Is It Right Talking To A Married Man Everyday As A Single Lady

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talking to a married man everyday

A woman will undoubtedly feel psychological betrayal if she realizes her husband is having more conversations with single ladies, except if she is aware they have reason to or know why they are into such long talks.

Is it right talking to a married man everyday as a single lady?

Communication is one of the solid recipes for developing emotional feelings for someone. Except there is a fiduciary relationship between you and the married man, or your discussion is emotionally censored and failed to transcend into a conversation about a personal issue.

You will, with time, get attached to him and unconsciously fall in love with a man in a marriage with another woman. In the end, this is to your detriment more than to him.

Marriage is the goal of every romantic relationship, and you sure know that the man you are into is not ready to practice bigamy.

Why are you wasting your time building a friendship and waiting to get bitterly distorted?

Why do some single ladies like talking to married men everyday

Most ladies get unconsciously attached because they love the personality of a married man.

They don’t intend to be the home-breakers, but unconscious flirting and perpetual communication with a married man would induce them into such an act of promiscuity.

It could lead to romance and the start of a relationship that won’t lead to a good end.

Getting attached to a married man tastes devilishly good, but it is morally a bad habit. Many singles see married men as experienced, mature, caring, and great emotional supporters without caring for the detriment.

Some single ladies want emotional protection without being ready to build one.

Building a single guy to a marriageable status is what some single women cannot deal hence the reason they hop on the available ready-made men cheating on their wives.

Talking to a married man everyday is dangerous to your reputation and his marriage.

Talking is not the issue but your subject of discussion, leading to unwarranted attachment and possibly sexual relationships.

These are the possible dangers you may face when discussing too informally with a married man with whom you don’t share any special relationship.

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The danger of talking to a married man everyday as a single lady

1. Emotional manipulation

A married man who intends to gain your heart will come with emotionally deceptive behaviours. He may try all the possible means to push wrong narratives about his wife whenever you both are having a conversation.

This may unconsciously get into your emotions, and you will feel the need to support his supposed emotional breakage.

The game only manipulates you emotionally and puts you in a tight spot. With time, he will move from the regular conversation to painting bad of his marriage situation just to let you fall into his desire trap.

Once he wins over your emotion, he knows you can do anything that pleases him. Hence, the start of a relationship with him.

2. You will deal with the stigma alone

An indisputable reality is that you will end up being the victim. It is a judgmental world, and nobody cares about your feeling for the man.

The fact that you are flirting with the wrong person makes you a home breaker in the eye of the public.

Also, he may get talking to you because he has a brawl with his wife. Once they settle, you become a pawn in their game.

It means he used you to pass away time while settling issues with his wife, leaving you to deal with the heartbreak and emotional trauma.

3. It can break his marriage

Promiscuity is the start to an end of a beautiful marriage. A long talk could lead to you being in a relationship with a married man.

Talking to a married man every day makes you easily vulnerable to having a romantic relationship with him. If his wife or acquaintances know about the secret relationship, it can eventually break his marriage.

The danger is that you will be tagged as a homewrecker, which may affect your personality. Remember, you have every reason to protect your dignity against such embarrassment.

4. His wife can harm you

Another imminent danger of having a secret talk with a married man is possible embarrassment from his wife.

Even if you do not have intimate affairs with her husband, she may embarrassingly pick on you to protect her territory.

Instead of making out with her husband whom she doesn’t trust enough, she may be stalking you by searching for your contact address or even meeting you physically to bully and threaten you.

5. He will break your heart

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Another inevitable fact of everyday talks with a married man is that it cannot end happily. Someone will get heartbroken eventually, and that is most likely you because he has his wife to fall back to while you don’t.

By talking to you constantly and hitting on your feelings, he is undoubtedly using you and waiting on time to dump you and leave you emotionally devastated after using you to his desired satisfaction.

6. It makes the serious-minded single guys have less interest in dating you

The sad reality is that no man wants wasted effort. The serious single men interested in you will in no time withdraw from the race of seeking your attention when they realize you are into a married man.

