How Long Can You Go Without Talking To Someone You Love

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how long can you go without talking to someone you love

Communication is the pillar of every successful relationship! It is never a choice but a necessity for a couple to deal with.

However, there are times your partner can go wrong, and you are pained about such behavior. Even though your mind may not choose it, the best recourse to show your grievance at the time is to cut communication from your partner.

How long can you go without talking to someone you love

Cutting communication goes to the depth of doing away with your loved one till they realize their misdeed and tender apology you deserve.

Besides, other factors like distance or work might keep you busy from talking to your loved one.

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Can you love someone and not talk to them?

No, it is too exaggerating to call such a relationship. Such can be a mere infatuation, fondness, or admiration meant to be for a short time and highly conditional.

Loving someone has a lot to do with bond and attachment, like a drunkard who is always addicted to a beer bottle.

It is normal to be pissed if they offend you. After all, disagreement makes romantic affairs strong, but understanding always makes them stronger.

Your mind will keep longing for your partner even though you cut out communication with them.

If distance and work keep you busy, you must resonate with your loved ones at intervals and feel the move to communicate with them.

Nevertheless, you can keep yourself away from communicating with your partner to right a wrong they have caused you for a short while. Make them realize the need to be apologetic in such a situation to avoid the reoccurrence of the misunderstanding in the future.

How long should you go without talking to your partner?

This depends on the cause of the cut in communication and your partner’s personality.

If you are not talking because of the distance or being busy, try reaching out when you miss your partner or feel your disconnection is taking time.

Not speaking for too long can lead to disconnection and eventual damage to the relationship.

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There is a saying that out of sight is out of mind; your feeling will wear off in no time if you allow work and distance to occupy much of your time. You can schedule a timing as a reminder to alert you when to reach out to your partner.

The best solution would be to sort out the issue through a dialogue where everyone can tender their grievances.

In essence, the farther you can go without talking to your loved one is when you realize your muteness is degrading the relationship rather than serving as a tool for correcting your acclaimed partner’s wrongdoings.

What can cause not talking to your partner in a relationship?

Except it is some necessities beyond your control that cut you from talking to your partner, it is pretty disgusting treating every of your displeasure towards your partner as a reason not to speak to them.

Not talking to your partner only work in some exceptional situations. They are but not limited to these;

1. When they intrude on your privacy

Yes, if you are the type that cares so much about your privacy and any intrusion used to piss you off, the best is to let your partner be aware of it.

This doesn’t mean you are hiding things from them, but you like to enjoy some moment alone, and they should be prepared to ride on with you.

If your partner remains hell-bent, the best is to talk it out with them. If that measure fails and they are taking it for a joke, the next action should be to cut out communication. That would make them see the gravity of their nonchalant attitude toward your privacy.

They would reach out to you on what to do and apologize for getting you angry if they respect the relationship.

2. When they fail to remember your anniversary or birthday

If you are the type that takes an important moment of your life like birthday, anniversary, and the likes seriously, but your partner is indifferent about it. Notify them if the day is about to reach.

If they fail to remember, you can cut out communication from such partners as displeasure for their non-remembrance.

3. When they are not loyal to the relationship

Disloyalty is a severe disrespect in a relationship and should be treated as such.

If you feel your partner is cheating, but you don’t have enough evidence to substantiate your assertion, you can avoid such partners by cutting off communication with them till they realize you are suspicious of their ill move and apologize to that effect.

4. When you are being lied to

A relationship built on lies will never stand the test of time. It will be filled with misunderstanding, distrust, and insecurity.

If you realize your partner lies to you mischievously to perfect their way before you, the best is to treat such with immediate attention by not talking to them.

If they realized you are no longer who you used to be towards them, they would surely want to know what is wrong. Afterward, you can chip in your grievances and talk it out.

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5. When you are not being appreciated enough

We all want to put energy where it can be appreciated and complimented.

If your partner hardly appreciates the consistent effort you are dishing out to make the relationship stand out, consider making them aware you need a partner who won’t take your effort for granted.

One of those logical ways you can let the conversation hold is to stop talking to your partner. That would draw their attention and make them realize that they have been taking your effort unappreciated.

But be aware that a relationship is built on a precise exchange of love. You have a beautiful relationship when you are ready to do more for your partner than you think your partner should do for you.

All is fair in love. In the end, you will be happy your effort makes better of the relationship. In essence, don’t wait for your partner’s matching energy before doing what is required to grow your affairs.

6. When you are not given enough time

Time is of the essence in any relationship that wants to have a fulfilling end. You both need to share time together to know each other well enough, especially if it is a new relationship.

You need to clear out schedules for each other and make time as much as possible.

If your partner is a type that does get more engaged with work or gets distracted by less important activities, one of the ways you can correct this is to keep away from them for some time.

If they hold the relationship in high esteem, they would undoubtedly be willing to make themselves available to you after they realize why you have distanced yourself from them.

What to avoid when not in communication with your partner

Cutting out communication is a tricky game between correcting the discrepancies in your relationship to make it much better and allowing it to be a start to an end of the relationship.

If you are not careful in using this effective tool in correcting your partner’s wrong, it might turn to the latter, and the relationship will crumble right in your face.

The gimmick is to understand your partner’s personality and how they can handle your muteness before you use such a technique.

These are what you are not expected to do when you are not talking with your partner. Doing these will make your move as a preparation to break up.

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1. Do not block your partner

Don’t get angry to the extent of blocking your partner from every possible channel they can use to reach you.

They will assume you are done with them and will be ready to move on in no time. Either on-call or social media account, do not block them.

2. Do not push the breakup plan

Be clear about your muteness, do not act or utter words that make it seem you’re tired and have given up on the relationship.

Let them know that it only takes them to understand your displeasure and apologies to get back to your happy moment of the relationship.

3. Never post on social media about the misunderstanding

Posting your relationship issue on social media will always end in regrets. Don’t be too triggered by social media emotional judgment.

When the relationship has a problem, it is unwise to close your mouth physically but use social media to make your grievances known. It is disrespect to your relationship.

Do not turn down your partner’s request for reconciliation, except you are tired and frankly want a breakup; allow reconciliation when your partner moves the motion.

You can’t keep ignoring them for long in the name of not being ready to talk. Not talking makes your dissatisfaction unknown, but communication explains the pain.

Talk things out when the need arises. It gives you chances to make the necessary correction, respect what you don’t like, and avert such in the future.

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