How To Hurt A Cheaters Feelings

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how to hurt a cheaters feelings

You are probably hurting right now, having discovered that your partner just cheated or has been cheating on you. Now you are thinking of ways on how to hurt a cheaters feelings. 

It can be very painful to deal with such betrayal, but there are some tactical ways to handle this situation.

Not everyone wakes up and decides to learn how to hurt a cheaters feelings. For most people, a series of events lead to this decision.

Finding out that your partner cheated can be heartbreaking, especially when you both share a strong connection. 

It is a tough situation that can ruin everything you’ve worked hard to build in the relationship.

As hard as it might sound, this is sadly not the time to count your losses. 

Seating back and thinking about all the time and resources you’ve invested in the relationship can only do you more harm than good.

Remember that your mental and emotional health is priceless. Be conscious of your well-being and strive to take care of yourself.

While looking forward is important, if you want to learn how to hurt a cheaters feelings, here are some highly recommended considerations worth trying.

Effective ways on how to hurt a cheaters feelings and teach them a lesson.

1. Confront them

Confrontations can be intimidating. Upon discovering your partner’s infidelity, confront them and let them know you are aware of the act. 

Do not hide your feelings from them. 

Letting them know the implications of their action and how it makes you feel is similar to informing them that they are to blame for whatever comes next. 

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2. Broadcast the infidelity everywhere 

There is no need to cover up for a cheating partner. Make the act open to everyone close to them. 

This will hurt their feelings badly because no one likes their dirty acts exposed, especially if their close ones frown at infidelity. 

Let their friends and relations know what happened. The more people know about it, the more blame they will receive. 

Also, exposing the act can result in image damage within their circle. Letting everyone know how irresponsible and careless they are is a good way to taint their ego.

3. Give the silent treatment 

Nothing hurts more than the silent treatment. It hurts even more when receive from someone who was once at our Beck and call, especially when you know the fault is from you.

When you discover that your partner cheated or had been cheating on you and they know you are aware of it yet keeping silent, it can be hunting. 

It is a way of setting them at war with their conscience.

Sometimes, silence can be the loudest response to certain situations. 

When you let them fight with their conscience, they will boldly point out their guilt by themselves. 

Most importantly, giving the silent treatment will make them unsure of how best to approach you if they care to talk about it. 

This can be an effective way on how to hurt a cheaters feelings. 

4. Guilt trip them

Nothing beats emotional control when a partner becomes toxic. Get them to feel guilty by reminding them of all the times you’ve come through for them. 

Make them feel like the worst human beings for hurting you after all you did for them.

Remind them of how faithful you have been to them, not minding the calibers of people interested in you while you were in the relationship. 

Express your disappointment in them and make it clear that you feel betrayed.

Playing this guilt-tripping game with them will increase their regrets leaving them at the mercy of their conscience.

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5. Cut off all contact 

Block every means of communication. Most people that cheat in relationships have narcissistic behaviour. Cutting off all communication will bruise their ego.

It will make them feel low and can be easily forgotten. These feelings can be damaging to their pride and sense of belonging.

Delete and block their numbers from all your devices and encourage everyone close to you to do the same, leaving no room for them to contact you through friends or family. 

Unfollow and block them from all social media. Also, delete all their pictures from your social profiles and pages. 

It will hurt them more seeing how you erase them like they never existed in your life.

Cutting off contact will also frustrate their every attempt to reach out to you, for those who still care. 

It will leave them feeling devastated and angry at themselves for hurting you in the first place.

6. Return their stuff to them

There are probably some of their things in your custody. Collect everything, package them in a box and drop it at their doorstep.

This will serve as a note of decisive action to them, making it clear that you are truly done and have no plan of coming back. 

Holding on to anything that belongs to them can give the wrong impression of still hoping to get back together. 

Make your decision clear to them by returning their stuff and also drop a note asking them to do the same in case they are in possession of your belongings too. 

Doing this without initiating any communication will drive them crazy at seeing the length you are willing to go just to avoid talking with them.

7. Take good care of yourself 

This is the best time to look good. Invest more in your appearance, making yourself look more attractive than they have ever known you to be. 

This will stir up regrets and nostalgia, making them wish they could have you back.

