Why Is My Ex Flaunting New Relationship On Social Media

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ex flaunting new relationship on social media

The time you spent building the relationship, the energy you invested, and the love, passion, and affection you showed to your partner become worthless when you eventually break up with the person so daring in your life.

However, after a breakup, both partners have to move on. You don’t have to allow the agony of what has happened to tie you down and prevent you from exploring life and getting hooked with someone who will appreciate you for who you are.

Ex flaunting new relationship on social media

Unfortunately, when some people finally have the opportunity to get hooked up with someone else, they will flaunt it on social media, knowing that their ex will come across such content.

Whatever happens in their new relationships, they will quickly post it on social media. Anytime they get a gift or a romantic date with their partner, even when they get romantic messages, they will flaunt everything on social media for their ex to see.

However, one thing that needs to be understood is that both parties who mutually love each other will share the pain of breaking up.

Therefore, flaunting a new relationship on social media for your ex to see can be excruciating if your ex still cares for you.

Things may not turn out the way you wish with your ex but flaunting a new relationship on their face is not the next action you should take.

Your conscience should make you considerate of them no matter how disgusting they now appear to you.

While you may feel your ex is mainly at fault for the breakup, if you observe closely, you have made some mistakes too. Therefore, it is needless to flaunt the new relationship.

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However, what do you have to do if your ex has been flaunting their new relationship on social media for you to see?

If the show-off is causing you discomfort of any sort, the first you may have to do is to unfollow them and, if possible, block them.

More so, silence is golden in such a situation. You are a big winner because your silence means you are not affected by their show-off.

Importantly, it would be best if you moved on as well. If it is possible, you should get hooked with someone else.

However, if that is not possible, make up your mind never to be pained by the show-off from your ex.

Moreover, you will wonder, why will your ex be trying to rob their new relationships on your face?

After all, they have left you and decided to move on. Therefore, what do they stand to gain, and what are the reasons why they are flaunting their new relationships on social media for you to see?

Why Is My Ex Flaunting New Relationship on Social Media?

Since you both have decided to part ways, why is my ex still flaunting a new relationship on social media so soon?

If you have been bothered with the question, the following reasons that make them do so will answer your questions.

1. To Take Revenge

You may not know that your ex may find it painful that you brought the relationship with them to an end. Perhaps, the breakup caused them a lot of emotional and mental trauma.

Therefore, when they eventually get hooked with someone else, they will want you to have a taste of what they went through after the breakup and start flaunting their new relationships for you to see to cause you pain as well.

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2. They Want to Show They Got Someone Better Than You

This majorly happens when the event that led to the breakup is your fault.

If you ended the relationship with your ex on the note of your infidelity, lack of unseriousness towards the relationship, or any other fault that came from you, they would come back to rob their new relationship on your face.

Do you know why?

They want to show you that while you are not loyal, they got someone who is loyal. While you don’t value them, they have someone who knows their value; while you are a terrible partner, they have someone who is a good companion.

Therefore, they flaunt the new relationship on social media for you to see.

3. They Are Immature

Most times, having an immature ex will have its consequences in the long run. They are unquestionably coming back to flaunt their new relationship before you.

To them, it does not matter whether they were the cause of the breakup. An immature ex will return to show off their new relationship whenever they are opportune to have another partner.

Therefore, for no genuine reason, they will post content containing how things go on in their new relationship on social media.

Funny enough, they will post so that you will easily stumble on those contents.

4. They Want You to Feel Bad

Of course, after a breakup, it is no longer your duty to make your partner happy. However, you have no course to make them feel bad about your new relationship.

Unfortunately, some partners will start flaunting their new relationships on social media to make their ex feel bad.

They will post high-quality pictures and romantic postures with their new partners, all with terrifying captions directed to hurt their ex’s feelings.

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5. They Want to Make You Jealous

Another reason your ex is flaunting a new relationship on social media is to make you jealous, especially when they understand you to be highly emotional.

They will do everything possible to show off their new status in an envious manner.

By the way, you should not be moved or feel jealous by this because doing so makes them the winner.

The new relationship may not be perfect for them, and they may not be happy. All they care to do with the new relationship is get back at you and make you jealous.

6. They Are Just Living Their Lives

While you think your ex is flaunting a new relationship on social media for any purpose directed at you, they may only be living their lives.

After a breakup, both parties are expected to shake off the pains, get hooked with someone else if possible, and move on.

The fact is, your ex may not even mean any harm to you by flaunting their new relationship on social media. They have only moved on.

Therefore, you should also move on and stop making someone innocent to be guilty in your thoughts.

Everyone lives their lives the way they want; that’s why your ex may choose to live their life by flaunting their new relationship on social media without meaning any harm to you.

7. They Want to Get Your Attention

After the breakup, your ex may still find it difficult to forget the beautiful moments and memories you both created together, even after having a new partner, mainly if the new relationship is not living up to their expectation.

Therefore, they find the means to at least get your attention again. They may use means to flaunt their new relationship on social media for you to see and make comments or at least message them.

They feel fulfilled with your comment on their post or status on social media.

Furthermore, flaunting might be a strategy to get your eyes on them if they know you don’t yet have another partner. Therefore, they will flaunt their new relationship to get your attention and tell you how they miss you and how the new relationship is not perfect for them.

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8. They Are Competing With Your New Relationship

Funnily and unknown to you, your ex may be competing with your new relationship.

In all possible ways, they will want to show you that they are the best for you, and since you have parted ways with them, they believe you cannot have a better relationship than you had with them.

To this effect, they will use social media to flaunt their new relationships to compete with your new relationship and show you they are doing better than you with a new partner.

However, your ex gains nothing by flaunting their relationship on social media just to taunt you, even if you are lucky to get someone better than them.

Moreover, if your ex is flaunting their new relationship on social media, you need not feel bad or jealous about it. You should pay no attention to it and move on.

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