How Does He Feel When You Stop Chasing Him

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how does he feel when you stop chasing him

Getting a partner that you are both genuinely into each other is an arduous task. Many adults are ready for a relationship, but it is a tough game scouting for someone that mutually feels the same.

 Being the chaser has been a man’s job, and women find it weird chasing a man, which should be the other way around.

Most men won’t experience being chased by a woman. Based on many factors, a woman might chase a man if she feels a higher chance of acceptance. Men fear rejection, women avoid it.

If a woman is chasing a man and he knows it, he will feel proud of himself for being a highly valued man because women mostly pursue quality.

How does he feel when you stop chasing him?

If you stop chasing after him, the affection, time, and support he gets from you will drastically go into extinction. 

If he cared about you, your change in the chase would make him feel unwanted, and he may reach out to you to start a conversation. 

On the other hand, he may feel relieved from the chase. He won’t notice when you stop the chase if he doesn’t care about you.

Who doesn’t like attention from the opposite sex? 

Sometimes we stop the chase for someone who doesn’t want to be caught. Chasing a man can make you feel desperate if he isn’t obliging to your cause.

If, as a woman, you find a man good enough to be your partner, you are at liberty to give him a chase. But it can be frustrating and annoying if a man you desire fails to notice your efforts. 

This can make you drop back and stop chasing him.  

A good connection works when feelings are mutual, even though someone has to initiate it. The balance lies in both of you being mutually ready to build a relationship. 

If he is unprepared for a relationship, you can’t force him to be in one with you. It is only right you stop chasing him. 

Even though he refuses to be open for a connection, he may still feel bad for hurting your feelings or not reciprocating your love gestures towards him. 

 He might be in a position where pursuing his career and being open to connecting with you will be difficult for him.

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However, for your mental health and dignity, it is okay to stop chasing a guy who doesn’t want the same.

Before delving into how does he feel when you stop chasing him, let’s learn why you should stop chasing him.

Why you should stop chasing him

1. To protect your dignity

Giving your all for what you desire is good. You can implore all the means and energy to see that you achieve it. However, it would help if you recognized when to draw the line.

Chasing after a man who seems to give you no attention demeans your value. You should pride yourself on knowing when to give up the chase. 

In essence, if you have done everything necessary to buy a man’s attention and he remains unyielding, the best thing to do is to stop chasing him. You be adding value to yourself by halting the chase.

2. It stops him from taking you for granted

Some men consider women that make the first move as being desperate. They think hunting for a relationship is a man’s job. 

This is one thing that will most likely happen when you keep chasing him. He will consider you easy, which will trigger his panic button.

 He may not value your efforts if he decides to go into a relationship with you. 

A man that sees you as cheap to have and desperate will not give you the respect you deserve in a relationship.

Therefore, if you have been chasing him and he appears to be making himself difficult to get, you should stop. 

If he wants you in his life, he will make efforts to get you.

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3. To gets his attention

Beyond romance, if you want to achieve anything and your chosen approach doesn’t work, it would be best to change your technique.

The same goes for gaining a guy’s attention. Stop chasing him if he is not attentive toward you. He will start giving you attention if he wants the connection as much as you do. 

You can decipher if he is interested in you through his communication efforts. Doing so lets you know the next step to take. 

4. To see Beyond him

When you stop chasing him, you see beyond his shadows. Other men might be interested in you, but his shadows might have beclouded your vision to see good in other aspirant men who admire you, cherish and would like to have beautiful moments with you.

 Meanwhile, you may not notice them because you’ve been outrightly chasing someone who might not want to be caught. 

To this effect, stop chasing a man who has proven by his action unavailable for you. 

Open your inner eyes to notice precious men around you who can give you their all.

How does he feel when you stop chasing him 

1. He feels disappointed

 While you chased him, he was probably enjoying the moment. Of course, not all men get chased by women. He probably thought there was something special about him, which might be why you chose to pursue him. 

But when you stop chasing him, he feels disappointed. He starts thinking there is nothing special about him after all! Then, he might realize he has missed out on something beautiful.

As such, he further feels disappointed that he treated you with resentment.

2. He feels apologetic

Having felt disappointed for the way he made you chase him, he may regret his action. Moreover, it doesn’t stop there. 

He would want you to know that he regretted his action. This is especially the case when he wants you in his life. 

To this effect, he would find a way to approach you apologetically. He would want to show that he shouldn’t have treated you as he did. 

He could go to the extent of sending your friends to talk to you. Therefore, as said earlier, you would be at the top of the game when you stop chasing him.

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3. He misses you

There are chances that as you chase him, he gets used to you. All efforts you make towards him are surely not in vain. 

They affect him even though he acts unnoticed towards your advances. 

If he also wants to build a connection with you, your move to suddenly stop chasing him will make him miss you, and he may regret being unavailable to your cause. 

Even though his actions are awkward, he doesn’t want to be cut off from you. 

4. He adds value to you and wants you 

 When you stop chasing him, he gets to know you’re of high value. He starts wanting you when he values you, which is a good sign. 

The feeling is priceless when someone you likes reciprocates the gesture. When you take a step backward, he will act by wanting you if he desires to have you in his life. 

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5. He gets relieved

As said earlier, how he feels when you stop chasing him goes two ways. He may feel relieved after all the chase if he doesn’t want to build a connection with you.

Throughout the moment of your chase, he might feel inconvenienced because he doesn’t want you. 

Notwithstanding, it is nothing to feel bad about. It would help if you were happy that you got to know his stand. After that, you can find someone else who wants you for who you are. 

It would be best to notice honest guys making advances when you choose to chase after him. 

Final thought

It is a good thought to go after someone that you desire. 

Moreover, after you make your intention known to him, what is expected from him are some signs of approval if he wants to build a connection with you. 

Therefore, when he makes the chase extremely difficult for you, you should stop chasing him and see how he feels. 

It makes you feel valuable, and he will stop taking you for granted. 

It can make him realize he has neglected you and would take steps to make things right if he wants you in his life.

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