Should Your Girlfriend Be Your Priority?

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should your girlfriend be your priority

Aside from your romantic relationship, many other things require your time, attention, and dedication, such as your work, health, faith, etc.

You need to listen to others and offer help as much as you can afford when they need such demands- your family and friends.

Should your girlfriend be your priority?

Ordinarily, making someone your priority is natural because factors beyond your control often influence it. Firstly, the time you spend with people is the primary factor determining if they will be your priority.

More so, if someone does what pleases you more than they do what displeases you, there is a high chance such a person will be your priority.

Furthermore, the amount of benefit you derive from interacting with someone also, to a large extent, determines your priority.

However, even with these natural factors that influence making someone a priority in your life, you can still decide to deviate from the norms and make someone your priority consciously.

Meanwhile, you need to be aware of these factors first but choose to be conscious enough not to let them affect your priority selection.

Moreover, considering the natural factors determining priority, your girlfriend has a significant chance of being your priority.

Primarily, you spend much time chatting, calling, visiting, and recreating with your girlfriend.

Furthermore, your girlfriend will always want to do what pleases you. For the sake of her love for you, she never wants you to be displeased or hurt by any of her actions.

In addition, there are a lot of benefits you derive from your girlfriend. They can sometimes act as advisers and confidants and even provide financial security.

Therefore, by natural factors, your girlfriend should be your priority because the human mind, body, and soul are usually attached to people who comfort them.

On the other hand, even if you are conscious of these natural factors that attach you to someone and make you prioritize them, your girlfriend should nevertheless be your priority.

While others may love you and decide not to show it, your girlfriend will never do so.

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At every possible opportunity, she always wants to reassure you of her deep love for you. She wants to show she cares for you and never wants to see you unhappy, depressed, or in difficulty.

Therefore, you should guarantee that you are aware and conscious of the natural factors that make you prioritize a person and decide not to make them manifest in selecting your priority.

Nevertheless, you should put your girlfriend at the forefront of the people you prioritize in your life if your feelings for each other are mutual.

Signs You Are a Priority in His Life

After spending time building your relationship with him, you will never want to wake up one day to grasp that you are not even a priority in the life of someone you have always shown love, affection, and compassion.

However, if you have seen any or some of these signs, be rest assured he has made you a priority in his life.

1. He Always Creates Time For You

Everyone is busy doing one thing or the other. However, no matter how busy your boyfriend is with his studies, work schedule, or anything, he will always have time for you if he prioritizes you.

No matter how tight his schedule is, he will create time to talk to you, reply to your texts and visit you.

Any time he is chanced, he will want to be with you and have a pleasant time with you.

He wants to go sightseeing with you, take you out for lunch, go to the beach with you, play games with you and do anything that makes the time you both spend together enjoyable enough that you both will long for the return of such moments.

2. He Introduces You to His Family and Friends

Anyone who considers you his priority will have no reason to keep you away from his people. Therefore, being his priority will make him not hesitate to introduce you to his family members and friends.

He might be the one to suggest and make arrangements for you to meet his friends and family.

Furthermore, prioritizing you in his life requires that he allows you to interact with them and even encourages you to be free around them.

In addition, he will make you exchange contacts with them and enable you to build friendships with them since you and his family are people important to his life; he will like to create the connection.

3. He Makes Future Plans and Important Decision With You

If he not only tells you about his plans but also involves you in the planning process and includes you in the plans, it is a bright light showing you that you are a priority in his life.

Including you in the life he wants to live in the future and allowing you to plan it with him implies that he is ready to stay with you for the rest of his life.

Likewise, if he always consults you for advice when it is time for him to make any critical decision that affects his life, you are undoubtedly a priority to him.

Importantly, if you observe that he does not only seek advice from you but also makes use of your advice, you are indeed a priority to him.

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4. He Always Wants You Protected and to Feel secure

A man who considers you a priority in his life will never want any harm to befall you, no matter how little. As a result, he will always find every possible means to ensure you are protected.

He will call to confirm nothing bothers your mind occasionally.

Furthermore, he always wants you to feel secure in the relationship. He will never want to abuse you either verbally or by any means.

He will always do things that make you trust him more as time passes. More so, while in public, he shows you a lot of respect and makes people see that you belong to him and that he values you as his girlfriend.

5. He Wants to Impress You

Another sign that you have become his priority is always doing things to impress you.

He will want you to see a lot of potentials embedded in him, and even while he may not want to explore it before others, he will always want to make you see that you have chosen the best man in all ramifications.

Apart from showing you his work credibility and the praises he receives at his place of work or his excellent results, he will want to show he has gotten other potentials, such as cooking and labour skills and will want you to watch him in action to showcase these talents.

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6. He’s Always Listening to You

If you are his priority, he will always listen to you whenever you have something to say. He will listen to the words you say expressly and, of course, to the unsaid words that are audible to him through your body language and actions.

If he prioritizes you, he will always create time to understand your emotions and lift you out of depression or ill-feeling.

After listening to you, he will proffer a possible solution to any issue you might have tabled before him.

7. He’s Loyal to You

Even without considering being a priority in a man’s life, loyalty is imminent for the success of any love affair.

Therefore, when it comes to being a priority in his life, he must be loyal to you to a considerable extent.

To this effect, when you observe that your boyfriend is loyal to you- he does not keep vital information and things away from you, allows you to have access to his mobile phones, you can visit him unannounced, you are, of course, a priority in life.

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8. He Never Wants to Disappoint You

Your boyfriend will never want to disappoint you if he has made you a priority in his life. When he promises to do anything for you, he will try to ensure he fulfils it to the best of his ability.

Apart from the promises, he will not want to disappoint you in the relationship and will always show you signs by acting up to your expectations and putting the needed energy into the relationship.

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