My Ex Hasn’t Blocked Me On Social Media

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my ex hasn't blocked me on social media

My ex hasn’t blocked me on social media can be a common question that often comes to mind when your partner ends a relationship but is reluctant to do the needful. 

What could he/she be up to?

Suppose your ex is very active on social media but doesn’t communicate with you anymore after a breakup but is yet to block you; in that case, it is natural to feel confused and uncomfortable about it.

Dealing with scenarios like this can be emotionally draining, but you don’t have to go through it alone. 

Throughout this article, we will discuss some possible reasons why your ex has put you in this situation, and hopefully, you will figure out the best action to take.

Why my ex hasn’t blocked me on social media

1. They are curious

Curiosity often gets the best of us. Your ex might still keep tabs on your life activities, even after the breakup. 

He/she might be keeping that window open to fill themselves in on your lifestyle.

They want to know where your life is heading without them in it, especially your dating life. They could be on the lookout to see your next match for comparison. 

He/she is curious to know if your next dating experience is more interesting than what you had with them.

Sometimes they’re just looking to determine how long it takes you to move on. In this case, they only want to feed their ego, and you don’t need to please them by showing your weak spot. 

If you meet someone you like sooner, don’t hesitate to move on with them. Seeing how easily you moved on will humble your ex’s ego.

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2. Maintaining a civil connection

Some people don’t turn enemies after breakups. They prefer to stay as cordial friends, occasionally communicating with no strings attached. 

Your ex may be keeping that connection on social media because they feel you can still be friends. 

While this is great, it can only work if you’ve checked your feelings for them. If you are still emotionally hurt from the breakup, you will only punish yourself by keeping them as a friend. 

The best thing to do is to cut all communication with them until you’ve finally healed. 

However, be as polite as possible while turning down their gesture for friendship. He/she might still have respect for you by considering keeping you as a friend. 

3. The fear of missing out

Your ex might be keeping open communication to avoid missing out on important updates. 

He/she may want to take advantage of chances to offer support or congratulations when something significant happens in your life.

They may still want to be there for you if you need their assistance. This means he/she still cares about you and wants you to succeed. 

Breaking up with you might be a huge decision because they might still have strong feelings for you.

4. For closure

 If you’re the dumper or the circumstances that led to the breakup were hurtful and unplanned, like they find out that you’ve been unfaithful, he/she is probably still hurting and want closure.  

They hope that staying connected on social media will provide some form of closure or allow them to process the breakup more gradually. 

He/she will overcome it with time and finally move on with their normal life without you.

5. Their Ego and Desire for Validation

Their ego could be why they haven’t blocked you on social media. They may want to prove to themselves that you can’t possibly find someone else better than them. 

They want to prove to themselves that they are the best you will ever date.

If this is their drive, he/she is probably a narcissist, and whatever they did for you during the relationship was to make themselves feel good. 

They don’t have your best interest at heart and almost wish the best part of your life ended with him/her stepping out of it. 

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6. Emotional attachment

If your ex still has feelings for you, they might not find it easy to block their only means of getting a glimpse of you.

Sometimes we find ourselves saying; my ex hasn’t blocked me on social media Without knowing they are still emotionally attached to us. 

He/she might secretly wish to have you back; in this case, you have a high chance of getting them back too if you want to.

 A simple text or call will do the magic. 

This is usually when you were the one who broke up with them. Their feelings for you may be stopping them from clicking the ‘block’ button.

7. They still hope for a future reconnection

Maybe he/she broke up with you because they feel unprepared for a committed relationship. They deeply wish for you to be available when they’re ready. 

If this is the case, they certainly love you but only looking out for your best interest. 

He/she probably thought you deserved to be with someone who could care for you better than they could and felt guilty for holding you down.

8. They are being polite

Considering the good times you’ve shared, they might think it will be rude for them to block you on social media. They may be considering how it will make you feel. 

In this case, they still care about your feelings and don’t want to hurt you further.

Their gesture of being polite doesn’t mean they want you back. 

