understand that everyone wants to improve in everything they do. Therefore, before your ex can finally get into a new relationship, he must have traced back his footsteps and seen what made his previous relationship not work out with you. 

To this effect, he tries to avoid mistakes and works toward having a perfect relationship when looking for his next partner.

When he eventually finds the new girl who loves him the way he wants, he will cherish and love her in many ways, which he never did when you are together.

Therefore, the chance for him to love his new girlfriend and be happy in the new relationship is very high. 

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