What Do Guys Think When A Girl Makes The First Move

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what do guys think when a girl makes the first move

Men mostly make the first move on a lady they fancy. However, a lady can get attracted to a guy she fancies but does not dare to make the first move on him.

The fact is that girls also find guys attractive and wish they could have a romantic experience with them. I have learned that ladies discuss more within themselves about guys they fancy and have a crush on.

Moreover, why do ladies keep it to themselves when they have feelings for the opposite sex? Why don’t they always approach them and express their feelings like guys do?

What do guys think when a girl makes the first move

The point is that ladies are usually afraid of rejection. They cannot handle getting a negative response from men. They fear uncertainty about what the guy might think about them in the future.

The truth is, guys find it great and attractive when a lady approaches them first. Relationships built on such a foundation have a higher rate of survival.

When a lady makes the first move, she has already conquered her fears. Such moves come from a place of love and being sincere to her feelings, so it’s rare for her to be deceitful in her love expression.

As a lady, you should express your emotions when you like a guy if you have the courage to do so. But you need to be careful because most guys may take advantage of your vulnerability for selfish reasons.

Study the kind of man he is before making a move to avoid being tagged as desperate.

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It would be best if you did not lose him to your fear. Let him think about what he likes. He might be shy or have the fear of rejection. If he is right about his feelings, he will not take you for granted when you make the first move.

Furthermore, it is a turn-on for a guy when a lady overcomes her fears and makes the first move. He will appreciate your courage and feels good about himself. More so, you make it easy for him. He doesn’t have to go through the long process of bugging you for too much.

Meanwhile, I have always been concerned about what guys think about a lady making the first move. It has always been the reason why girls don’t want to make the first approach. To this effect, we need to know what guys think when a girl makes the first move.

What Do Guys Think When a Girl Makes the First Move

Many people will agree with me that who makes the first move should not matter. Unfortunately, it matters to ladies.

They never want to make the first move because of what guys may think. By the way, do guys feel awkward about a girl coming to them first? Guys have great feelings when girls make the first approach.

1. She Made It Easy For Him

It is difficult sometimes to win a lady’s heart. A guy can keep bugging her for months, yet, she won’t turn in. Much effort and time will be invested. Even there may be financial implications –when you decide to hang out with her to express your feelings.

It approves the assertion that a lady will only give in to a guy she likes. However, guys usually want to intensify possible efforts to get the lady they want. Therefore, it is not usually easy for men.

Meanwhile, how about when a lady who could have made it difficult for a guy makes the first move? The first thing a guy will think in such an instance is that she made it easy for him. He doesn’t have to go through all hurdles again.

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2. He feels Attractive

Men don’t get the accolade they deserve. They only praise the ladies for their beauty without a replicating effort. Most times, they feel non-attractive to the opposite sex.

Therefore, when a lady approaches a guy first, He feels excited that he can attract a lady to his side. He will keep thinking of what attracted him to her and also be proud of himself.

3. He becomes astonished by your Confident

A longtime friend once recounted her ordeal with me. She said there is this guy she likes but can’t summon the courage to make the first move on him. I asked her, “What if he has not noticed you or he’s too shy to make the first move? Will you bottle up the feelings inside you forever?

She said her problem remains that she can’t summon the courage, “what will he think about me?” More so, the fear of being rejected could not let her go on to express her feelings to him.

Unfortunately, many ladies have lost good guys because of the same reason.

When you make the first move on him, he feels a rush of adrenaline down his system and will be wowed by your confidence. He will never forget the moment.

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4. He believes you Love him

A woman’s expression of her emotions to a man always comes from a place of love.

Most men think that when a lady dares to make the first move with the knowledge that some men can take advantage of the situation, it implies that she truly loves the guy, without a doubt.

Even if the guy has an ulterior motive, He thinks the lady has already fallen in love with him.

5. He will love to offer his best

You saved him the stress of chasing you. While he wasted lots of time and energy on other girls, you decided to approach him first. He will forever appreciate you.

He will hold you in high esteem. Always ensure you have the best of him; if the feeling is mutual, he won’t want you to regret taking that first step.

When other girls usually give him a hard time, you came into his life like an angel on a rescue mission. He will forever ensure he offers you his best.

6. Some might think she is cheap and desperate

There is always a second side to every coin. Some guys do not always think positively about a lady approaching them first.

Many guys have not experienced it before. Therefore, when such effort is made towards them for the first time, their thoughts may not be positive.

Some guys may consider her cheap. They wonder how a lady will stoop so low in making the first move.

All their lives, the reverse has always been the case, so most guys will think she is desperate and do not put any value on herself.

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Final Thoughts
It is usually a great and fascinating experience for guys when girls make the first move toward them. By making the first move, a girl saves them the stress, and they believe she is already in love.

Therefore, guys appreciate such courageous acts and are always ready to offer their best.

On the other hand, some traditional men perceive desperation and won’t mind taking advantage of the situation.

Therefore, while it might sound like a good and attractive idea for a girl to make the first move if she has the courage, she shouldn’t be oblivious to the guy’s personality not to look cheap and desperate.

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