He Is Online But Not Texting Me – His Reasons

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he is online but not texting me

Being in a relationship requires open and healthy communication, but when you ask questions like, why is he online but not texting me? Then there must be a breach in communication with your man.

Wondering why he is online but not texting me is an entirely normal question to ask if you like him, and always look forward to hearing from him.

If this is not the first time you’ve noticed that he appears to be online but has left your messages unattended, then it’s an issue to be concerned about. 

Fortunately, you’ll find helpful suggestions here to enable you to act correctly.

The majority of women like to have the attention of their men constantly. 

Your communication at the onset of your relationship has been lovey-dovey, with instant responses from both of you. So when a change occurs after some time, no one can blame you for being concerned.

After establishing this, you should also view how you should handle the situation and avoid making the mistake of blowing things out of proportion.

If he is online but not texting you, it may be that he’s got a lot on his plate, maybe he’s not in a safe place where he can converse with you, or he’s unhappy about something you’ve done.

I know a lot of other reasons that could be responsible for his lack of response to you. It will help if you keep reading to see why and find helpful tips for managing the situation.

Why He Is Online But Not Texting You

Before you start rummaging your mind and panicking, read below the possible reasons why your man is not texting you back even when he is online.

1. Your conversations are not interesting

The man you like might be ignoring your texts because he feels you’re boring. This is one easy way to discourage his interest in you.

You are getting it wrong if you always have no contribution to what he likes to talk about and are not ready to educate and improve yourself. 

He’ll most likely have second thoughts about you when all you talk about are unproductive discussions that add no value to him.

Also, he may not hang around for too long if you’re too serious about everything. Your man will have the hunger to text you if he thinks you’re fun.

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2. His hands are full with engagements

You can relate to how busy someone can be that he hardly has time to reply to text messages. This may be your man’s situation.

If he sucks at multitasking, you’ll need to learn to be more patient with him when he doesn’t reply to you at the time you’d like.

However, you are right to think being busy shouldn’t stop him from checking up on you and texting you while he is online. 

Still, if he sucks at doing things simultaneously, replying to your messages when you need his attention might be an arduous task.

3. You’re too available

It would help if you restrained yourself from always becoming too available.

If you’re always looking out for his texts, responding more than the speed of sound as if you live in his inbox, and sending a lot of readers to him, he may begin to take your availability for granted.

If this is the case with you, slow down and take a deep breath.

When you limit your availability and still find out that he hasn’t improved in texting you, then it might be another reason. 

Continue reading to know why.

4. Texting is not his forte

In the beginning, when you two were getting to know each other, he might have responded more consistently to your messages.

But trust me, if he struggles to text, you will notice a slack in your chatting routine over time.

This is true, especially if he knows you like him, and there’s no need to work hard anymore to get your attention.

5. He may be upset with you

Another logical reason why your guy is not texting you when he’s online is that you might have done something wrong. 

You can quickly know this if you honestly check back on your previous interactions with him.

When you offend him, he can become grumpy about it and choose to ignore you instead of letting you know.

Before you draw other conclusions, find out if this is the reason.

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6. He’s not interested anymore

Perhaps he doesn’t like you as much as you hope he would. This is enough reason not to text you even when he’s online.

If he likes you enough, you won’t have to guess this for a second. He’ll always want to text you and know how you are doing.

It doesn’t matter if he liked you at the beginning. People change with time. Your guy might have changed as well.

7. He may be in an inconvenient place

When your man doesn’t text you when he’s online, it doesn’t always mean there’s a need for you to worry.

Though he appears to be online, he may be inactive due to where he is and what he is doing at a given time.

He could be with his family, friends, or boss and appear online simultaneously. They may also be demanding his attention at the moment. 

You should understand that people also need your man as much as he needs them. He will not always be in a convenient place to chat with you.

8. He forgot

Your man might have had plans to text you later but forgot to do so. We all can be guilty of this. It should not come as a surprise to you when this is the case.

Waiting to complete a task before chatting you up can be delayed, which might get you worried.

9. He’s uncertain about his feelings

When a guy who seems to like you distances himself from you, he may be unsure about his feelings toward you.

He may do this to allow himself to think correctly about the next step he should take with you. 

If his feelings for you finally check out, he might start texting you more regularly and pick up from where he left off.

