He Has A Girlfriend But Still Wants To Sleep With Me

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he has a girlfriend but still wants to sleep with me

It will, of course, occur surprisingly to you when a guy who has a girlfriend makes sexual advances toward you. You will find it surprising that you may be left in limbo about what step to take in such a situation.

When a guy desires something from a lady, especially when it involves intimacy, they become so sugar-coated in their utterances that it takes a lady to be smart and intelligent not to fall victim.

Why does he has a girlfriend but still wants to sleep with me

He can promise you heaven on earth even though he has a girlfriend.

He will give you thousands of reasons for you to okay his demand. He can even go within limits, buying you gifts and taking you out for launch.

But the truth remains that a guy with a girlfriend should not sleep with other ladies.

Unfortunately, the reverse is fast becoming what is obtainable. Despite having girlfriends, many guys run after other ladies to be intimate with them.

Some may even go up to the point of encouraging other ladies to dump their boyfriends for them.

However, what should you do as a lady in such a situation?

The first thing you should bear in mind is your self-worth. If a guy in a relationship makes sexual advances toward you, has he not derogated you as an element for his sexual satisfaction?

You may not realize this initially, but you will feel used when he eventually pays no attention to you and concentrates on his relationship.

You will not even want to interfere with his relationship because it was your fault in the first place by giving him the chance to use you.

Furthermore, it is a bad habit to let guys who have girlfriends sleep with you. Your conscience should push you to imagine yourself in his girlfriend’s situation.

How would you feel if it occurred that your boyfriend slept with another lady?

Meanwhile, even though this may appear unappealing, you may sometimes want to think it over if a guy who has a girlfriend wants to sleep with you, especially if he is someone you know to be of good conduct.

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What if he plans to leave his girlfriend to get hooked up with you?

Most times, the mere fact he starts by making erotic advances toward you may not mean he wants to use and dump you.

Nevertheless, this may be very vicious, and you need to be very careful, as a person known to be of good conduct may one day turn otherwise.

As you have rightly seen, the wrong sides weigh much more than the good sides. Therefore, when a guy who has a girlfriend still wants to sleep with you, you should be ready to turn him down, except if you want to damn the consequences for your satisfaction.

Why Do Guys Flirt With You When They Have a Girlfriend

Any guy with a girlfriend is expected to be committed to his relationship and have little to do with other ladies.

By contrast, some guys deviate from the norms and go as far as flirting with other ladies despite having girlfriends.

Moreover, if you have wondered why a guy who has a lover flirts with you, the following factors that make him do so will satisfy your curiosity.

1. They Find You Attractive and Lively

If a guy that has a girlfriend should flirt with another lady, he possibly finds an ounce of attraction in her. Although not all ladies are created with the same body parts, shape, beauty, and composure vary from one girl to another.

Therefore, when guys, especially those who may lack contentment start getting conscious that their girlfriends are not endowed with visible attributes as other girls, they start flirting with other ladies who they think are specially made.

More so, if you are lively and accommodating to people irrespective of gender, guys whose girlfriends find it difficult to show or express love and care or hardly hold a conversation will somehow be attracted to you.

While everyone always wants to be happy in their relationship, some ladies can be boring in holding a conversation.

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2. They Want to Pay Back Their Cheating Girlfriends

It is heartbreaking to find out that a girl you love and have been loyal to is cheating on you. However, you can forgive her and let things continue or break up with her when such happens.

Unfortunately, some guys believe they must take an eye for an eye. Therefore, when they find out that their partners have been cheating on them, the only remedy they think of is to take revenge by also flirting with other girls.

Meanwhile, the fact is that two wrongs can never make a right. While you can’t forgive your girlfriend for her infidelity, she will also not forgive you for flirting with other girls. Eventually, the relationship will fall.

3. Guys Feel They Are Smart

Nearly guys act smart. They believe they can flirt with other girls without their girlfriends noticing. Therefore, they play a lot of girls, thinking that they are brave enough to handle any situation that comes their way.

Therefore, while a guy may have a girlfriend he loves, he can still go on to flirt with others no matter how deeply he loves his girlfriend.

One of the common ways guys boast of their masculinity among their peers is their ability to handle and outsmart several ladies concurrently.

This is why ladies today should be careful enough to mingle with guys wisely and not let any random guy toy with their feelings and emotions. Or a way to show off his masculinity to his friends while they seriously have girlfriends.

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4. They Have Persistent Problems in Their Relationship

Rationally, when a problem keeps recurring in a relationship, the partners expect to discuss and proffer solutions.

They are not supposed to look out of the relationship for comfort because of problems they can resolve.

Unfortunately, some guys cowardly start seeing the end to their relationships in such a situation. Therefore, they believe it will be in their best interest to start looking for alternatives to circumvent being on the losing side when the relationship eventually breaks down.

As a result, guys start flirting with the next available girl for future purposes.

5. He Might Only Be Trying to Be Nice to You

You may not have to label all men who try to get close to you as bad. What if he is being nice to you?

Suppose a man who has been in a relationship for a long time makes his relationship explicitly known to you. If he is of good conduct, you may consider his closeness and advances towards you as flirting.

He might not even have such intention. Perhaps, he is getting closer to you because he sees you as someone who can be helpful to him above all kinds of intimate relationships, and he can, in return, offer helps when needed.

To this effect, you need to be careful with such men. Even if you observe his closeness to you is becoming unnecessarily too much, you may only need to create boundaries between you carefully.

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6. Their Relationship Is Young

Another main reason guys will flirt with other ladies when they have girlfriends is their relationship is at a tender age.

You will hardly see a guy who has spent years building his relationship with his girlfriend flirting with other ladies unnecessarily because he knows it may cost him his hard-to-build relationship.

Moreover, studies have revealed that most of the guys who flirt with girls outside their relationships are those whose relationships are young or are not committed to their relationships.

They have nothing much to lose, oblivious that young relationships can graduate to solid ones.

7. To Satisfy Their Libido

Naturally, men are said to have a higher sex drive than women, and much biological research has backed it up.

Therefore, it will be difficult for a single lady to satisfy the sexual urge of some men. It may take numerous women to satisfy some men’s unending libido, especially in their 20s.

To this effect, most guys may want to be intimate with their girlfriends often. They may be denied on most occasions if the girlfriend has low sexual libido. Therefore, some guys flirt and sleep with other ladies to satisfy their high libidos.

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