4 Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You

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4 signs your ex isn't over you

One of the challenging realities to admit is breaking up from a sweet loving relationship. The sweet moments, the early morning and late-night calls, the show of love, care, passion, and the romantic gestures all exist no more. It can be tough.

Your loved ones comfort you to brush off the pain and move on. While this may be the fitting counsel to offer a heartbroken person, getting over someone you love may not be as easy as it sounds.

Partners get so attached in relationships that they may never envisage a breakup coming. Therefore, getting over a partner with whom you’ve had beautiful memories will be difficult.

Signs your ex isn’t over you

The inability to get over an ex-lover is more when the relationship has existed for a long time. It won’t be easy to get over such a breakup, adjust and move on.

The mutual comfort and familiarity created between the two partners over the years will make it hard to get over one’s ex-lover.

If the relationship engagement is one-sided, getting over an ex would not be easy after all the efforts. The relentless energy, time, and emotions invested in the relationship, which the other partner may not appreciate, will not let some people get over their ex quickly.

Furthermore, our emotion significantly impacts our ability to get over an ex. People manage their emotions differently. While some will move on with their life, others may get drowned in their emotions.

Therefore, it hits hard for some when they experience a breakup and finds it challenging to get over their ex.

Also, the fear of not getting another suitable person makes it difficult for some to get over their ex. Perhaps they may later realize how perfect their ex was and fear they’ve missed something precious.

They fear that even if they get another lover, they can’t be as perfect as their ex was for them. Hence, they live in guilt and struggle to get over their ex.

Moreover, what does it mean when your ex cannot get over you?

In a nutshell, they still crave a return to the good days as much as you are ready to give it a second thought.

Even if your ex was the bone of contention that ended the relationship and later finds it difficult to get over you, there is a high chance that they have realized their mistakes and are ready to correct their misdeed.

If so, how do you know your ex has not gotten over you?

The following are four signs indicating that your ex has not gotten over you.

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4 Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You

Giving a second chance in a relationship is cool if the feeling is mutual. The time after the breakup allows the two lovers to rethink and evaluate whether the relationship is worth getting back.

However, that only happens when both parties are ready to make it work out.

Moreover, if you think of giving your previous relationship a second chance, how do you find out your ex has not gotten over you?

Below are four clear signs your ex isn’t over you.

1. They Still Want to Stay in Touch With You

You may wonder why your ex always wants to talk to you most time. The point is, they’ve not gotten over you. They still find it hard to accept that you are no longer together and won’t mind any possibility of a comeback.

They are still fantasizing about their romantic memories with you and can’t come to terms with the fact that those good days are over.

Your cute smile, lovely and kind gestures, and how you care for them are all they can think of whenever you cross their mind.

Therefore, they will do everything possible to stay in touch with you. They will call you more often than you expect, text you regularly, and pay you visits if you give room for it.

However, you need to note that your ex-lover trying to stay in touch with you means a lot to them. Perhaps your ex realized how wrong they’d treated you and is convinced you’re the best they will ever have; breaking up was not the best option.

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2. They may Keep Acting Unusual

People pick up attitudes they are not known for after a breakup if they were in love with you. It implies they are pained the relationship has to come to an end.

Everything has its measurement of normality. Therefore, if the unusual act of your ex keeps up for more than a time that can be considered abnormal, they are not over you. The breakup may still appear to them like an illusion they don’t want to admit to.

Your ex may consistently be aggressive, blowing up a fight with anyone with the slightest provocation, or drinking more than usual, which was never a habit. They may pick up the habit because of the pain the breakup might have caused.

Moreover, for the few times you interact, they cannot keep a stable character. Sometimes, they act friendly, and sometimes otherwise. They don’t want you to catch them nursing their wounds.

3. They became Jealous

Why do some people get agitated when their partners have moved on? Why do they hardly want to see their ex with new people? The simple answer is they are not over their ex.

It can be so dramatic that the people they see around you may not even be your new love interest. Their inability to get over you will drive them to act abnormally toward anyone they assume to be your new love interest.

Although they may act like they are not jealous, you will see it visibly in how they act. Moreover, if your ex keeps up this attitude, you should understand that there are chances they still want you.

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4. Friends Always Want to Talk Things Out

They are not over you if friends try to settle the rift between you and your ex -this can happen in two ways.

First, you may think they sent friends to help talk to you to lay the matter to rest. However, it may not be. Friends perhaps observe how they discuss you and decide to talk you into getting back together.

The other way is that they are the one who sends friends to talk things out with you. They are not over you but can’t come to you directly. Hence, they send a friend you respect to talk to you on their behalf.

Moreover, your ex isn’t over you if their friends constantly come to talk with you about settling the rift between the both of you. Therefore, you may as well consider if the relationship is worthy of a second chance.

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Bottom Line
Although the general perception about breaking up is to move on and get hooked up with other partners if possible, things do not always go like that. There is always room for a second chance if only the feeling is mutual.

Therefore, your ex not getting over you does not mean weakness. It shows they still care and will or may not consider a second chance if the opportunity presents itself.

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