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10. He’s not using his phone

Though he appears to be online, his phone is probably lying in a corner while he’s likely sleeping or working. 

It would be impractical to expect him to always have his phone in hand.

Just chill and wait. There is a high possibility he will reach out later if this is the cause.

11. He wants you to pursue him

He may want to see how much you like him and whether you will be open about your feelings. 

Your man will feel good to know if your feelings for him are real, which might make him ignore texting you, waiting for you to text first.

If your relationship has been okay before now, it could only mean that a trivial gesture like waiting to text him first keeps your man from texting.

12. He was only flirting

A guy you want can turn out to be flirting with you; no wonder he isn’t texting you.

He may be backing out now after realizing you want something serious that he can’t offer. Who knows, he might have another woman in his life.

13. He is grappling for the right words

He may be at a loss on how best to convey his feelings with the appropriate words. Not everyone can be bold to express how they feel.

It would help if you gave him time to gain momentum on the right words to say. 

What Should I Do When He Is Online But Not Texting Me

Reading to this point shows that you’re genuinely looking for the right way to deal with your concern. Hang in there; I’ve got you covered.

1. Try not to be desperate

Allowing yourself to become desperate will likely push him further away from you. Do the opposite instead.

Avoid sending him too many messages if he hasn’t responded to the ones you sent. Allow him some time, then send just one or two to let him know you’re checking on him.

Don’t push it. He may have things to deal with, and you don’t want to compound his concerns.

Pay attention to your reaction as well. If your eagerness and desire to hear from him turn into anxiety, you should relax and quit sending him any more texts.

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2. Acknowledge your wrongs and make amends

When you discover that the guy you like is unhappy with you over something you’ve done, tell him you’re sorry and mean it.

This will show in your future behavior. If you’re genuinely apologetic, you’ll hardly have a problem with him over that same issue.

It may surprise you to discover how apologizing for your mistake can help to restore your communication and bond. 

He may be more willing to discuss an issue next time instead of ignoring you.

3. Give him a call

As I pointed out earlier, if he is online but not texting you, he may not have the zeal for a chatting session. Try calling him instead. It may resolve your concern seamlessly.

I must add, however, that you shouldn’t call him more than is necessary. As much as you can, limit it to just one ring or two; you might be convincing him of your desperation if you keep bugging him.

4. Have time for other people

It would help if you did not let your life revolve around him. This is one of the surest ways to become impatient.

Relate with your friends, family, and acquaintances. Enjoy their presence. Talk about your feelings. Seek advice.

Your platonic friendships can help to support your emotional health strongly.

5. Don’t be boring

If you don’t know so much about your man’s interests, you should find out. And if he’s a fun-loving person, you must try to match up his energy.

The easiest way to discourage a fun-loving person is to bore them. They’ll run as fast as they can.

Please don’t allow a bad day to influence your relationship with him. If not, the more bad days you have, you will likely make him keep a distance if you keep nagging him.

You don’t have to be too serious all the time. If not, another more exciting lady can easily attract him.

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6. Do other things

There are a lot of other things you can enjoy. Allow yourself to do profitable things that will add to your growth.

For instance, get serious about your job. Learn that skill you have a desire for. You can learn a recipe you plan to try or sign up for dance lessons.

If you look out for them, you will find many other things you can do with your time.

7. Don’t be too available

Your guy is online but not texting you because he knows you’re always at his beck and call. You’re probably so into him that you want to hear from him every minute.

This may seem counterproductive, but believe me when I say he’ll appreciate you more if you’re not always available.

Let him miss you, queen!

8. Behave graciously

Have control of your emotions. You don’t want to rant and whine that your man is not texting you, only to find out he has an acceptable explanation for his behaviour.

Act with grace and self-respect, as behaving otherwise tends to ruin everything.

If he’s not texting you on purpose and no longer cares, move on with your dignity intact.

Final Thoughts

You have seen plausible reasons why he is online but not texting you. To generalize these reasons, he’s either still interested in you or wants to back out.

Whichever one it may be, you don’t need to put yourself under pressure and anxiety. Your overall happiness should not be dependent on one person.

Always be intentional about giving your best. If you eventually lose him, remember it’s better than being with him when he doesn’t want you.

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