Why Do Guys Start Caring When You Stop

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Why do guys start caring when you stop

It is usually ironic when someone you think no longer needs you starts showing they care.

It even gets to a stage where you may feel you are right to stop caring for your boyfriend, but he is getting started just when you think you need to stop caring for him.

For a duration of time, you might have been tolerating his excesses. He ignores all your calls; all the chats left without a reply, the romantic advances he pays no regard to, the invitations he turned down, and many other unwarranted actions.

Why do guys start caring when you stop

Of course, when all these persist, no matter how much you care, you start feeling you deserve better and get fed up with him.

After that, the best decision that appears to you is to stop caring for the non-reciprocating and unappreciative boyfriend.

No one deserves to be ill-treated or taken for granted in a relationship; therefore, as a lady who has put in all efforts to make things work with her boyfriend, you feel bad and taken for granted; as a result, you stop caring irrespective of the outcome.

However, things don’t end that way on many occasions.

As you will be surprised to see your boyfriend, who has been showing little attention, has been unresponsive to you, and has not been reciprocating your lovely gesture, turns out to be the one who calls you regularly, wants to see you often, and always shows he care for you.

Most men have the habit of not reciprocating lovely gestures from their girlfriends when the latter make it readily available in excess. Some may even find it uninteresting and disturbing.

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However, the moment you stop caring for them, they have the feeling that they are missing something essential from their lives.

Therefore, they start longing for the cares they never appreciated.

When the situation seems to be getting out of hand for them due to your lack of not caring for them anymore, they turn around and start caring for you and will do everything possible to have you back and restore normalcy to the relationship.

You start receiving many romantic texts, lengthy phone calls, many outing invitations, and many other lovely gestures because he misses how you show him love, care for him, and can’t wait to see you treat him how you used to do.

Above all, the show of care, love, and passion should be mutual.

The lady is not supposed to bear the whole burden of the relationship while the other puts up a nonchalant attitude.

Therefore, you will wonder, what are the reasons why guys start caring when you stop.

Reasons Why Guys Start Caring When You Stop

You shouldn’t conclude on him yet. He has stopped caring for you may not mean he no longer wants you. He might have reasons for his actions.

Meanwhile, why do guys wait for their girlfriends to stop caring for them before they start showing commitment to the relationship?

1. They Never Expected Their Girlfriends Will Stop Caring

It is astonishing when a guy thinks he can continue showing no regard for his relationships since the girlfriend is so passionate about him.

Despite being in love with the girlfriend, he may never find it necessary to show her any more affection.

As much as she invests her energy to keep the relationship working, it won’t occur to him to execute his part of the bargain.

Meanwhile, the fact is, the lady will get tired at a point because a one-sided relationship will get the one who bears it the most exhausted quickly.

Therefore, when his expectation is defeated, and she stops caring for him, he will want to swiftly make it up to her and show her that he cares for her in all possible ways.

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2. The Fear to Break Up

It is vicious not to care for your girlfriend when she stops. By ignoring her, you’ve ascertained her assumptions that you don’t take the relationship seriously from the beginning. Thereby giving her genuine reason to break up with you.

Only a guy who doesn’t love his girlfriend in the first instance or perhaps playing with her will not start caring for her when she stops because such a situation is a clear end to any relationship.

On the other hand, a guy that takes his relationships seriously will do all things possible in such a situation to show his woman he sincerely cares for her.

Therefore, he will start doing everything to please her because he fears breaking up with her.

3. They Got to Know They Have Not Been Fair

Many people will not stop their bad habits until you decide to treat them harshly. When the person who the bad habit affects finally decides to pay back in the same coin, they also feel the pain and realize they have not been fair.

This is the case of a boyfriend who makes little of the love, care, and passion his lover shows him.

He won’t realize how his action hurts his partner and how he has not been fair to her and the relationship until she stops caring.

However, when the girl decides to bother herself no more with a guy who would see no good in all her lovely gestures and advances, the guy will get to realize he has not been fair enough through her action.

Therefore, he starts doing everything possible to show he cares for her and save the relationship from crumbling.

4. He Miss the Good Days

The romantic texts, the early morning and late-night calls, the outings, and visitations all mean a lot to him.

However, what happens when you limit those romantic signals from him?

He will be disturbed and start missing how you used to care for him when you stopped giving a damn about him or the relationship.

To this effect, he will be left with no option but to start caring for you.

He believes that you can reconsider your action and return the care you have ejected from the relationship, and the both of you can go back to the good days.

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5. They Have Nasty Mission to Accomplish

Unfortunately, it is not always for good when guys start caring for you because you stop.

Ordinarily, you may think he has realized that making you the only one who shows commitment and care in the relationship is terrible, and he is ready to make things right.

However, there may be something more than that in some instances. A guy may be doing that because he has some repulsive missions he has not achieved with you or in the relationship.

You need to be very observant, especially if it is a guy who has not yet had carnal knowledge of you.

While it occurs to you that he is doing what he should do for the relationship to survive, he might only decide to care for you because he sees your halt in caring for him as a threat to his mission.

Perhaps, he has crowed before his friends to sleep with you as some guys usually do.

With all that being said, as a lady dealing with a guy that only cares for you when you stop caring, understanding, and perseverance matter a lot.

While you may want to correct him and put him on the right pedestal by not caring for him, you have to be cautious enough to know when not to cross the line.

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