Good Lies To Get Money From Boyfriend

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good lies to get money from boyfriend

Men love spending on their women, especially the one they feel is worth spending on.

Everyone hates futile effort. The reason why men spend on girls is that they consider you a match-up with their marital goal.

Good lies to get money from boyfriend

The first trick to getting enough money from your guy is to be a woman he is attracted to, make him happy and make his effort on making you happy as well worth it; he will empty his account for you and strive hard to see that every bit of your bill is taken care of.

However, certain circumstances and personalities of your boyfriend may not allow him to give you money every time you request it.

Irrespective of what you do, some guys won’t give you enough money even if they have. You will need to be equipped with tricky lies to obtain cash from him to fulfill your budget.

While doing this, do have it in mind that men are smart and hard to get tricked. They can easily know when women lie to them, which might bring distrust into the relationship.

You may consider making honest requests instead of applying tricks to get money from men. However, trying any options below is a sure way of getting cash from a confident guy who loves you but is stingy with money.

You can also apply the trick if it’s not the best time to request because you recently asked for money or don’t want him to know why you needed the money

1. Ask for a borrow

Everyone will prefer lending money outrightly because the refund rate is always high; it is more like saving.

If you want the process to be swift and convincing, ask him to lend you a certain amount. Consider him worth the cash before asking. If you ask for too much, he will ask you to wait till he has enough.

Don’t be specific on when you will refund the money because he would keep the date in mind and ask for a refund. But if you are not detailed on the date, he may forgo the money after asking several times.

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2. Fake a pregnancy

If your relationship allows pre-marital sex, it is a good trick of couching money from your guy.

If you both have a marriage goal but are still building your career, he won’t allow that to truncate the dream; pregnant can disturb the excellent plan that lies ahead of both of you.

If you ever mention the symptom of being pregnant to him, and the need to get rid of it quickly, he will be happy to give you whatever amount you request.

While doing this, Study the possible early pregnancy symptoms like dizziness, vomit, and others. Ensure you fake these a lot in his presence.

To be more convinced, a fake medical report that shows you are pregnant can be tendered to him. Then go ahead and request money for a safe abortion process and pay for post-abortion care since he won’t expect you to work immediately after the procedure.

3. Tell him about a project you ought to have completed

Men love women being an asset to them rather than otherwise. If you are a working type, primarily self-employed, your boyfriend will support anything that will grow your business.

It is another opportunity to get money from him. Tell him about a project you intend to integrate into your business to upscale it. He will undoubtedly struggle to help, especially if he has seen commitment in your quest for growth.

Don’t apply this if you don’t have any strategic business plan that fetches you profit. Make sure you have business in place but inflate the amount needed.

4. Make him want you more

As earlier said, before a man can give you enough money, you must be of high value to him. Let him have the reason to fear losing you to any other man.

Be all he has ever wanted in a woman. Strive hard to satisfy all his fantasies. You won’t only be part of his budget, but he will always count your needs as pressing.

He will feel reciprocating your good deeds by striving hard to meet up with all of your financial obligations.

5. Let him think you are splitting bills

No man wants to be with someone that brings nothing to the table.

You ought to be contributing to the growth of the relationship. If you have been this type of woman to your man, you have a great chance of using this logic to obtain money from him.

Trick him to think you’ve been adding your money to many things he has ever sent you to buy for domestic use.

Make sure you somehow let him be aware anytime you add money. He will see you as being supportive.

Subsequently, he may ask you to tell him the proper budget when the need arises because some men hate passing their financial obligations to their women.

They want to be assured you are not the type of woman who is not ready to spend on something they would benefit from.

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6. Spend on him too

Buying things for him will no doubt make him cherish you more. Men love surprise gifts as women do. It is a big trick to obtain many more gifts from him.

Buy things of value like a watch and chain or anything you know he will cherish. If he is a reader, buying a collection of his interesting genres will go a long way in his heart.

Then you can go ahead to request money from him. It will be difficult for him to turn you down.

7. Lie about a friend or family that failed to refund your money

Lie about a friend or a distant relation he is probably unaware that you have lent money but failed to refund.

Tell him how their non-payment is affecting your business. As a caring boyfriend, he will find what he can do to subsidize the non-existing pain.

The trick works only when you have a viable business doing. Don’t apply if you do not have one.

8. Ask him about money in front of friends

Men like being recognized as being responsible by their friends. If you are aware, he won’t pick offense if you request money from him while with his friends; you can go ahead to do so.

Before applying this trick, study his personality; don’t do it if this will embarrass him.

While asking, try as much as you can to make the request fun. Don’t make it looks like an outright demand or that you’ve been requesting for long with no response.

Above all, study the atmosphere and in-depth discussion with his friend before you meddle with your demand.

9. Be faithful to him

If you are convinced your boyfriend is loyal and working toward things that matter in the future, then you have to pull the same energy.

Men are smart, don’t prioritize lying to them constantly. It will truncate the trust.

Cheating will thwart his generosity nature on you. Follow his will if they are reasonable enough, and let it be known you are there for him if challenges come his way.

While he has these assurances, be rest assured you will have your way into his mind, and any trick you use after that to have your way into his pocket will always work out.

Things to avoid while asking your boyfriend for money

Remember, it is a threat to your relationship if your boyfriend ever knows you are lying to get money from him.

Some of the lies mentioned can allow you to have your way real quick but may not work for you if you are not careful in applying them.

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1. Make sure he has enough money before you try making extra from him

If, despite your trick, you were turned down, restrategize instead of getting angry at him. Remember getting money from your boyfriend isn’t a right but a privilege. Since you are not married, he has no financial obligations to you.

You must avoid these when you want your trick to work out or when you don’t want the lies to destabilize the growing relationship.

2. Don’t get furious if he refuses to give

If all your trick fails, don’t be aggressive with him. He may be having other pressing needs he is funding and not disclosing to you.

Remember, you are also lying to get money from him because you also have some financial obligations you don’t want him to be aware of.

Being angry is an impression that you are a pest and you will be aggressive every time he fails to meet your financial request in marriage. This will be a massive turn-off for him.

3. Don’t compare him with your ex

You won’t be pleased if your boyfriend ever laments and rates you above his ex. He will feel the same way if you ever compare him with your ex.

It is an impression that you are disappointed in him, and if he didn’t meet your expectations, you might break up with him eventually as you dump your ex for him. He may be considering breakup as an option.

4. Have a refund plan if it is a borrow

Suppose your trick is not outright gifting but borrows that work successfully, let him see the commitment you want to pay back.

Strive to pay for the debt, if not all, he will eventually forgo the rest. Doing this won’t block your possible future borrow.

5. Know the time and mood to ask for money from him

Never assume he has the money to gift you. Be sure he has enough, and if you are making the request, don’t ask for what is way too much for him to give. Ask at the time he has enough.

Also, don’t ask when he is bothered about his business or career threats. Ensure your request is mixed with fun or the time he adores you for a recent thing you do that pleases him.

Lastly, if he has a deep interest in sex and romance, place your request when it shows over his face you’ve sexually satisfied him.

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