He/she must have reasons for breaking up with you in the first place, and simply trying to be nice doesn’t take away those reasons. 

9. They are waiting for you to take the blame by blocking first

Most people can be afraid to block their ex to avoid being blamed for it. 

When some people can outrightly block their ex all over their social media accounts, others might be skeptical not to be the first to initiate the block.

Blocking you outright might invoke a feeling of hate or decisive action. 

If they are still nurturing the thought of coming back in the future, they will be afraid to block you because their action might look like a final deed to you.

He/she might be silently hoping that you do the blocking so the guilt doesn’t have to be on them.

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10. Feeling of nostalgia and fond memories

Shared memories and past experiences can bring feelings of nostalgia. 

Your ex may not want to cut ties completely and might derive a sense of comfort from scrolling through your posts, thinking about the good times you both had.

Their affection may not mean they want to have you back. They are only reminiscing about the good old days.

To take things further, he/she might text you about it and ask if you remember a particular moment you shared in the past. 

Please do not take this as a sign that they miss and want you back. And do not allow yourself to wallow in memories that will refresh your feelings for them. 

Reply with a ‘yes’ and do not indulge them any further. 

11. Mutual friends and connections

If you share a circle of friends or have an interconnected social circle, your ex might choose to stay connected to maintain those friendships, avoiding any potential awkwardness or discomfort. 

This is understandable, and you probably won’t want to block them either. Your connection with them is platonic, and he/she is just like every other person to you. 

You can meet and greet and still attend your formally shared programs but not as couples.

12. They are taking their time to move on

It’s not easy to forget about someone we love. Your ex is probably hurting and needs more time to process the breakup. 

It might have come as a shock to them. They’re probably not sure of their feelings yet, so he/she keeps you close by not blocking you on social media.

This can be the case when you’re the dumper or did something that forced them to break up with you. 

With time they will get over you and eventually block you if he/she decides to, or they might choose to leave things the way they are. 

13. They have no bad intentions for you

Your ex might be the kind-hearted type that doesn’t pray for the worst for people simply because they are no longer together. 

He/she probably had no bad thoughts for you but wishes you a good life after the breakup.

What led to the breakup might not have been anyone’s fault. It could be a medical case. 

You both might have found out that you are not medically compatible with each other, like in the case of a mismatched genotype. 

In this case, he/she might still love you but knows they can’t have you. They may check on you from time to time since they still care for you.

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14. They are simply avoiding drama

When your ex can describe you as a dramatic person, they are probably scared of you ruining their image while trying to get back at them for blocking you. 

This attitude might be the reason they left you in the first place. People sometimes don’t like too much drama. They prefer someone that will give them peace of mind at all times. 

In this case, the best thing to do is to stay in your lane and not bother them. He/she probably hasn’t blocked you and may not contact you either. 

15. They don’t value you

My ex hasn’t blocked me on social media might be because he/she doesn’t think about you anymore.

The line of communication is still open because they don’t see the need to block you. He/she probably hasn’t thought of you since the breakup.

They were with you because it was your turn. When they are done with you or find someone better, they erase you from their memory and continue their lifestyle as if nothing had happened. 

This can be true when they flaunt a new relationship on social media a few days or weeks after the breakup.

It can be painful, but on the brighter side, there is a reason to be glad about the breakup. At last, they have shown you their true color and didn’t lead you on any further.

Please don’t make the mistake of contacting them. They might use the opportunity to render a fake apology. 

Final thoughts

Dealing with breakups is hard, but the confusion that comes with it can be difficult to handle. 

Sometimes we find ourselves in such deep emotional turmoil and won’t be sure what to do.

If circumstances have led you to think why your ex hasn’t blocked you on social media and wonder what their reason could be. You should know that you are not alone on this. 

Many people experience this after breakups, which stirs up many questions.

If you read this article to this point, then you must have found the answer to your question as to why they are yet to block you for any of the above reasons.

Remember that your reaction towards this is up to you, and you must be careful not to make a fool of yourself. 

After a breakup, the best thing to do is to move on with your life if there are no talks for reconciliation.

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