What Makes A Woman Easy To Get

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what makes a woman easy

Most men want an easy woman for a quick fix, while others want to know how to spot an easy woman to avoid dating or commitment.

The truth is, most men don’t like a woman who is too easy to get. Before coupling up with any woman, it’s important to ensure she won’t be an easy target for other men.

If you’re a guy on the other side of the spectrum looking just for a hookup, a woman that is easy to get is usually a plus.

It’s not about deep connection but more about getting a quick fix, which could be sex or otherwise. A girl that is easy to get will give in to you with little to no commitment.

To get your quick fix, you might need tips to tell if a girl will be easy to get rather than uptight.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, hard-to-get women can be a red flag. Going for the easy ones makes it a less strenuous process to get laid.

What makes a woman easy to get?

This question gets frequently asked by both men and women. Surprisingly, women ask the question too.

But why are women asking this question?

A woman might want to know what could make her easy to get and the type of behaviors to avoid exhibiting.

No woman wants to be easy prey to men. Deep down, they all like to be chased and fought for.

Women believe that the more a guy does to win their hearts, the more invested he will be in her and, therefore, the less likely she will get dumped.

So, a woman might ask this question to know what mistakes to avoid.

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On the other hand, guys will want to know what makes a woman easy to get for a quick hookup or to understand the crucial signs to spot easy women and avoid dating them.

You are here because you’re also curious about what makes a woman easy to get. What makes a girl an easy option?

Look no further because, in this article, we will thoroughly dissect the matter.

Things That Make a Woman Easy to Get

There are definite clear signs to look out for in an easy woman. The things that make a woman easy to get are sometimes easy to spot and evident, while others are more challenging to spot and very subtle.

As a guy, you must pay attention to a woman’s body language, speech pattern, dress code, and overall energy to notice these signs.

If you need to improve at reading body language, noticing these things might be hard for you.

But keep them at the back of your mind and practice watching body language frequently. With time, you will get really good at noticing these behavioral patterns in women that are easy to get.

Let’s look at five things that make a woman easy to get

1. Her hands are all over you

One primary sign that a woman will be easy to get is her ease with touch. To check if she’s easy to get, check for how expressive she is with you and other guys.

Some women can be extremely touchy, and it’s one of the fastest ways to detect an easy girl. When a woman gets desperate, she can sometimes go overboard with the touchy gesture.

You might not be her only togo guy who she always flirts with her extremely touchy gestures. She could be doing the same with other guys.

This is why paying attention to her behavior towards you and other guys is essential.

A woman who wants to get laid easily will make it known by subtly flirting with you via touch.

She might caress your chest randomly or your forearms. She might pretend to accidentally trip so that you could catch her before she falls.

All this could happen on a first-time meeting with certain women. While some women, you could tell you need a lot of work to win them over.

Others might make it known that they’re a woman of easy virtue. Excessive touching is a sign of what makes a woman easy to get.

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2. She heavily flirts with you on the first date

Some easy women are so desperate that they heavily flirt with men they barely know.

Things you should look out for in a woman that is easy to get are flirtatious glances, excessive smiling at you or other guys, playing with her hair too much while looking at you, etc.

All these are mostly characteristics of a woman that is easy to get.

3. She has sex with you on the first date

If a woman you just met has sex with you on the first date, then she is very easy to get.

Why is that?

Don’t get me wrong, a woman might find a guy attractive and decide to be freaky by being intimate with him on the first date, depending on the attraction and how long they’ve been talking.

That’s fine if the feeling is mutual and consensual.

But in some cases, she might be doing the same with other guys she met because she has no boundaries and allows just any guy into her.

Some women may try to seduce a guy into bed with them on the first date, which might be a red flag to some men, especially if he sees potential in her and want a long-term commitment.

A woman having sex on the first date can be a big giveaway that she’s easy to get.

4. She has a high body count

Some women are vocal about sharing their high body counts if been ask. They always spill the beans themselves.

