Signs She Only Wants Your Money

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signs she only wants your money

Everyone searching for a relationship is definitely in search of true love. But sometimes, you may think the feeling is not mutual

It is sad if you are in a relationship with someone only interested in your money. It is ideal for a man to spend on his girlfriend. It means he can take care of her in the future.

When the feeling is mutual, partners are expected to spend and buy each other gifts occasionally. Of course, men are socially expected to give more.

However, as a man, if you find yourself constantly giving and getting nothing in return, your gut can tell you that the lady is after your money and not for something real.

Figuring out whether or not your girlfriend only wants your money can be tough, but there are significant possibilities to note.

This article will discuss the possible signs she only wants your money.

Why does she keep asking me for money?

Everyone has their way of making money. While some people work hard for it, some think of quick and more convenient routes to make money.

Some women believe they can live off men in a relationship with them. They take pride in their beauty and body shape to get what they want.

Such women typically Jump into relationships only for monetary benefits.

Some women chase after their boyfriend money because they lack the financial resources to care for their basic needs or emergencies.

Laziness to work and greed are reasons for this practice. Some women don’t look for opportunities to work for their money but seek the chance to compete with other hardworking women they follow on social media and love living their flamboyant lifestyle.

However, as a man, nothing is wrong with caring for your girlfriend financially, but there’s a thin line between being stingy and thinking your woman is trying to rip you off financially.

Even though you’re not obligated to give her money, social norms have made it a requirement to spend on your woman to avoid being termed stingy.

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These signs can help you understand that your girlfriend isn’t truly into you but pretending because of your money.

9 Signs she only wants your money

1. She feels entitled to your money

If she believes she is entitled to all that belongs to you without contributing to your growth, it is a sign she only wants your money.

She hardly shows appreciation when you buy her a gift or send her some money. She gets furious when you refuse to give her money and may even threaten to break up with you. That’s a few signs she only wants your money.

She’s good at making a budget without worrying about how to earn money.

Also, she measures your worth by how you earn and does not concern herself with the bills you have to pay monthly. She always talks about your money and uses your credit card for all her purchases.

She will try hard to know how much you have in your bank account, the property you own, stocks, or if you have life insurance.

She will be eager to know if you have an inheritance. In short, she has a disregard for your financial boundaries.

2. She has an excessive appetite for material possession

She hardly appreciates cheap gifts or money. She has a taste for classic material things and always aims to appear in expensive dresses and cars.

She knows the most classic cafe you can go on a date. She shows a disrespectful attitude when you talk about being prudent with funds.

She fantasizes about how she wants to tour the world at your own expense. She wants your honeymoon or next vacation somewhere in the Maldives or Dubai when she knows you can’t afford it.

She talks about all of these without an actual plan or budget to achieve them. It means she is looking at you to fund it. She gets infuriated when you ask for her contribution to fund her expensive lifestyle.

3. She quickly forgives all your shortcoming

No doubt, partners can hurt each other. But the ability to forgive quickly and move on strengthens a relationship. However, there are some heart-wrenching hurt that would take time to forgive.

For instance, infidelity. If she’s not bothered when you cheat on her, it’s evident she doesn’t love you in the first place, but she’s in the relationship for your money.

If you nag at her, disrespect her in front of your friends, or prioritize her over your friends, she won’t feel hurt so much.

She won’t threaten to break up. She will only have grudges against you when you fail to grant her financial request.

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4. She has no interest in your life

A financially draining girlfriend will show little interest in your personal life, emotions, or aspirations. She seems primarily interested in your financial status or what you can provide for her.

She hardly asks about your job. She gives little to no advice if you seek her opinion on things that affect your life.

5. She’s always in need of financial assistance

It’s a sign she only wants your money if she constantly laments about her financial difficulty. She complains about how she doesn’t have a job with no interest to none.

She always complains about how her income source is insufficient to foot her enormous bill.

If you ask her what plan she has to fix her financial issue, you’ll realize she has no clear vision.

Even if you offer to get her a job, she may turn it down because working is stressful for her or doesn’t befit her status. The truth is, she has a financial budget only your money can settle.

6. She is financially buoyant but still wants your Money

Some women have stable jobs and are doing well financially. Yet, they will still prey on their boyfriend financially. Most do this out of greed, and some enjoy spending their man’s money but not theirs.

They don’t have the orientation of mutual sharing. They believe your money is for both to spend, while theirs should be untouched.

They want to use men to expand their pockets and live flamboyantly. They don’t disclose their finances but always inquire about yours.

She can keep borrowing money from you to support her business, hoping to pay it back when she has made a profit. But she won’t pay back; rather will still lobby to borrow another after a while.

If you’re not being careful, you’ll think she’s testing your financial commitment.

7. She gives you attention when she needs money

A financially draining woman will hardly give you the needed attention. The reason is that she has no plan of loving you.

However, she will act all caring and loving when she’s about to make a financial request or wants a gift.

She will act submissive and relate with you to satisfaction, then bill you afterwards. After achieving her aim, she will turn to her old self and may even ghost you till she needs another money.

She doesn’t care about your emotions. She only cares about your pocket.

8. Gifting isn’t mutual

A gift is a way of showing appreciation for the ones in our life. If she has no capacity for gifts, she will at least show gratitude and reciprocate in another romantic way.

If gifting isn’t mutual, it’s a sign she doesn’t love you but only wants your money.

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9. She leaves when you’re in a financial crisis

If she is in a relationship with you because of your money, she will leave when you have financial downtime.

Also, if she’s with you because of a certain social circle you once belong to, she will go once you no longer associate with the circle.

If you’re in a position of influence or a celebrity, she will keep her distance when you start struggling financially.

However, she may not dump you. Instead, she may only keep her distance and will want to return when you regain your status.

How to deal with a woman that only wants your money

1. Talk to her about it

The first move is to talk with your girlfriend about her spending habits. Ask her why she is only interested in your money rather than your other good sides. Tell her what you think of her as she makes consistent requests.

She may think you have enough to give out and are not bothered by her request. She may see it as a norm, especially if her friends do the same to their boyfriends.

2. Set some financial boundaries

When you talk, you should be able to figure out her priorities. The next thing is to control it by setting some boundaries. Set a budget for your expenses.

Restrict on how much money you can spend on gifts or dates. Tell her what you can spend on her expense. It’s crucial to find a balance that works for both of you.

3. Don’t leverage money to make her happy

Maybe she’s only interested in your money because she feels that is all you have to offer. Beyond money, there are ways you can make your woman happy.

Spend time together doing activities that don’t involve spending money. Play games, watch movies, or cook together. Also, try talking and getting to know each other more deeply.

If she is sincerely interested in you, she will try to connect with you on a level that goes beyond money.

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4. Learn to say No Sometimes

If your girlfriend asks you for money for something you don’t think is necessary, don’t hesitate to say no. It’s important to set boundaries and not let her take advantage of you.

5. Break up with her

After all your efforts to make her change, cut her off if she is unwilling to change. You should be with someone who has your interest at heart, not for what you have.

Final Thought

It’s essential to remember that everyone has different views on money. What’s important is to find someone who shares your values and is willing to work with you to create a healthy financial lifestyle.

If you want a long-time commitment with her, don’t ask a woman out if her beauty is all she can offer. Also, consider if she won’t be a financial liability to you.

Strive to get your girlfriend a job or support her business financially rather than allowing her to spend your money wastefully.

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