They understand that if you agree to start a relationship with them, you may still make time to see the married man and get attached to him more.

By keeping a long talk with a married man, you won’t be only wasting your own time but that of your supposed partner too.

This is because the right energy you need to build your relationship is been wasted on a married man.

7. Sexual fulfilment

As earlier said, talking to a married man can breed a lot of unholy activities between the two of you. He can in no time turn you into an object of sexual satisfaction.

Maybe that is the fulfilment his marriage is lacking. Despite that you are filling the space for him, the relationship will still, in the long run, truncate after he has gotten maximum sexual satisfaction from you.

Besides, a serial cheater can prey on you by starting with constant communication.

Suppose he is having a lot of extramarital affairs. In that case, this can open you to sexual infection that is at the detriment of your health or even gives you a life-threatening sexually transmitted disease.

8. The relationship remains a secret

Talking to him daily becomes a secret affair since you know what you are doing is morally wrong.

You won’t be proud to be with him in public. You make life more frustrating because you will live in avoidable guilt.

Getting out of talking to a married man everyday

You are reading this probably because you want to make out of the entanglement and live out of the married man.

The constant communication you have recently is ticking in the direction of a relationship. Below are quick things you can do to save yourself from the danger of imminent promiscuity.

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1. Understand the situation

Be quick to learn the intention of a married man talking to you constantly. Don’t mistake his friendliness for the fact that he has a shady intention of preying on you.

He may merely be attracted by your intelligence in holding a conversation of interest or may ordinarily be a man that cares for you naturally.

However, it is a red flag if he dwells more on relationship and love-related topics, especially if you know personal matters about each other.

2. Enquire about him from people

Irrespective of his excellent and caring attitude, enquiring about his character from people who have known him for a long time if you are chanced to do so.

The reason is to quickly understand whether he is a sheep in wolf clothing or genuine with his intention of getting close to you.

3. Don’t get too tied to him

Some men don’t initially intend to move beyond the regular conversation you both have. But your attachment to them each day makes them see you as vulnerable.

Building your life around him strongly indicates that he can easily use you. Since he is not part of your plan, direct whatever personal issue to your supposed boyfriend. If you have none, solve the problem alone rather than seek his help.

4. Avoid too often secret meetings and discussions

Schedule public places for your discussions. Being in seclusion environs may breed unwarranted lust. Except you are convinced and confident the conversation won’t generate an undesired emotional feeling.

Also, avoid too verbose chit-chat with a married man. Be friendly and fun while chatting, but bringing unnecessary gist will make you feel too convenient catching fun with another woman’s husband.

5. Avoid unwarranted compliments or gifts

Exchanging gifts and compliments is the heart of maintaining a good relationship. It is a norm in every type of friendship. But be sensitive to the kind of gift you receive from a married man.

He may use the beautiful gift he knows you will like to receive as bait to hook your attention.

Gifts and endless compliments might transcend the ordinary talking into emotional entanglement that will only lead to your ruin.

6. Relate more to single men

Understand early that flirting with a married man is a start to the failure of building your settlement for marriage.

Prioritize your marital home by making out with your best matches from now. Make yourself approachable to serious single men that need a relationship.

Single men won’t approach you as long as the married men still hover around you.

7. Realize his family will always come first

The quicker you admit this reality, the better it is for you. He might be overly caring and get your attention. He might be a great supporter of your career and ambitions.

But the fact remains, he won’t put his wife and children on the line for you. He prioritizes them more. Why don’t you build a relationship with a single man who will prioritize you?

8. Seek professional counselling

Suppose you find it extremely difficult to stop communicating with a married man despite knowing its possible dangers. The best recourse is to seek professional help.

A professional therapist will help set your emotions in place before it’s too late.

Finally, talking to a married man is not an issue; if you are aware of the boundary and the detriment accrued to making a move beyond ordinary talking, the conversation won’t develop a mutual relationship.

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