Good Lies To Get Money From Your Parents

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good lies to get money from your parents

Each day, our demand for money keeps rising. But the resources to satisfy human wants are always limited.

As a grown-up child, probably a college student, teenager, or even a working-class with low pay, you will at some times need additional money to fuel the little resources you have with you so that you can acquire that urgent need of the moment.

Getting urgent money from your parents needs some tactics. To most parents, you must always have reason to need money that is why you need some good lies to get money from your parents.

They don’t believe there are some demands you won’t be convenient telling them. They would want you to have a reason to back every money request.

Going all polite may not be successful when requesting money from your parents because what you consider your need for fulfillment may be a luxury or a total waste to your parents.

These are the possible lies that can trick them into having your way into their purse.

If you logically place these good lies and block every necessary loophole they may think of. You will indeed have your way and obtain money from them in the end.

Good lies to get money from your parents

1. School project

Most use this lie as a college student, and it is one of the best working lies if you urgently need cash from your parent.

It is the best excuse if you are in a university far from home because your parents want you to have a smooth education. They don’t want money to be an encumbrance for you excelling at school.

This trick will trigger them to get you the money as fast as possible.

But don’t ask for too much at a time. Don’t ask for what could get them easily suspicious of your aim. And don’t ask for little money for an obvious massive project.

Ask for contribution for a group project, money for an impromptu assignment and research, and many related lies that won’t get them doubting you.

2. Self-improvement

Every parent wants to see their child grow and achieve more remarkable feats by acquiring certifications and learning new skills and academic activities.

This is a good lie to use, especially when your parents have been disturbing you to improve your skill outside of academics.

Tell them that the course they want you to apply for is about to start and that you are now ready to take the course. You can Photoshop every necessary detail about the system for them to see to believe in your readiness.

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3. Tell them you will pay back soon

If you are the working-class type, parents hardly give enough because they now believe you are ripe enough to fend for your basic needs.

You can request money from them with the lie that you will pay back later in the future without the intention to do so.

We sometimes see money lending given to us by our parents as a gift. A lending request would trigger them to provide you with the money rather than an outright request for it without paying it back.

After all, if you refuse to pay back, they can do nothing because you are still their child, and you are entitled to enjoy their resources.

While making a request, make sure you don’t promise a particular date for a refund because they can be counting on that and might be disturbing when the time reaches.

If you do not specify a date, they will eventually forget after asking for a bit of time if the money isn’t huge.

4. Unexpected Expenses

You can make up unexpected but realistic expenses that can make them easily release the money to you.

Tell them your best friend’s birthday is near and you would like to get them a beautiful birthday gift.

5. Taking a break

You can convince them you need some break to cool off your brain after a long hard work in school or a job. This trick usually works because they care about your mental health and won’t mind giving you money to get refreshed.

Make sure you work very hard to earn this, get good grades for them to be convinced you have been stressing yourself in school through reading.

6. Failed investment

This works if you need huge money from them. But before using it, make sure you stay far away from them and that you have projected the lie long before acting it out. How?

Tell them you saved up or borrowed money to start some investment as a side hustle.

After some months, you can trick them when you need the money by announcing that the investment has folded up or that you were scammed and need to repay the loan.

They won’t want your humiliation as a parent; they will surely be ready to help you out of such a situation.

Be very careful about the lie, especially if you have a smart parent.

Make sure you have fake documents or evidence that can vindicate you of truly investing if they ask for it.

7. Friends unable to pay back the money you lend them

Another lie you can cook up to get money from parents is telling them you lend money to a friend, but they cannot refund it.

Since they have been teaching you to be kind from infant, they will feel bad that you are hurt for your heart of kindness, and they would surely want to lessen the pain by refunding the money you claim your friend refuses to refund.

8. Surplus budget for necessities

If you are a college student on monthly or quarterly allowance for upkeep. You can make a surplus budget of your needs in school so that you would be able to squeeze out the extra money from the surplus.

You can use the excuse of how things are cost in the market to triple the budget for your parents. Lie to them about the cost of some dresses these days.

Inflate the price of those jeans; tell them you will need new pajamas.

If you have enough new clothes, they are not aware of. You can tell them you need a wardrobe change as part of the budget.

Is it right to tell lies to collect money from your parents?

It is totally out of morality to be lying before getting money from your parents.

One thing about a lie is it won’t keep you forever. You may even be caught lying sooner than expected. As a parent, they will listen to you, feel your pains, and genuinely understand you if you need money.

Try to push logic and emotion as a form of persuasion when making a request rather than ripping them to get money. Trust me, when parents say they do not have money, they aren’t lying to you.

They might, at the time, have a demanding budget you are not aware of. It is the joy of every parent to spend their resources on their children.

You have no reason to lie to milk money from them because they will be convenient giving you at their conveniences, only that they would want to know what you genuinely need money for.

Alternatively, these are what you can do as an alternative rather than making up outright lies to get money from your parents.

1. Be direct in asking them

Being direct and polite in requesting money can make them give you the money faster. Though there are times, the reason you need the money isn’t convincing enough.

Giving excuses in this instance is noble than outright lying. Make up a reasonable excuse of things you needed, but you can increase the figure.

2. Seek Assistance elsewhere

Though your parents are responsible for your needs, if you have a need that you are desperate to have, your parents may likely not give you much money if you ask. Then you can seek help elsewhere rather than obtaining money from them falsely.

You can request from an old friend, your siblings, uncle, or family you know could have enough to give out.

3. Get a side hustle

Getting a side hustle to meet up your significant demand can be fulfilling.

Though it can be hard combining work with academic activities if you are a student but you will be able to have the confidence of making your own money, and your mind will be free from the guilt of lying to your parents.

4. Be disciplined and good to everyone

As an adult, the need for money will always keep rising, and there will always be a curiosity to meet those demands and acquire those luxuries with cash.

If you are not disciplined enough, lying to get money from your parent will become convenient for you.

5. Realize early in life that you can’t achieve it all at a time

If you know your parent can’t get you that luxury dress or shoes yet, why not give up on the thoughts rather than living with the guilt of lying to your parents who have built their trust in you because when trust has been severed, it will be too difficult to amend.

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