A high body count could also play a role in what makes a woman easy to get.

Body count by verywellmind means the number of sexual partners you’ve had.

Someone with a body count of 0-3 may say to have a low body count. In comparison, someone with four and above could be said to have a high body count.

It is frowned upon for a woman to have a high body count by society because it means she’s easy and cheap.

Having a high body count should not be something to be ashamed of as a woman, but we decided to explore more options based on this article.

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A way to know her body count is to ask. You should ask subtly, as most women will be offended if you ask directly.

If you ask her and she gets defensive or offended, she might not be comfortable sharing such information with you, or you can take it that she has a high body count.

If she has a low body count, she might not be defensive. She could be proud of it. She would proudly tell you she is a virgin or has only slept with one person, probably her ex.

But a woman who gets offended when you ask might think you’re invading her privacy or secrets.

5. Her clothing and fashion style

This sometimes works, but it’s 70% accurate of the time. A woman’s fashion style is a big giveaway whether she’s easy or not.

There is a reason it’s a cliche that it’s only sex workers and strippers that wear skimpy or short clothing.

Most women in short skirts and dresses usually dress seductively to seize attention to their body; therefore, if you give her what she’s looking for, chances are she may fall right into your arms.

She might fall for your gimmicks when you give her the attention she seeks, act like a gentleman, and ask the right questions.

A woman’s clothing is a great peek into her sex life and how easy it will be to get her.

Easy signs a girl is easy to get

Some women are easy to get, while others can be a hard nut to crack. If you’re looking for a quick fling, going for an easy girl might give you a higher chance to succeed.

This is because you get to put less work into convincing her and making her believe you’re a match.

A girl that is hard to get might be a pain in the ass. She might be difficult and sometimes unpleasant while hitting on her.

So to save stress for a quick fix, easy girls can be your best option.

Below, we will list some important signs a girl is easy to get.

1. She’s too accommodating and a pushover

One big sign a girl is easy to get is that she is a pushover. She allows almost anything done to her, and she can easily forgive.

She lets guys have their way and rarely stands up for herself.

Being too accommodating has its pros and cons.

The pros could be a peaceful union where she can compromise, be loyal, and grants her man’s wishes, which is a good attribute of a wife. But in the dating world, this could mean danger for her.

A woman must know when to say NO, especially in the dating world, to avoid being taken advantage of by men.

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2. She has too many tattoos and piercings

60% of the time, when a woman has dozens of tattoos and piercings, it could mean promiscuity or her love for art.

A promiscuous woman is easy to get because she enjoys having fun moments with men of different varieties.

If you’re looking for a hookup, this type of woman might be easy to get.

But if you’re looking for a loyal woman to settle with, it’s best to avoid women with too many piercings on their bodies and too many tattoos. Sometimes they can also be the best partners. So try and investigate well into her character. She might just be a lover of arts.

3. She is desperate

A desperate woman can be easy prey for men. Desperate vibes are easy to pick up on anytime. If a girl is desperate, she might be an easy woman.

Some women can be desperate in the search for a committed relationship. If she is desperate to have a man in her life, some men might take advantage of that.

Most times, if a man gives her the companionship she is looking for, she will want to do anything to please him, which sometimes makes her become easy to get.

Signs that a woman is desperate might include asking you many questions about relationships or sex, giving you a full display of her assets, being overly emotional and touchy, etc.

75% of the time, a desperate woman is a woman that is easy to get. So, take note.


Overall, these signs listed above can accurately tell whether a woman is easy to get or not. But most of the signs might be a way of expression for some women without any foul thought or compromise in character.

The signs that a girl is easy to get are obvious if you look closely. Sometimes, you don’t need to look too far as they’re right before you.

A woman who is easy to get will overall give off desperate vibes by being too touchy, a pushover, and always wearing revealing clothing.

These signs will work 70% of the time to help you detect whether a woman is easy to get.

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