Give them more reasons to long for you by dressing to look more sexy than you normally would. Make them see what they had lost by their selfish acts.

Looking so good and unaffected by the breakup will also leave them feeling so cheap and easy to get over with.

 It will kill them to imagine how easy it was for you to move on after breaking up with them.

This might force them to increase their efforts of getting you back, not necessarily because they realize your worth, but because they want to prove to themselves that they are not trashy as you make them feel by moving on so quickly.

8. Hook up with someone else with higher social status

With all that is happening, going out with someone of a higher status and possibly more attractive could be the highest bombshell.

Even the strongest person will feel the emotional damage this singular action can cause, especially if they still have feelings for you. 

If you want to learn how to hurt a cheaters feelings, this is a good stunt to pull, even if it means staging it.

Seeing the best version of you hooking up with a higher person will bring them to their lowest point. It will crush their pride and ego beyond measure. 

It will come off to them as a message, telling them that your life is better off without them and you have only been trying to manage and accommodate them all this while.

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9. Become friends with their previous ex

Becoming friends with their previous partners is a way of telling them that they are the problem with all their failed relationships.

 This will make them feel bad about themselves and their actions.

Becoming friends with their ex can be manipulative. It will make them feel like everyone else gets along with each other except them. 

More like the world will be a better place without them in it.

10. Get in touch with the person they cheated with

If your partner cheated on you with someone who doesn’t know about their relationship status with you, it’s time to reach out to them. 

By doing this, you are cutting out all their chances of getting comfort with someone else while dealing with the breakup.

This will equally put them at a tight edge with both parties cursing and blaming them for their action. 

It is a good way to put them into deeper shame and regrets.

10. Gaslight them

Emotional manipulation can get your partner or ex-partner confused, disoriented, and disorganized because you’re making them doubt their very own self. 

By seeing how fast your life is changing for the better simply because they are no longer in it, they will start doubting how worthy they are to be in any relationship with anyone. 

Seeing you move on so easily and on good terms with everyone, including their exes, will make them unsure of their worth. 

11. Focus on what makes you happy

Being joyful and throwing happiness in your partner’s face can get them off balance. 

As you work through the emotional phase attached to the events at hand, it is vital to pay more attention to your happiness. 

Prove to them that your happiness does not lie with them. Create avenues for fun and recreation.

Consider signing up for a yoga class, joining an adventure group, or creating one with friends. Go hiking or camping, or take a cooking lesson. 

Investing in your happiness will make you look even more attractive and alive. It makes your cheating partner see the fun things you would rather spend your time doing than wasting it on them.

Remember to post your happy pictures to all your social media accounts. 

Doing this gives you the visibility to attract your partner’s attention to yourself and all that’s going on about you at the moment. 

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12. Hang out in places they would notice you

 Choose their favourite spots around town for dinner dates and girl’s or boy’s nights out. 

Always show up where you have a high chance of seeing them with your most attractive outfits. 

Be excited during these gatherings. But avoid making any communication with them. Not even eye contact. Ignore them entirely like they don’t exist.

This will make your partner regret their actions and feel remorseful over what they’ve lost. They might attempt to approach you, but you don’t need to pay attention to them. 

Dismiss them with a wave if they are persistent; grab your things and leave the place.


It takes a strong person to overcome the pain of infidelity in relationships. 

If you discover that your partner has tampered with the bond you share with them, it might be impossible to get over their betrayal. 

If you’re asking how to hurt a cheaters feelings, then you are probably hurt and seeking a payback.

In such situations, you must stand strong and keep your head high. 

If you think revenge will seem like the best closure, then applying any of the above tactics will taunt their conscience and make them regret hurting you.

However, it is important to note that physical aggression or destroying their property is not a good option on how to hurt a cheaters feelings. 

You might get in trouble if they decide to drag you with the law.

Taking anything that belongs to them is also not advisable as a payback. You can get convicted for stealing if they choose to sue you for it.

How to hurt a cheaters feelings requires a lot of manipulation and emotional blackmail. You must follow as many of the points listed above as possible. 

By the end, you will feel at the top of the world rather than coiled up on your bed, wetting your pillows with tears.

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